Marissa is a Model from London and unfortunately this was all I could find on her. Maybe someone out there with better Googling skills can locate more. I’d like to think she has an accent, because rawr.Stats:

Age: 29
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: ?
Located: London




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  1. Please someone find some more of this stunner. I’d hate to be thinking that her right arm is permantly stuck in the up position. On the other hand, she may leave me in the permantly up position.

    Unlike Quyen, I drool over slim hips. My traveling group had a long discussion in Korea about women getting hip implants to look more voluptuous. No way. Most women in my office make the Goodyear blimp look like a toy balloon.

  2. Agree with dbldipper and Dr. Lee.
    I am a slim hips fan. That is one of the reasons why I am attracted to Asian women. They usually lack the junk in the trunk!

  3. I like the slim waist, but I do agree with Quyen… she needs some thighs. Love me a pair of good legs and hers are mostly absent. Still beautiful.

  4. Well, Google told me that:
    1) She is 30 years old
    2) She is from China, moved to the UK in 2004
    3) She “joined” the modeling forums in 2008 and hasn’t been back at these modeling sites since 2009….
    4) The Emporio Armani picture was just a submission- not an actual ad for the fashion company.

    I kind of like the models past their 20s….even the photos have less drama 🙂

    Speaking of slim hips, I too am a fan. But when you go to Saigon and see hundreds of Viet women eating at the 5 KFC/Pizza Huts in town, know that the Kim Kardashian rear end is near.

    Plus one for the heavy eye make-up in the first photo….yeah.

  5. Love the slim hips too. But the navel jewelry ruins it for me. A simple navel ring should complement not obscure a woman’s navel. I hate it when they use it as a jewelry box.

  6. Overly made up in the last image, but her facial features are very ‘ethnic’…me likey! She’s probably a real wiaf in person…a feather!

  7. Based on the UK Bachelor stuff that French dug up, it seems that Marissa is on the fast train to Bimboville.

    Of course, “reality” shows are the bane of TV – no need to waste money on actors or writers – just amp the “contestants”, get them to say or do stupid stuff and heavily edit the content.

    Even with that, we cannot really believe everything on the internet, either. She might just be a sweet thing with a charming accent. Then again, Doc Lee might be a brain surgeon.

    btw – what happend to the Chinese Hotties poster? Haven’t seen his beauties in a while.

  8. Nice! But no wow factor.
    I think Shuai Ge got a nice helping hand from AS in establishing Mainland Hotties but I feel it was time for him to ‘jump ship’. I got a bit tired of seeing the duplicated posts. It was just too easy to avoid going across to Hotties; I saw them here.
    Now I am obligated to visit MH to see his recent finds. And that’s gotta be good for his numbers, right?

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