Dong Wen (Mainland Sirens 9)


Dong Wen was the winner of the 2006 ‘New Silk Road’ modelling contest. She has a simply stunning body matched with a beautiful face.
She has been doing a fair bit of work with Liu Jia Nan, one of China’s best model photographers (i think). He’s really able to bring out the best in her.

Not really that much stuff i could find on the net about her really, would welcome anyone who could post more links to quality photos and info.Liu Jia Nan and also ‘New Silk Road’ model contest really deserve posts of their own as they are both awesome in their own respects. Look forward to those ones coming some day soon.











Compilation vid of Dong Wen (Sound is a bit dodgy)


Age: 23
Height: 177cm 5’9
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
From: Jinan, Shandong Province




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0 thoughts on “Dong Wen (Mainland Sirens 9)”

  1. Very nice another sexy Chinese lady with a great body and lovely, long legs. The only thing I don’t like is the outfit in pic 3, I think her Granny made it.

  2. This is another girl who I have a feeling is ridiculously hot in person, but the photos didn’t do much for me. Still, I can tell she’s a stunner.

  3. Five-foot nine. Remarkable. Only enhances her beauty. She also has a great smile.

    I’m convinced during my travels that Chinese women come in two basic sizes – 5’3″ and 5’6″ (160 cm and 168 cm for those of you who can only think in base 10). Wonder if there is a way to sneak in some of those tall Dutch genes into the population.

    If Granny made the purple dress from the pic on the Baidu site, then maybe Shuai Ge should feature her, also.

  4. Another very beautiful Chinese woman! Ouch, those first shoes got to be a killer! Her bikini shots are an eyeful and stunning! The lingerie shots are very satisfying for the eye! Very nice photos of a beautiful and stunning woman!

  5. Wow! Two in a row~Maya and Dong Wen. Dong Wen and Maya.
    If I have a type, then there is something about the two of these ladies who have that “something” I am looking for.

  6. Could definitely use some more weight, but such as it is I assume in that ‘world’ of modeling.

    Lovely young lady nonetheless.

  7. Let me just say that her ears aren’t her best feature, she looks much better with them covered.

    Quite thin, yes, but she still has very nice curves.

  8. While I admit I like Dong Wen quite a bit, I think I may be more fond of the women to her right and left in the photo third from the bottom. Is that Wang Li Ya?

  9. Gorgeous!
    And she is from Shandong, Jinan – my old stomping grounds.
    Good onya Shuai Ge.
    Must be well over 6 ft tall in the heels though..mmmm!

  10. Noooo. I love the ears … so cute. It makes her more real. In this world of fake tits and tats.

  11. @ Longtack: Shangdong, great place. Gotta a lot of love for Jinan also

    @Basho: totally agree, the ears are quite becoming in some way

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