Happy New Year!


Anyway, I could make a post about another model. But the new year is always a time of reflection, so for this post I am going to pick my top 10 New Asian Sirens of 2008, and I encourage you all to do the same in the comments. It will give you an excuse to look back at one full year of beautiful women. Enjoy.I am a little bias, since I posted many of the models here in the last few months. So forgive me. If you do not want to do 2008, feel free and go back as long as you want.

#10 – Risa Kasumi


#9 – Che Yong-Li


#8 – LaToiye


#7 – DJ Heavy Grinder


#6 – Juno


#5 – Aria Lee


#4 – Krista Kim Nguyen


#3 – Tilae

(Tilae asked that her photos be removed)

#2 – Akuonuo Khezhie


#1 – Yuki M


Have a great 2009. May it bring you many many more beautiful women to stare at lovingly.


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  1. Well I’d say Tilae was probably my new favorite posted up here this year Travis. Thanks for bringing her to our attention. I think she could have a killer career if she ever decided to do nude modeling full time. Krista Kim Nguyen was a hot one too.

    Anyway Happy New Year to you and thanks for all the adds the last few months!

  2. I already figured out…you don’t have to search for a model. Just get a good looking woman and take her to the mall and dress her the way you want – your all set!

    I got my girl some victoria’s Sectret and some Lord & taylor, and now…I’m exhausted from all the sex.

  3. Hmmm, I think the opening pic may be a bit too much for the front page. Robin?

    Anyway Travis, thanks for keeping the place going until Robin returns to his job here. 😉

  4. Well, Happy New Year Girl was certainly the best. Perfect white skin, great rack, good nipples, nice hair.

  5. Krista and Tilae are really outstanding.

    Regarding the third, I guess I’ll have to go back and check all the entries for 2008. It’s not a boring task… 🙂

  6. Thanks for the memories Travis! Our Naga princess (Akuonuo Khezhie) was a true beauty and my favorite among your #1-10, but I must rate Miho Maeshima (Ms. Happy New Year) at the top of this wonderful menu of sirens. She’s the quintessential J-girl. Happy New Year!

  7. Risa is my fave. Where is Sofia Legend?

    It would be good to have links back to the original posts on each girl.

  8. I like all of these girls. I’m not that picky. Tilae’s got the body I like best though. And I also like LaToiye’s juicy rump action goin on in that shot above. She looks like she’d be a bad girl in a good way.

  9. That is Miho. Good call urgal. I knew I recognized her. She has had a post on AS in the past but maybe I’ll put a few more photos up of her in the future just for fun.

  10. Any chance of putting links to each of the girls? There are a couple I don’t remember seeing. I’m liking Aria Lee’s curves and DJ Heavy Grinder looks interesting and is one I don’t recall seeing here, there nude shots of her?

  11. Jeri Lee is certainly pretty hot when she doesn’t bleach her hair (which looks terrible on her IMHO), but I don’t see that she’s particularly outstanding.

  12. Travis: AS has already featured Miho Maeshima in an earlier post, together with one of my other favorite J-girls Yuka Hanneda (who was mistaken


    One J-girl I’ve always had a special thing for and who hasn’t yet been featured on AS (to my knowledge) is Ami Ayukawa:


    She combines a long thin body:


    and a natural sexiness that I just find overwhelming:



    Oh, for such a girlfriend.

  13. Yes jeri lee is my fav.

    darklighter1: jeri lee is to chubby for you? I’m scared to ask what your opinion on alot of people are now haha

  14. Well I think she’s too thick around the middle. Still beautiful and all, although she looks more Latino in my opinion than Asian. I might be turned off by all the implied nudity too…gets tiresome after awhile.

  15. Actually, she does do plenty of full nudity, and while she isn’t very slender, she is in fairly good shape. On the other hand though, I still don’t find her particularly outstanding, and she is more Latino than Asian.

  16. I wouldn’t say plenty Doc. She’s done a few shots here and there but in the body of her work I’d hardly refer to it as plenty.

  17. Ah, to reflect back on the asian sirens of the past year. Now thats a task I take great pleasure in. I don’t know if I could choose a favorite. I really like quite a few including Jessica Thomas, XiXi Yang, Risa Chigasaki, Yuki Love, MC Barao, Diem Nguyen, and Sofia Legend. A lot of the adversus girls were really hot too. Why should I choose though? There’s no harm in enjoying them all.

