Maria Ozawa Speaks English!

And now, in a rare treat for her growing gaijin fan base, Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa speaks English!

As if that weren’t adorable enough, here she is as an English teacher!

I’d like to see her pair up with YouTube philologist Marina. Everybody loves pretty English teachers with cute accents.

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0 thoughts on “Maria Ozawa Speaks English!”

  1. that latter video looks like one of those sleazy intros to a porn video. am i just stating the obvious here? i feel like that’s what you guys were getting at anyway with the gang bang talk

  2. Christine, she’s a porn star. So that probably was one of those sleazy intros to a porn video. I can’t say for sure ’cause it won’t load for some reason.

  3. Your characterisation of Maria was in very bad taste, GoodTaste. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and be more careful in future.

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