Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee

She will soon open her official website at leilanilee.com but in the mean time you can check out some of her photos at myspace.com, abc-celebs.com, babewarehouse.com and niteflirt.com. I’ve no idea what happened to her previous site LeilaniLive.com. Anyone?
Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee

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  1. A cam show for 3.99 with her? Worth every minute for sure. She’s fire! 🙂

    Leilanilive.com? From the message, it’s definitely problems with hosting (maybe too much bandwith spent = $)!

    Is she filipina?

  2. Finally after several failed attempts to register to the site I was able to do it.

    Blue contacts aside, she looks great!!!

  3. Yeah but is her new site going to be naughty or just shots of her covering her dirty bits? I need to know!!!

  4. Yowza. I love the SoCal look (on account of it’s where I live).

    Curtis is going to guess Vietnamese. Judges?

  5. As LawBoy says, the eyebrows especially are too much – way too much for me. She’s just too fake for my taste. I prefer natural Asian beauty (with the exception of breasts, as everyone knows by now). 😉

    It seems I differ from a lot of our readers (or at least those who chose to comment) on this. And strangely, a lot of the people who like that super fake SoCal look dislike fake breasts. I don’t get it…

  6. What is up with those eyebrows? It looks like someone used a Sharpie to make those. She’s looks alright, just a little too much on the phony side. She has a great body and the fake tits are fine with me. But why did she have to mess with her eyebrows?

    [CLM…are you in the Mile High Club? 🙂


    I’d love to tell you about my last flight from JFK airport to TOKYO NARITA, JAPAN on JAL.

    I got real “friendly” with this girl who was on a study abroad from my school and when I mentioned Mile high Club to her, she totally went for it just out of curiosity 😛

  8. I dunno, CLM. I’ve seen your picture, and I’ve seen airplane lavatories. Where is there room for a girl?


    LOL – there isn’t room in there for ANYTHING …that’s what makes it so fun.

    I basically have to let the girl go in first, and she has to sit on the little sink. Then I open the door and go in wearing nothing but bear neccessities (shirt, jeans, shoes) anything else – like stuff in my pockets gets BROKE.

    We have to do it standing up. The best method in my opinion is doggystyle with the lights off. All you hear is the engine noise.

  10. CLM that’s sounds uncomfortable , what if all of the sudden there is turbulance..and you both puke ?

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Leilani Lee


The same?

http://leilanilive.com/Leilani Lee speaks English,Chinese,Tawainese, and even some Japanese. She began modeling evening gowns in Tawain, learned the martial arts, developed her painting skills, along with becoming an accomplished pianist and vocalist. You think that would be enough for any one person, but…to top that off, this girl can act. Leilani is featured in the very first Internet Film, “The Quantum Project”, as well as “Slappy”. She’s been a guest star in “V.I.P.” along side Pamela Anderson. Other TV projects include “In The Middle” and “Lucky” starring John Corbett (Sex in the City).

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