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One of the ironies in Japan is that although Japanese girls are not famous for the volume of their cleavage, the gravure world is full of stacked girls. Probably the most famous model in the category of gravure models is Sugihara Anri, who recently also starred in a very interesting short drama about the Japanese gravure industry (this drama series will be the subject of a future post). However, there is also another girl who is quickly gathering a lot of attention as an up-and-coming gravure star: Suzuki Fumina.A music Major at university, she started modeling when she was 19 years old, and when she was 20 she became the 2011 Flash Girl of the year, Flash being one of the main variety magazines in Japan. In the two years she has been active she has appeared on a number of TV shows but also appeared in, count them, SEVEN gravure DVDs. Her latest DVD came out in May and you can check a beautiful scene here:

Her long black hair, her dorky but cute smile, her curves, and, above all, a bosom to die for are sure to make her one of the features of the Japanese gravure.

Born: 1990- 7- 5
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Height: 167cm
Measurements B95 W62 H93
Blood type: AB






Her blog

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0 thoughts on “Fumina Suzuki”

  1. WHOA! Nice ass for a Japanese girl. Love her curves!!! The surgeons over there did an awesome job of making the breast looking natural.

  2. I’m not sure what’s up with her posing with her belly thrust out, but I love this girl!! She stands out among the J-girls (in more ways than one).

  3. Yes, Welcome XavierMelo! Thank you for being a part of the blog team!

    Cute, curvy gal. I don’t mind them with a little “meat”!

  4. mmmmmmm.. very nice. Although if i had a horse with a swayback as bad as in the 3rd photo i’d have to shoot it. Looks like she drastically needs to have firm pressure placed over her front while she’s on her back on a hard surface.

  5. Cute. Gday Xavier. Solid first post.
    Just one small quibble – and it’s not a criticism of your post in particular, but also to Travis, Candyman et al. – can you standardise the birth dates? Was this girl born in May or July?
    As you know Aussies use the form day/mth/year. So even if the mth number was transposed into words that’d be a help. Anyway, just sayin’.

  6. I don’t mind a smile that’s dorky
    Don’t mind if the girl’s a little porky
    As long as she’s of the best persuasion
    That being hot, hot Asian.

    We don’t mind an occasional twig
    Especially if they’re completely undressed.
    But most readers really dig
    Japanese chicks with nice large chests

    But, missy listen up, if you please
    If you don’t want your tits
    To hang to your knees
    To the Doc you’d better git.

  7. Why do H cups look so perfect on japanese girls, or do they have a different bra system? Everything about this girl, yes!

  8. Yes, they do have a different bra system (metric), but even then, if this girl claims to be an H-cup, it’s a massive overstatement.

  9. Good work XavierMelo nice to see a Japanese girl. The framing of the red bikini shots does her no favours. She looks like she would be a lot of fun in bed although I think she is average looking for a J-girl.

  10. She looks amazing. I love Japanese girls the best because … well…. I have spent so much time in Japan. She looks like she is having a great time and I hope she enjoys every minute of her success. I know I will.

  11. She’s a bit of a ‘butter-face’, but on the positive side, she does have type AB blood!

  12. Tight body.Excellent rack.Just delicious.
    Not only could she eat crackers in my bed…I would feed them to her.

  13. the raw kind of attractiveness I love to find in a Japanese girl… and no nothing wrong with that face. cute and natural

  14. Butter-face!?!?!??! I think you’re speaking out of your arse-nal American. Ohhhhh I would LOVE to have my butter on her face….
    ooohh errrr thats a bit crude…. . Ummmm… I mean, real butter. Yes thats it. Straight out of my butter churn. I like my women looking like they really appreciate diary products. phew.. nearly got booted off this site…

  15. I assume you mean butter from Rocky cows kroos…um the 4 legged ones I mean.
    But I’m sticking with you – no ‘butter face’ for me either.

  16. Seriously, though, you may not find her gorgeous, or even cute, but a butter-face? Maybe you don’t really like Asian girls!!

  17. Nah the rocky cows are all beef. Except the ones covered in tattoos. You wouldn’t wanna eat those….

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