Maya Lei

Check out Maya Lei at her MySpace page. She is 100% Chinese with a 100% natural 34DDD (so I read)

You may have seen her at Glamourcon 40 in Los Angeles, SEMA 2006 in Las Vegas, as the December 2006 featured model for, the 2007 Women of Perfection calender, 2007 SoCal Beauties and Mitsubishis calendar, and on the internet at, and (a tip from bc5kop)

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  1. Her photos aren’t revealing enough to conclusively demonstrate whether her breasts are natural or not (although a couple of her photos do look a little suspicious). Let’s face it though, it would hardly be surprising for a girl this chunky to have naturally large breasts! I don’t think she’s a DD though, as her underbust measurment would be huge (I would say she’s “only” a D). She isn’t exactly what I would call pretty either – I’m surprised she can get work as a model actually (although I feel the same way about many current import models!).

  2. wow, doc must be in heaven seeing these big funbags :)) pretty face, very nasty looking in a good way 🙂

  3. i take that back after looking at her pix…a tad too fat. she looks good only in the black and white. too much cushion for the the pushing 🙂

  4. Too fat; typical midwest American.
    She’s a model? Really? For Torrid, a plus-size clothing chain?
    And other than the heavily made-up flatteringly lit b/w shot above, her other photos show a girl who isn’t pretty.
    D/DD/DDDDD: all the same thing, just upping the titillation factor for men.

  5. lol @ titillation, but i think the rest of your comments were a bit harsh. i don’t think she’s ‘fat’ or a ‘typical midwest american’ – she’s obviously toned by the looks of her well-defined stomach. she’s well-proportioned and fit, and she has a really common body type for women…except she’s workin’ it, and not getting bummed out about not ever being able to be a size 2 or 4.

    overall i think she looks great. a lot of the cardio fitness trainers at my gym have bodies like this and they’re honestly just glowing because they’re toned yet buxom. i bet she’s like this too in real life – if she laid off on a lot of the makeup, she could look really pretty.

    go maya! you work your curves!

  6. She reminds me of China, the WWE wrestler. I think her face would look much nicer if she lost some weight. I think she has nice bone structure but there’s so much babyfat on her face, it’s hard to tell.

  7. oh, slightlty off topic, whos that girl in the Pacific Beauty ad? The one wearing the yellow bikini, with her nipple poking out.

  8. Those are definitely some pretty large breasts for an asian girl, but I have to agree with a lot of the comments which have been posted about not finding her all that attractive.

    I feel that her face has a more solemn look to it in some of the pictures and it just doesn’t really pique my interest. Although I will disagree with some people that she looks “fat” she just is a naturally larger girl and she’s not afraid to model as most larger girls are.

  9. I have to agree that she isn’t really very fat as such, although she could certainly afford to lose quite a few pounds IMHO. For the most part though, I think she’s just very, very thick. Way too thick for me, and way too thick to be a model I would have thought.

    I must strongly disagree with Christine about her face though – I shudder to think how she would look without makeup! Also, while I respect Christine’s position that not every Asian girl can or should be super slim and slender, to say that this is a desirable body type is going way too far I think.

  10. Looking at FredF’s links, she does indeed look natural, but these photos do also show that she could afford to lose quite a bit of weight, however naturally thick she may be. Her face may look better if she lost a few pounds as well – she may be prettier than I thought, so Christine might be right on this one. But I still strongly disagree that any girl should consider this a desirable body type – not only is it unattractive, but I don’t think it’s healthy either.

  11. Oh BTW, there is a difference between D, DD, DDD etc. DD is actually equivalent to E (and DDD would be equivalnet to F). As cup size is an expression of the differential between the underbust measurement and the overbust measurement – and Maya’s underbust measurement is so large anyway – I’m not sure the differential would be great enough to get her into DD territory.

