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Okay guys and girls. Here is one I think you will like. This is Davon Kim. She is originally from Cebu, Philippines but now resides and models in the Netherlands. She is 23 years old, has only been modeling for one year, but her photos can already be seen all around the Internet and a variety of different high quality “magazine” type websites. Even Met Art has gotten in on the action, and they used their higher quality camera.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’4
Weight: 100
Ethnicity: Filipina (presumably, despite the name)
Located: Holland



















Official Website, Davon Kim
Davon Kim @ iStudio (#20176)

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  1. Pretty girl but her breast augmentation is in need of serious correction. Somebody get her an appointment with McNamara/Troy.

  2. Ahh yes….she’s hot but is quite uneven. However, that could have been corrected (in the images, anyway) with a little Photoshopping.
    Wonder why it wasn’t, since it is pretty obvious.

  3. Chairman Kaga, I thought the very same thing.

    When I looked at the first pic, I thought. “OK, we may have something here.” And then it went so horribly wrong.

    I’m still laugh every time I look at the picture of her in front of the mirror.

    Attractive girl who needs to get the correction corrected.

  4. Is it true about Asian Model chic’s once they get a certain age it’s over, “as far as their modeling career”, shame!

  5. wow her boobs look cockeyed..it needs alignment and balancing…but other than that she aite…only like the 2nd & last pic..

  6. I think you are all crazy, I love her breasts. Maybe I’m just love pretty breasts on a pretty pinay.

  7. Never mind the botched boob job or unevenness of her eyes, I’m finding her overall look a little on the “masculine” side which some here might find appealing, if you’re into that sort of thing. I don’t find her attractive at all.

  8. Actually guys, I suspect her boobs aren’t as uneven as they look in a couple of these shots. It looks like she has smooth submuscular implants, so that when she holds her arms in a certain way (such as the mirror pic), her chest muscles contort them and make them look very odd. I normally recommend textured for a submuscular incision, so that the implants are locked in place relative to the pectoral muscles. Still, her boob job is still uneven, and not very good at all; I supect they’re very hard too. But apart from that, I think this girl is totally smokin’!

  9. Regarding taipan’s comments, I can see what he means, but I feel she still looks feminine enough, particularly given her quite elegant body and style.

  10. Very nice 🙂

    I don’t know about you guys, but I find a little ‘cross-eyed’ very sexy!

  11. She’s very striking, especially in the W4B sets. Of course, the make-up job helps, but she has a very good face. Could be a fashion model instead of a glamour/porn model.

    She definitely needs a proper boob job. The PS did a horrible job placing them and selecting the right type and size. She would look good with a high profile set.

    Hopefully she makes the investment gets them redone because she is gorgeous.

  12. very hot !!!
    she is so attractive !
    its been a long time to find a girl like this in the site !!!

  13. Very sexy. I’ve always liked her photosets when I’ve come across them. After all, she’s got a nice, tight body and some great hair. To me, it looks like she’d be ideal for a lot of different types of photography.

  14. I just love her figure. Beautiful face and body. Her implants aren’t very good, but apart from that, the mirror photo makes her about perfect. The legs, the sexy figure.

    This girl has it! Cebu is full of beautiful and hot blooded filipinas. More of them should come west. :)))

  15. Attractive…buuuut she needs to re-work the boobies.Hope she kept the receipt.That pic of her in the pink bikini top…Is that arm hair !?!
    Serious pet peeve of mine.

  16. I also hate arm hair. I hope it isn’t. The other photos don’t show anything.

    And if she is not eurasian but pure filipina, then body hair is not likely a worry.

  17. You’d be surprised but actually, NL has plenty of Asian beauties, mostly from Indonesia, who look quite like Davon, oh hot memories…….

  18. Didn’t I post some photos of her before? Oh, right, I wasn’t supposed too. Anyway, I really like her, uneven boobs and eyes and all. I have to admit that I’m surprised that the Doc likes her — is it possible that he and Arf might actually agree on a babe?

  19. Hey Paul. Holland had a colonial past on Indonesia, so I’m not surprised about that (lucky them). But filipinas don’t have that connection to Holland. Anyway, I know what you mean. Indonesians can be pretty hot too!

  20. I didn’t take the time to read all the comments on this one but I have to say some things that I believe in my heart of hearts to be very important. So listen up ok, or you’ll hurt my feelers.

    In some of these pics she looks pretty and in some of the others she looks like Zula from Conan the Barbarian!?! The makeup and camera angles just jack her up to the point where she’s not Devon Kim anymore… she transforms into Grace Jones! GRAB HIM & TAKE HIM… haha!

    What ever happened to editing for content? I don’t know if I should like her or run from her and her giant toothpick… haha!

  21. I had a photoshoot one time with Davon Kim, this model is very easy to work with and very professional. She’s also very sexy and friendly. I think her breasts looks great, her real nipples are fantastic.

    I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. So for those guys that are very rude to her here’s a good word for you “loser”

  22. Ahem Peter007 – all people are doing here is assessing Davon as a model, which they have every right to do. Nobody’s being personally insulting – in fact the comments here have been overwhelmingly positive. However, your comment is a personal insult, hence a breach of our posting guidelines.

    Oh, and welcome back Flip – you do have a point about the Grace Jones makeup in some of the shots!

  23. Doc, I agree with your response to Peter007. Most of us have noted how very attractive Davon is.

    But, if he is a photog, he HAS to notice the unevenness of her boob job, and the way some of the poses accentuate that flaw.

  24. Ok guys, let’s disscuss about boob again. How about yummy boobs tenderloin again? It’s been a quiet long time.
    She is very ……. hot.

  25. Don’t mind the boob at all. In fact, truth be told a little unevenness can lend an impression of naturalness.

    Whew! Gonna have to wipe down the keyboard again.

  26. @daznlover… haha! I didn’t say I don’t like her I was just commenting on some of the photos & make up. She’s pretty cute, not exactly my type but I wouldn’t chase her away with a stick or anything… haha!

  27. After seeing that set from Wings above, I think it’s safe to say she’s a minimalist with that string bikini she’s wearing at the beach. Not sure if I could handle seeing something like that in person. 😛

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