Janipher Choi in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Janipher Choi in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Another pretty Asian model in the in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: Janipher Choi. Check out all 21 photos.And a behind the scenes clip:

(thanks to Wingsfan19 for the tip)

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  1. I agree with you Doc, she’s nothing to write home about, although she isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  2. O M G i went to highschool with this girl!

    she looks much better in person and trust me those pictures do not do her justice.

    she used to be an ice skater so let me tell you those curves are there!

    omg… i cant believe shes on this site.. small world… but yeah, man does she look ugly in those pictures.. let me see if i can get you guys better pictures

  3. Once again, let’s not get into a “this girl is better than that girl” kind of debate! Still, this girl definitely does look “post worthy”. 😉

  4. For me, she is beautiful, with a dazzling smile. Check out her youtube vid above, isn’t that beauty?

    Maybe not supermodel type, but she’s sexy, I like her slightly thick but hot body. She does have a tendency for padding, but there are some curves and she works out, she’s fit and attractive.

    She seems to have some personality, which is a plus in a pretty girl. I liked the way she said she didn’t like to be recognized in uni and feel like she’s better than the others just because she’s a cheerleader.

    Personality, pretty, smiley, hot body, she can be a babe to have a lot of fun with. I’d get her number if I could. lol

  5. Hey, I found her first! (If only in real life:-)) I would have expected someone who is a cheerleader to have a more toned body than she does, but to say she’s not hot? Not the HOTTEST, certainly, but still hot.

  6. I’m sorry but I can’t support this girl with me being a Washington Redskins fan : )

    Ok, I admit she’s cute. But go to redskins.com and check out the Cheerleader section and you’ll see some cute Asian women there too.

  7. If I knew Janipher in real life I would be all up in that, but looking at her over the internet, she’s just okay. I did look at some pics of Briana Lee and not only is she smoking hot but also has a great smile and big boobies. She’s hot enough for me to overlook the fact that she cheers for the cheatin’ ass Patriots 🙂

    Here’s some wallpaper. Go Eagles!!!!

  8. I’m trying to figure this out. Here is this beautiful young vivacious Asian chick that is special looking and fit enough to make an NFL cheerleader squad and all you can do is argue over whether she’s cute. What is wrong with you? Have you been staring at Asian beauties so long you can’t recognize it anymore unless it’s silicone enhanced? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Even the lordly doctor sees nothing special in this girl. No curves? Do you understand that she is Asian? If you want voluptuous curves change the name of the site to Italian-sirens or Latina-sirens or whatever. You have all obviously overdosed on Asian beauty if you need to argue over this. Either that or you’re so accustomed to surgically enhanced bodies you think they come out of the box like that. My beautiful Asian wife of 32 years still has a fabulous Asian physique and she’s nearly 60 years old. I assure you I have not tired of the female Asian body. This girl is beautiful and if you don’t think she is you need help.

  9. I’ve seen plenty of Asian girls with more natural, feminine curves than Janipher – it looks like the exercise she does to stay in shape has left her with a quite masculine physique. So while she’s fit enough to be an NFL cheerleader, this appears to have come at a price in terms of feminine curves. Most Asian girls do not need a boob job to have more curves than this – they very commonly have much smaller waists than Janipher, for example.

    And our readers judge curves by the standards of the models usually featured on AS, which is entirely appropriate I think.

  10. sorry i can’t support this girl being that I don’t watch football. OHH. teehee, jk.

    i think she is cheery and fun! she has a great smile. ultimately i think that should matter more than girls’ bodies, when it comes to dating or whatnot. a bitch is a bitch, no matter how hot, right? she could use some more curves but i agree with lee in that it’s probably just all of the working out – being a cheerleader is tough stuff!

  11. maybe you could join the squad, you’re fit enough with your six-pack, right? i’m sure janipher would appreciate a guy in spandex.

  12. candyman, i’m glad you agree with me about Briana Lee. I overlooked the fact too that she is with the patriots. Also look at the Raiders cheerleaders, i think they got a couple of asian ones. The Crows also have an asian cheerleader. Which I forgive her for being a cheerleader for them since I’m a Steelers fan. GO STEELERS!!!

  13. I’m proposing that the league implement a mandatory two Asian cheerleader minimum for every NFL team! lol.

    I will submit a formal request to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Oh, and by the way, GO PATRIOTS!!

  14. If Janipher gave me them digits, then I would be all up in that. It’s just that overall, she’s not someone that I would get all worked up about mainly because of her physique. She doesn’t need to be voluptuous, but she does need to have some curves whether they’re natural or artificial, preferably natural.

    Briana Lee on the other hand is someone that I would get worked up about because she’s cuter and has the boobies. I would have liked to have seen her in SI, but I am glad that a cheerleader from my team was featured. And it’s good to see more Asians on the cheerleading and dance squads for our sports teams.

  15. I first saw her on the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs in 2006. She caught my eye right off the bat, but she seemed like an airhead during interviews…not a shocker. I give her a solid thumbs up in the looks department though.

  16. Here, here candyman. And Olive I will sign that request with you. But I do remember seeing her on the Cheerleader playoffs on the NFL Network, and she did seem like an airhead, you’re right BaTanha. But she is cute, just dumb, but in the end, isn’t that what guys want?

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