  12. by normal bmi standards, she’s probably overweight but she’s not obese. actually, if you use her measurements – 5’2, 130 lbs, she’s still within the normal weight range. i added 10 lbs to her given weight because i figured she may be lying, and only then did she hit the overweight mark – but barely. given that she has a toned stomach, this bmi calculator would be overestimating her body fat because some of it is also muscle. if what’s given is correct (and given that she doesn’t have any other health complications), then she should be a completely healthy female.

    frequently the models we feature are underweight or closer to the lower end of the normal weight spectrum. i think that we have a distorted view of what’s normal and what’s not because the girls shown are usually so thin. there are also girls out there that have naturally fast metabolisms, and you may argue that a lot of the models here may have that – but that would be vastly overestimating the number of girls with this dietary gift, i think. overall, i believe that maya is probably healthier than a lot of the models we feature on here.

    however, i agree with you that this likely may not be her healthiest weight as she could be very borderline overweight. but – and i don’t mean this in a mean, finger-pointing way or anything – don’t you think that to say she’s making unhealthy choices is a little hypocritical? you have admitted to being ‘soft and fluffy’ and not going to the gym, yet feeling still perfectly healthy and able-bodied in spite of this. so, i don’t understand the sudden worry for her health, as she may feel similarly. i think, bottom line, you probably believe that a girl this thick does not deserve to be a model, healthy or not.

  13. Christine: I’m not worried about her health as such, but I am concerned about your comments above that girls should “go for” this kind of look. I just don’t think that’s a healthy (or attractive) objective.

    As for the BMI, I’m sure her weight is massively understated. 😉

  14. haha! 😀 well i don’t believe girls should actively try to fatten up to achieve’s maya’s look, but i just think that if you got it, and you lead a healthy life, you just gotta work with it instead of being unhappy with yourself. maya embodies this idea; she’s just naturally thick, but she’s unafraid to show her body because she recognizes that there are many people who will find it beautiful. she’s just comfortable in her skin, and i encourage that.

  15. well she ain’t gonna be in the next VS catalogue, that’s for sure. but if her pipe dreams have actually turned into a full-time job, i ain’t gonna be the one to stop her lol

  16. I didn’t take your comment personally SFP2008, but the crudeness of your comment (even though you substituted an asterisk for one letter) is still outside our posting guidelines. Please mind your mouth.

  17. You are really pushing it SFP2008. I do run a pretty tight ship around here, but it seems the majority of our readers appreciate that. And there’s still plenty of room for people to express their opinions respectfully.

  18. “Asian Sirens is not responsible for comments visitors leave on this site, but will remove all spam, personal attacks, non-English, rude, crude, tasteless, discriminatory and inappropriate comments as soon as possible.”

    i’m guessing yours fit under rude and crude, sfp :/

  19. SFP2008: as LawBoy says, it should be “yes sir”. 😉 You are obviously making a light hearted insult by suggesting I’m a woman, but I’m going to let it pass. You’re completely out of warnings though, so if you want to continue posting here, you’d better make sure you play by our rules.

  20. oh common, sfp, i knew you were headed that way…by the way, all males have their little friends dont they? just making sure you know the correct gender of all those here, dude

    sorry doc…

  21. Hmmm, I would ALSO guess that posting that a professional model “ain’t gonna be in the next VS catalogue” could be construed as pretty “rude” and a “personal attack” as well. I’m sure that if you asked Ms. Maya, she’d agree.

  22. This is an objective critique of somebody who is presenting themselves as a professional model. If you really can’t see the difference between that and the rudeness you’ve displayed (or a personal attack), then I guess you’re stay here won’t be for very much longer.

  23. sfp, i don’t get it – you flamebait so much on here. you just quoted me out of context and you also tried bringing sachiko up in the jarah thread. if you see your comments as being misconstrued, maybe you should put more effort into seeing that they’re better understood or try to understand what doc is saying, because you’re really missing the point.

    if you want it completely laid out: “yada yada yada she’s thick not fat as i said, f—ing rocket scientists” is considered crude because of your unecessary use of the expletive; it’s considered rude because you just disregarded all of the intelligent discussion in comments previous with a “yada yada yada” so you could smugly assert your opinion was right all along with the “as i said.”

    if you had even said “again, thick not fat,” it would’ve been a great improvement over that comment. but saying “thick not fat” would’ve been an irrelevant response to the comments anyway because we weren’t discussing whether or not she was thick or fat.

    “she ain’t gonna be in the next vs catalogue” isn’t a personal attack because this is a model putting herself out there for critique; a personal attack on here is between commenters usually. i didn’t say that in a denigrating way, as you can tell from all of the laudatory remarks i had for maya’s modelling.

    picking fights over the internet is juvenile, man. if you’re so disconcerted by the way the site is run, then you should leave – there are so many other blogs about asian girls that you would not be hard-pressed to find another one that better suits your commenting personality

  24. well my first thought was “God damn! That girl is fine!” So i just skip all negativity, and post some goodness. Maya is absolutely gorgeous!

