FHM Magazine – Philippines Version

Filipina Apple from FHM-PI

Today my buddy Dan sent me this Girls Next Door voting page from FHM magazine’s Filipino website. Since Asian-Sirens was due for an update, I thought I would pass this on. The young lady pictured above is named Apple and would get my vote. Check out the other Filipina lovelies and lets hear which girl you like best?

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  1. Welcome back NorthmMan! Every time I think I’m getting on top of things, something else comes up to make me even busier, so your contribution in Robin’s absence is very welcome.

  2. HotBytes, keep in mind, these are Filipina ladies. Many of them are mixed with spanish blood which makes them larger in the chest and butt and just more curvey in general.

    I also love the dark tanned skin that many Filipinas have. 🙂

  3. Yeah, now it does say Apple when I go through the pics! Must have been some kind of glitch with Flash – it attributed different names to some of the other pics yesterday too (they seem to be right now).

  4. Dr. Lee, again we agree. Drenzy. Of course we’ll have to split the fee for the implants! 🙂

  5. 🙂

    I just tried again, and the names came up different again! I think the best page to go to is the one GATOR links to above, as it’s good old fashioned html (not Flash).

  6. Eh, I vote for Ashley. Also for Frances cuz her nose looks more filipino. The rest of them looks like they had nose jobs. But they’re all beautiful..

    -Charisse K.

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