For Guys That Like Asian Women

CHANNAKAJIMA is a Canadian dude I found at YouTube and I wanted to share his insights with you! He made a 22 part documentary (I only count 11?) on Asian Women and with his boring voice it’s kinda funny in a bizzare way.

I did not watch all of it, but I am sure you have something to say on his ‘teachings’! 😉

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  1. Gotta love his animated delivery! He’s clearly enthusiastic about the subject matter.
    His generalizations on the existence of any kind of national temperament are lame, and don’t bear any resemblance to my extensive experience.

  2. He reminds me of Ben Stein, but lamer. I only see 11 videos as well. The animations are cool, but I went through a few of the dating videos and they are nothing but generalizations offering no insight on dating Asian women.

  3. Overall pretty accurate. Obviously he has had extensive personal dealings with all those groups. I personally have always thought Korean women are consistently some of the most beautiful out of the group, Vietnamese are right up there and northern Chinese women can definitely rock your boat too. The rest of southeast Asia is definitely filled with beautiful women. But the Japanese women that I have seen around this area have been ok but not as consistent as a group. Indian women as a side note have a low average but when they are gorgeous they are amazing. But I appreciate their warmth and intelligence and the Japanese women might not be the best looking but I have always found them very easy to engage in conversation and very little attitude.

  4. While I don’t really feel his chosen examples are very representative, his observations are nonetheless basically correct (as far as they go). One interesting thing about Vietnamese women: even though they do have the full lips that he mentions, they don’t have the ‘indigenous’ look that such lips normally impart. Indeed, they look very elegant and delicate. Quite a combination!

  5. im with dartdude i wanna kick his ass hes so boring i cant believe i made it through the whole video… no way can i sit through another so let me know how they are

  6. I have to agree that his conclusions re their personalities are a little over-generalised, but aren’t all conclusions regarding personalities? 😉

  7. i agree with luvjgirls. if this guy got any more exciting i would’ve had to pee my pants. he kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and given all of his well-referenced material i honestly felt like i learned volumes about asian women.

    obviously as a chinese woman, can’t you tell i’m just the sweetest girl you’ve ever met? my words are just like milk and honey, soothing and so soft, i bet i could tame bears with nice words and kindness like mine. *cough* *vomits* *gags*

  8. Yeah, this post was was screaming out for a “Christine comment”! I think the Chinese girl comments were probably the least accurate overall, as “Chinese” actually covers a very wide range of ethnic groups, with a very long history of emigration (which muddies the waters even more). And I have to agree that this guy is very boring: I only made it through the video Robin embedded above, and that was a struggle – the things I have to do as an Asian Sirens contributor and moderator 😉

  9. ‘an addiction to lovely asian women?’

    what the hell is that supposed to mean? you have a ridiculous asian fetish or you’re a womanizer? i mean, anyone who has a huge asian fetish is a friend to you? it’s like you honestly see no problem with people like this guy who go around and make vapid generalizations about asian women… there is nothing right about straight-up typecasting of asian women (or women in general, for that matter) and no, not just anyone (like this guy, for instance) who has an “addiction” to asian women should be a friend to you. that’s so…ugh.

    sorry, i just get put on edge when guys talk about their asian fetishes. theoretically there’s nothing wrong with having a fetish, but i find it a bit creepy as i’ve said before on this website.

  10. what is an Asian Fetish??? is it all things Asian…..I think Chinese woman are beautiful, is that a fetish….
    I don’t want to offend anyone….Please help…

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