Kelly Hu & Nicole Scherzinger in Yes We Can Song

Hawaiian actress Kelly Hu and singer Nicole Scherzinger can be seen in the new Yes We Can Song. Check out the site for more info on the song.

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  1. Nice video but I don’t think Barack is going to make any significant change in America because the problems that we have are numerous and overwhelming, especially for someone who has only been a senator for only a couple of years, but I will be voting for him come November.

  2. Ummm… I felt like I was watching some subliminal messaging service… I will now walk around with a blank look on my face repeating “Yes We Can” over and over… just to be sure it is safe. I may be cautious to talk to anyone now in fear of receiving a Donald Sutherland-like performance that he did at the end of the late-70’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movie.

    It is funny that America is about to elect a guy who has no executive experience at all… and no accomplishments. But we seem to be lowering the bar every 4 years anyway…

    Kelly Hu is a beautiful women though.

  3. A bunch of musicians and actors are supporting a Democratic politician? This is unprecedented! Well, it make sense: they’re the only ones who know what’s best for America.

    (Where’s the “rolleyes” smiley when you need it?)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I myself am certain that the real people who know what’s best for America are the ones running America now: the chin-jutting, white guys who did no military service, have gotten thousands of our sons & daughters killed, tens of thousands of Iraquis killed, and who couldn’t carry a toon in a bucket. Rolleyes indeed.

    Give me the musicians any day. Give me Kelly Hu any day.
    See Doc, I am on-topic!

  5. Well, this is a political post, so I will allow such comments here (as long as it doesn’t turn into a flame war). It has always intrigued me how all the musicians I love seem to be on the left/liberal side of the political fence. I think it says something.

    P.S. Confusingly, here in Australia the major conservative political party is called the Liberal party, so for my fellow Aussie readers, when I say liberal here, I mean “small l liberal”, as we call it.

  6. Ah yes. Australia. Home of conservative Joh Bjelke-Petersen, longest-serving and longest-lived Premier of the state of Queensland, who wanted that state to secede from Australia, develop nuclear weapons, and become an independent world power. And people say our Ronald Reagan was loopy.
    I still say: Kelly Hu forever! She looks great even without an airbrush!

  7. Kelly’s appearance in this video is not enough to even comment.

    No matter what political party you are from…that song and video…SUCKED. Obama’s voice over kills any chance for the musicians and melody to succeed.

    And like some have pointed out it does become nauseous listening to “yes we can” over and over.

    Take it down and put JARAH back at the top.

  8. Yeah, Joh was a national embaressment, although fortunately he is quite unique in the history of Australian politics, and he only ran one state (as opposed to nutters like Bush, who not only run the country, but in effect the entire free world too).

    And armyofme, if you want to see more Jarah, go back to her post and ignore this one. We don’t run this blog exclusively for your benefit you know.

  9. I feel that the four, one-second-long glimpses of Kelly weren’t enough to warrant this being posted here.

    Even if I supported Obama (which I don’t, however I do hope he wins the Democratic bid because I feel he will be easier than Clinton, for my man McCain to beat), I’d say the same thing because this isn’t the place for political posts.

  10. brayker19, that comment was a serious breach of our posting guidelines, and you’ve been around here well and truly long enough to know better. I will not warn you again.

  11. “…if Obama were a lot further to the left.” Are you joking CEC32? If that charlatan was 1 inch further to the left, he’d be right! Hehe, heh…

  12. Dr. Lee, I don’t assume you run this blog just for me. When I posted that comment I didn’t expect you to take it down. What I do expect is someone that runs a blog/board to have a thicker skin.

    I, just like others have indicated, don’t feel that Kelly’s presence in this video is noteworthy or groundbreaking.

    As you know you run a tight line when bringing up politically themed items on boards where they are not intended to belong.

    And I ignored the political context and concentrated on the tiny blips of Kelly in this video and still don’t find it ground breaking or alluring.

    She has associated herself with minor league musical talent on a lousy remix.

    ( is a cheap Wyclef knock off)

    My advice…if I may…tell Robin to use a thumbnail that includes Nicole and Kelly on the start so at least it looks like it belongs on the board.

  13. armyofme: this comment is perfectly reasonable. Constructive suggestions are fine, but just saying you want your favourite model/post to stay at the top is not going to be well received (as a blog like this one just doesn’t work that way).

  14. I’ll listen to whatever crappy music I need to in order to get the current regime out of office. Kelly and Nicole are just icing on the cake.

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