Chinese blogger solicits penis pictures


Hai Rong Tian Tian, a Hubei native and Tujia Chinese minority, who in addition to saucy poses, is soliciting pictures of (Soft only, please! We’re Chinese!) mens’ members. Since late October when she last counted, Hai had received more than 2,000 limp dick pics. And they keep rolling in, despite critical hits she’s taken on her blog. In a recent interview with China Youth Weekend, she talked about her obsession.Now I am not sure how many Asian Siren’s readers are keen to help out the young lass, but if your game, there are details at the end of the story to send your own pics to Tian Tian! Full story here.

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  1. [who in addition to saucy poses, is soliciting pictures of (Soft only, please! We’re Chinese!) mens’ members. Since late October when she last counted, Hai had received more than 2,000 limp dick pics. And they keep rolling in, despite critical hits she’s taken on her blog. In a recent interview with China Youth Weekend, she talked about her obsession.]

    Since I can never be certain what words I can and can’t use until I make a “CLM TYPE COMMENT” and get threatened – I pasted the entire portion of the statement above before I asked my question.

    Why does this blogger only want “limp dick pics”? Is this thing trying to say Chinese men are small?

  2. doc….hot and spicy or sweet and sour? :)…

    hey CLM…i dont think what you say is out of line…i am just wondering why “limp” and not stiff?…we dont want to be short changed here:)) you should submit your pics CLM…..

    yangbwoi…that is why we should change our name to Long Wang or Hung Low:)

  3. If this chick wasn’t talking about sex or posing provocativly, would anyone be reading her blog? I doubt it. She could have reached the conclusions that she had reached in the article without looking at 2000+ penises. I could have told her in 2 paragraphs without the display of my hung black member. Maybe she wanted to display the power she has by getting all of these guys to send pics of themselves.

  4. Maybe she doesn’t want them for the erectile stae. The main question is why does she want them, and for that matter only chinese, maybe she is making one of those mosaic pictures?

    Anyway I could ask stuff about trade but meh.

  5. i just skimmed through it but she mentioned something about the aroused penis as a temporary source of power and not permanent….you guys can read the rest…i dont mind lesbians either as long as they let me watch:)…but her obsession for limp penis seems a little weird.
    limp penis=impotent=powerless…sounds like a man hater to me:)

  6. Sounds like your bitter, man-hating dyke. If she’s that obsessed with looking at thousands of limp dicks just because they remind her that man’s “power” is temporary, then that psycho-b*tch can go f**k off.

  7. Hmmm, sounds like me — beautiful with issues! ha! But don’t we have some of that bitter, man-hating in us all? I know I do: I hate my boss, I hate a few of my co-workers, I hate some men who aren’t my co-workers, I hate a couple male family members…etc. etc. Oh yeah, can’t forget about hating the Taliban! Dirty evil doers!

    Ooo…there’s a peace plan: hook up the Middle East to A.S. — start your day right and it’s nothin’ but smiles! 🙂

    (just don’t send me any limp dick pics, thanks)

  8. She is a natural beauty. I don’t think she’s a lesbian though. I think she’s just curious and have nothing better to do. Also i think she met the wrong men, men that does not treat her as equal. She needs to get out from her town. I think small dick guys are better in oral sex than big dick guys (no offense)… It’s about compensating….kekeke

  9. cantik – first of all you dont necessary have to have a small penis to be good at oral sex 🙂 cant we have both, a big wang and good at oral sex on women ;)…again i have to state not all asian men have small dongs :))

    K4K….you a man-hater?…you are dude right? 🙂

  10.’re talking nonsense..what does tongue have to do with penis size? maybe you’d rather have oral since you won’t feel a thing with small dick guys…btw r u indonesian? and Lawboy..”not all asian men have small dongs” but MOST of them DO.

  11. hotbytes….lets not have a cockfight here but what do you based your opinion on? small = less than average? you cant really base your opinion on porn movies? especially japanese porns. they seems to under represent us yellow brothers. I will only take the backseat to CLM…he is like 6″5’….sorry for the stereotyping my brother CLM:)

  12. Law: oh yeah, I’m a dude. Doesn’t stop me from hating my boss. 🙂

    May I offer the observation that this thread seems to be turning into a sausage party. I’m not really up (in any kind of way) for discussing the whopper CLM may or may not posses.

    “T&A ALL THE WAY!” is my motto! 🙂

  13. LAWBOY

    I don’t want to stereotype anyone. Not Asian dudes or anyone else. I can tell you that, after living in China and Japan – with their OPEN, NON PRIVATE STALLS I have PLENTY OF STORIES to share about EQUIPTMENT of the far east.

    Believe it or not – I actually have some PICTURES – one in particular of a Japanese friend who decided to come into the bar without his pants on. When I sense a photo opt, I act fast.

    I liked to take pictures of all the crazy toilet stalls in Far East Asia to share at home with friends.

    As for myself… Im not against posting a pic of myself for this chick up top.

    And I am 6’7, NOT 6’5.

  14. I KNEW IT!!! HAHAHAHA!! I knew CLM was going to volunteer for this chick! God dude you are soooo funny! I was just waiting for it.

  15. Hey, CLM, where can I see some of them Chinese stall photos? I’m going sometime and would like to know where the better restrooms are. That shit’s kinda freakin’ me out. Peace.

  16. Lawboy; here is the fact: the length of your penis when “hard” is equal to the length from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger, this means if you’ve got small hands, then you’ve got short penis, and your height determines the size of your hands, MOST asian dudes are short…so this explains why we’ve got short penis, and CLM is 6’7 so he’s got a “baseball bat” under there , when you said NOT ALL ASIAN dudes have small penis you refered to TALLER asian dudes, I bet YAO MING’s dong is comparable to CLM’s , but unfortunately MOST of US Asian dudes are shorter than the Black americans, AGREED here?

  17. CLM, although i might not be pure chinese…you should post a pic of
    your wang wang for me…:) since you’re into toilet, are you into poop as well?
    have u heard of this website?….
    hotbytes2000, I do not agree with your fact. There are tall men with
    very small ones.
    lawboy, I did not say that only small penis guys are good on oral sex….just on
    average they are usually good. I know this might offend the guys with big wang wang…
    oh well men with their ego….:) Seriously, chicks do not look for dick sizes. We like
    men with a good heart and good personality.

  18. i am so confused :)…there are so many choices for me to response but i think the best one is that CLM should send this girl a pix of his wang….fully at attentioned…this should scare her back to being hetero:)…

    Daznlover….wholehearted agreed with you here. if it comes down to it, of course i think a girl would prefer a nice guy with “a good heart” as cantik said…but that can only go so far.

    no offense to any japanese on this board, but when i watch japanese porn and you see these guys with disadvantaged weinies, it just gives me the willies and yet the girls seems to be in pain or something. i just wish japanese porns would be better at choosing their actors to match the hotness of their actresses, like the euro porns or american porns…they seem to have abnormally large guys on there or is it the camera angles? 🙂

  19. CLM,

    Click on my name here, you’ll go to my blog and email is listed there in the sidebar. If I post it here, I’m afraid I’ll get spam. Thanks in advance!

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