Maya in 50 Cent’s “Pimp” Video Clip

I just recieved a model ID request for the Asian girl with big fake breasts in 50 Cent’s “Pimp” video clip – the one who isn’t Francine Dee (who is also in the clip). And after taking a look, I’d really like to know myself – she’s hot! Thanks to Peng for the heads up.

UPDATE: Almost as soon as I posted this, I suddenly realised who it was: it’s Maya from the now defunct Elite Exotics! Anybody know where we can find more of this babe now that Elite Exotics is dead?

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  1. Please do! As I said previously, we’ve decided not to worry about copyright issues at our end – we’ll let the copyright holders themselves deal with that!

  2. One of the three models fondling him is asian modFxmodel, Rose Solis!

    Any chance of getting an mpeg or mov copy of this?

  3. Francine’s boobs are ridiculous. She would be cool with me if she hadn’t gone overboard with her augmentation. I haven’t looked at Maya’s pics in a long time and she is really sexy. I got to find out what happened to her.

  4. Got ’em – nice work Candyman! Still, why did they have to airbrush her photos so much? They look more like paintings than photos. πŸ™‚

  5. Gee it’s so nice that an honorable profession such as pimping is played up in todays culture. It’s a strong blow for women’s rights everywhere…

  6. Oh yeah the girls in the vid are phenomenal I just kinda lost a little respect for them for bringing such glory to an abusive criminal profession. But I usually don’t get so serious so I guess we should get back to Francine and Maya’s boobs… ;0)

  7. Maya is beautiful, but I wonder whether the plastic surgeon tried to talk her into starting out smaller with the implants. She’s really testing her structural limitations.

  8. That’s Adriana Sage dancing with Francine. I also hate it how Maya’s pics are heavily airbrushed. Maybe that’s why they’re defunct. It’s bad when I see 6 year olds talking about pimp this and pimp that, but there are other things that are taking a heavier toll on women’s right than the exaggerated use of pimpin’ in pop culture, like the Bush Administration for instance.

  9. Yeah, I have to agree with Candyman. The sort of stuff that’s glorified in pop culture these days is pretty sad (especially the sort of stuff associated with rap, which often seems to be degrading to women), but it’s nothing compared with how the conservatives are trampling all over women’s rights.

  10. Funny video. But I agree that women rights orgs wont be very happy about it.

    Francine’s breast is terrible. I hope she didnt pay for that. Not sure how she can stick to those. She should go several numbers down.

  11. Geez Doc you really can’t miss taking a shot at the Bush administration huh? I think you and Candyman have your priorities mixed up just a tad when you guys say anything they do is worse than this pimp culture. I have two little nieces that I’d be pretty appalled to see saying anything 50 Cent is pushing compared to what Bush is pushing. You’re always crackin down on CLM for saying things that really nobody but you finds offensive but you continue with the slander towards my gov’t. We get it ok? You hate George Bush. Alright! You may have not believe it but you ratting out America every chance gets pretty offensive too. So give it rest man. Please everyone keep your opinions on other peoples governments and politics to yourself.

  12. Candyman and Dr. Lee, could you cite some specific examples, please? I mean, I know how everything is the fault of Bush and the conservatives, but I’m just curious as to how.

  13. The difference between gangsta rappers and the Bush administration is that they actually have the power to do something (and the responsibility that comes with it). And they do e.g. their attempts to take away women’s right to abortion. Which they effectively have done in poor countries, by tying aid to it. And isn’t that just what poor countries need: more kids?

  14. And BTW, something the conservatives just don’t seem to get: ‘ratting out’ the Bush administration is not ratting out America. Indeed, the right to criticise the government is one of the corner stones of democracy.

  15. doc…i respect darklighter’s opinions about “his” government, but unfortunately dark’s opinions is how the bush government has treated our Constitution. The rights to voice one’s opinions to critize or to praise about the government is the foundation of America. Bush and the republican always condemn citizens or other lawmakers if they exercise their first amendment rights painting them as traitors, liberals or soft on terrorist. this is how america has been under his administration. a very divisive president.

    i think there is a great difference between a vulgar comment and a comment critizing about our government. I dont think Doc would mind at all if Dark critize Ausie’s government.
    so anyone here is free to critize about any topics as long as it is not vulgar or personally insulting to an individual.

    CONGRATS TO OUR DEMOCRACTIC PARTY….time to get Bushless….never like bush πŸ™‚

  16. Everyone loves titties! πŸ˜›

    With that being said…how about placing a link on that sidebar thingy which takes users to a separate forum where they could post all things: political, religious, moral, socioblahblah, etc, etc.?

    That way us regular 90-point IQ kinda guys don’t have to sift through comments about national governments just to get to “how about them titties?” — the real meat of matter!

    Just a thought.

  17. I have no political bias. I would still criticize Bush no matter what his political affiliation was. His administration has really screwed up the country. If you haven’t realized that now, then you never will. And I have no faith in the Democrats to change things. They wait for election time to come up to show some backbone and speak out against Bush. Meanwhile our troops are getting killed in Iraq. Also, gangsta rap maybe vulgar, but it’s just a gimick to make money. I hate how people will criticize rap but say nothing about other forms of entertainment that are just as vulgar. We have alot of problems in America, gangsta rap being the least of them. Will the Dems change things? I doubt it. They had plenty of chances to do something and have done nothing. So I will wait and see. And if I knew what was going on in Australia, I’d criticize them too. Email me if you want to talk more politics cuz I’m done with it. Now back to hot Asian chicks.

  18. Alright boys alright…I just feel like I have eat a big pile of heaping shit everytime someone wants to bring a topic back to my government’s policies. And I lashed out a little, and I’m sorry if I offended you liberal guys on here. To be honest with you though Lawboy I wouldn’t criticize the Australian government because I would feel that’s being rude to Lee or the other Aussie’s on this board. Two things I was brought up not to do is to discuss politics and religion in public. I just wish I wasn’t the only one here (Krazy4Kobe excluded) that felt that way. PEACE!

  19. With that being said…how about placing a link on that sidebar thingy which takes users to a separate forum where they could post all things: political, religious, moral, socioblahblah, etc, etc.?

    Agreed, there are so many other forums like, DemocraticUnderground and FreeRepublic to discuss political crap.

    It’s not clear why a person can’t control themselves enough to talk about politics on a political forum and not a forum about asian women – it’s such a buzzkill. I can only imagine how a person like that must behave at parties.

    If anyone wants a list of political forums where they can vent 24/7, I will be more than happy to provide a a good sized list. I frequent several when I want to discuss political issues.

  20. I don’t sound off about anyone else’s government because I don’t know jack about the subjectβ€”which, I suspect, doesn’t stop some people from doing it anyway. Thatisall.

    Oh, and TITTIES! πŸ™‚

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