Happy Birthday to Khwan!


Let’s wish our Thai friend Khwan a happy birthday today! If you don’t know Khwan, you should. She is the moderator of some of the most popular and active Yahoo groups. Khwan’s main fan group has 20,000+ members!

Khwan is not only a beautiful and sexy model. She has a variety of interests and passions, with her main focus on Pinup and Comic Book art. Her extremely popular Pinup Heaven group has 17,000+ members including some world renowned artists.Khwan also hosts other groups dedicated to discussing Asian American Romance and Asian Film.

When you visit Khwan’s groups, you will find yourself involved in discussions ranging from very serious to totally silly and goofy! Speaking of goofy, Khwan has yet another group called Goofy Friends of Khwan.

In Khwan’s groups you will enjoy her warm personality and clever sense of humor. Be ready for lots of good-natured teasing too because you’ll never know which day the joke will be on you! Happy Birthday Khwan!

Khwan’s Main Fan Group,
Pinup Heaven,
Asian American Romance,
Asia Film,
Goofy Friends of Khwan.

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  1. I love her hair! I also like the fact that she looks completely natural.

    How did she come to establish such a huge ‘underground’ following?

  2. I think Khwan became so popular by just being herself. She has a magnetic personality I guess! 🙂

  3. Being yourself is one thing, but getting ‘known’ is another. There are a lot of higher profile models with much smaller Yahoo Group memberships. Of course the fact that her group is so active keeps her members signed up, but how did she get so many in the first place?

  4. Nice to see the beautiful birthday girl featured here! Great job NorthMan!

    As it says in the famous quote on Khwan’s group “”Khwan Is Not Your Typical Asian Model!”. One thing that makes Khwan different is that she truly cares about her fans and tries her best to please them posting free photos, music, interesting articles/discussions, etc. In her pinup art group, she is both a muse and inspiration to the artists and is often the subject of their artwork. On a related note, Khwan isn’t trying to sell anything as she doesn’t have a paysite or even a wishlist.

  5. To be honest I didn’t know her before but she seems to be an interesting girl. Badboy or Northman, can I compare her and her devotion to her fans with the early years of Kiko Wu?

    Talking about Kiko, is she still in business of is she only counting money on the background?

  6. I wouldn’t compare Khwan to Kiko Wu since they are very different. For instance, Khwan has made it clear that she will not pose nude regardless of how much money she is offered. I can’t speak for Kiko but I got the feeling that even before she opened her paysite that she was already planning her strategy on how to leverage her popularity to make lots of money. I don’t remember if Kiko mentioned on her pre-paysite that she worked at Scores strip club but I know she did later when the paysite was up.

    I don’t know if I am making myself clear but Khwan’s devotion to her fans seems more genuine since she isn’t trying to make money off them. Does that make sense?

  7. Hi. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words they say about me here. I appreciate it very much.

    To answer question. I not have problem make money. I just not want to make money by sell my underwear for $75 or ask people to buy me expensive presents from WISH LISTS. If other girls want to do same that-it up to them. But that not something I feel comfortable doing. It not me. I not do that before. And I not do that now. And I happy. I not have to ask strangers for gifts.

    And yes. I very happy and proud of Pin Up Heaven. I have made many friends with artists and art collectors there. And making friends same that is what is most valuable and important to me. Friends are so very much more valuable than make money from others.

    OK. I finish my story. Now I have advertisement!

    I hope it OK if I promote new BLOG I have? THis site first place I post about it.


    It is place where I will share some of my favorite Asian music-and for this group they happy to learn that it mostly sexy lady singers (with photos!). I hope people who have real interest in Asia have time to look at it? I have rapidshare links to many music–from old 60’s rock and roll from Thailand to JPOP to transsexual singer from Korea to modern Thai music. And yes. It free.

    OK. Now I sure most read this bore. So I finish. I hope everyone here have wonderful week! And I hope I have lucky to learn about some of the people here and get to know them.


  8. Khwan, thanks for writing your comments here. It’s always nice to hear from the models personally!

    You new “sexy asian music” blog looks very cool! Thanks for the link!

  9. Good to hear from you Kwan, I’ve added your new blog to the list of favorites (in the left column).

    Badboy, thanks for the update!

  10. For Marco: Thank you for adding my music blog to your list of favorites. I just started this blog but hope it will be helpful to people!

    For Robin: I sorry. I not understand what RSS is? May I ask for explain?

    For Dr. Lee: Thank you for the welcome to this board. I not sure how many time I can post comment (I have so much time just posting and moderate my Yahoo groups!) but I try not to be stranger here.

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