  25. Thanks for the detailed explanation of our moderation policy Christine.

    I’ve reviewed SFP2008’s posting history, and it seems I’ve given him more than enough chances already. He is obviously incapable of behaving himself here, so he has been banned, and blocked.

  26. I think Maya is pretty hot. I haven’t posted more than once or twice but I’ve been coming here for a long time. People often complain here, especially in comments under a photo of some Asian American girl, that they look too “cookie cutter” or something (which I happen to believe could apply just as easily to most JAV models). Well Maya doesn’t look cookie cutter at all, and I’m glad Robin Hood posted her pics, because I’d never heard of her before today.

  27. I have to agree with jujono re JAV models: a lot of them do look “cookie cutter” as well. But at least in their case, the cookie is pretty tasty to start off with!

  28. I hate being negative but I got to disagree with Maya being gorgeous because she only looks okay in a couple of her photos. She wouldn’t be modeling if it wasn’t for her ethnicity and breast size because her face isn’t all that cute plus she needs to lose a few pounds. And I doubt she would be much too look at if she went without makeup.

    I do like how she looks in corsets, but her face…

  29. doc, question. though maya seems abit over weight, i for one still fine her attractive in some ways. not going to lie, i’m a breast man. they do seems a tad big on her, though. could this look of “over weight” because of her height? ( i believe she’s 5’2 )

  30. She’s SEXY THICK.I prefer slim…but I’m not kickin’ her outta’ bed.Not feelin’ the DRAGON LADY/DOMINATRIX vibe.

  31. Just went to her Myspace.Living in the heart of the CORN BELT explains the extra heft.Get her out West & watch the pounds melt away.Somebody save her before she marries TODD.Indiana is overrun with him.

  32. her face looks ok but she looks heavy in pix…i am quite adversed to big arms and the extra rolls on her belly but her boobs make up for something 🙂

  33. seoul86: 5’2″ is hardly unusually short for an Asian girl – indeed, Sachiko is exactly the same height, but I don’t think anyone would call her over weight! She’s a genuine DD too. 😉

  34. Well I must admit I’m hooked on this beauty. Now I dont know how up to date this site is, but it sure made me want to move to Indianapolis for a show. It seems Maya is/was a stripper for a local company. Here’s the link ( i dont know how to embed the hyperlink) if you want to check it out: Might be time fr a road trip!!

  35. Okay, saying she’s not gorgeous doesn’t mean she’s ugly and saying she’s a little thick doesn’t mean she’s fat. i do have to agree that without the bodacious tatta’s, she probably wouldn’t be noticed as a stripper or a model. Still, no way would I turn her down (except for that whole being married thing).

  36. Doc, you’ve never gotten drunk enough to not know what you’re doing? And you call yourself an Aussie! I still think you were too harsh — this is where “not my type” comes into paly.

  37. Looking again at some of these pics…this girl is about courage and attitude. She’s not the cookie cutter skinny asian girl, and she shows herself off as being sexy. I think that’s her formula.

    And since she does bondage & S&M for hire…well I’m not exactly sure what that means about her…

  38. Or you could look at it another way: that she has an overinflated ego and thinks she’s a lot hotter than she actually is. And looking at a lot of Asian American import models these days, that would seem to be the most likely conclusion. I think that if she had a more objective perspective on her own appearance, she would have lost several pounds before she dared to strip in front of a camera.

  39. Yeah, I think I’ve got enough cushioning aleady. 😉

    Oh, and before anybody calls me a hypocrite, I’m not putting myself out there as a model!

  40. as if dr lee would have a snowball in hell’s chance of being with a girl like this (unless he paid for it….even then….doubtful)

  41. jks – I suggest you click on my name before you start jumping to conclusions about how I’d have a “snowball’s chance in hell” with – I am Sachiko McLean‘s personal photographer and webmaster, amongst other things. 😉 But you’re right about one thing though – there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I’d ever “do it” with Maya!

    And this is your second personal insult – strike two.

  42. I just received this message from Maya:

    This thread has illegally posted images and needs to be deleted immediately otherwise you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

    Although I’m sure her “threat” is totally hollow (as I’m sure she isn’t the Copyright holder of the image posted here), I’ve removed it anyway. The thread stays, however, as it is 100% legal. It seems Maya’s intellect and personality match her appearance. 😉

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