Maxim’s Hometown Hotties

Maxim's Hometown Hotties

Vote for featured Asian Sirens Stacey Lee, Katherine Thom, and Jenny Chu (shown above) this week at Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest week 2. Voting ends March 14th (US Time) and you have to vote for a total of 10 hotties.

Badboy has identified 8 Asian hotties this week and you can check them out including pictures and profiles and convenient voting links at Vote for Asian Maxim Hometown Hotties (week 2) in his Asian Divas Yahoo Group. Thanks to our friend Badboy for providing us with this information.

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  1. Thanks for posting this NorthMan! The Asian contestants didn’t fare very well in the first week of voting so I am hoping that they will do better this week. I encourage everyone to vote and if possible spread the word to get the vote out this week. I know it is a bit cumbersome to vote since you have to select 10 before you submit but hopefully the links I provide to the Asian contestants’ voting pages should make it less of a hassle.

  2. According to the Maxim website, you can vote once per day. Also, the Maxim server was really slow the past few days but is noticeably faster today so voting for 10 can be accomplished in about a minute. I think the reason they make you choose 10 is to try and prevent online voting fraud. As Stacey says “keep voting”.

    One other thing while on the subject is that Maxim is still accepting new hottie applications until April 7th.

  3. I was wrong about the end date. Week 2 of voting actually ended on March 12th and now week 3 has begun (on March 13th). I can only identify 2 Asian hotties this week though. The 10 semi-finalists for week 2 haven’t been announced yet on the website. What are they doing, handcounting the votes?

  4. Ouch, none of the models featured on Asian Sirens were among the 10 semi-finalists for week 2. Shae Norris was the only Asian hottie among the 8 I identified who made it into the semi-finals.

    One other thing I discovered is that there were actually four models featured on Asian Sirens who were in last week’s contest. I forgot that Stephanie Ly had been featured recently.

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