  18. It seems our taste is very different Melody: Stephanie is certainly pretty enough, but once again I don’t find her outstanding at all – just yet another Americanised import model.

  19. dr.lee: i get what your saying..i have yet to find a ‘natural’ drop dead gorgeous female. But when i do i will defiently brag. These import models seem to look quiet similar, but i think that stephanie stands out. Shes pretty goofy 😛

  20. I am with jd in that Miho is my pick of this list. It’s hard work reviewing the list without gettint totally distracted. Urgal thanks for the link to Ami Ayukawa, she is hot, nice puffy nipples!

  21. One of these days I will come up with a top ten list. I just need to stop being so busy.

    Jeri Lee is great when she has dark hair. She doesn’t look as sexy with blondish hair. As for being too thick around the middle, man that is just more of her to love.

    As for Stephanie Ly, I really wish that she would get rid of the contacts. Other than that, she is a Canadian hottie.

    And don’t forget about my girl Nozomi. She’s still the truth. Happy New Year!!!!

  22. They’re all in my top ten!!! I love them all! Oh, wait a minute, I thought I was Arf there for while….:-)

    Oh, and thanks to urgal for the bobx.com links, I’d forgotten about all the beauties there. Damn, looks like I’ll never get any sleep now.

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Happy New Year!

Sydney New Year's Eve

I would like to thank Robin, Lee and all the other bloggers for their great work on Asian Sirens. It’s amazing to see that after 10 years of Asian Sirens, the site is still going strong with more than 5,6 million visitors in 2007. Wish you all a Happy New Year!

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0 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year guys! Here are a few Asian galleries…..geared more towards Chinese new year, but oh well! Have a great 2008! 🙂 LINK

  2. Happy New Year all. Let’s put all our differences away and may the new year be the best, the betterest, and certainly the goodest.

  3. Happy New Year, all! I came late to the party – I found (and quickly registered on) this site while looking for info on Mika Tan.

    Maybe I don’t know how to navigate the site yet. From the sound of things, Mika might even be (dare I say) passe’? I sure hope not. Beautiful, apparently smart, and of course, great performer.

    Anyway, as a fan, I’m obliged to keep looking. Thanks for this site.


  4. May 2008 be a great year for all of us and mankind. Which isn’t asking too much, given that things aren’t so great around the world, lately.

    May we, also, find a lot of beautiful asians in our lifes and, of course, A-S. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Sydney New Year's Eve

While Lee and many other Asian Sirens readers already celebrate new year, people in Europe and America are still in 2006 waiting until they can use their fireworks. I’m ready for it and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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0 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Good to see a shot of Sydney at AS – nice one Marco!

    As for Finest Models, I’m always scared that one day I might accidentally delete or corrupt the .htaccess file in Sachiko’s members’ section – if just that one file isn’t working, it’s a free for all!

  2. news…keep them in line until i get there in february:))…take care…sounds pretty hairy over there..hope adam is ok too…

  3. It is very fortunate that these bombings didn’t kill or seriously injur more people than they did.

    On a lighter note, I don’t think the webmaster of Finest Models is going to have a very happy new year – not only is their members’ section wide open, it’s download accelarator friendly too! I think he might wake up new year’s day with a hangover, a massive bandwidth bill, and possibly no job. 😉

  4. yes, it is fortunate that they were small. but it was still terrible. i see now that the current “government” is talking the opportunity to blame the bombings on the ousted PM thaksin’s supporters. don’t believe it! there is only one group in thailand who would profit by sowing seeds of fear in this way, and it is insurgents in the south.

    lawboy: things are okay here. i wouldn’t worry too much. but i think that this year we are going to see more stuff like this here.

  5. Looks like Finest Models has finally restored their .htaccess file. I have to say though, after downloading half a gig of their stuff and throwing most of it away, there’s no way I’d join even at normal prices – $39.95 per month is outrageous!

  6. They charge $39.95 a month? I gotta check that out. Maybe only in OZ. That site does suck though. Even free I had no interest.

  7. Nope, that’s US dollars (for a ‘Platinum pass’). They nonsensically split the content over a few different sites, so they can charge you $39.95 to get access to all of them. But the style of the content – and many of the models – is the same across all the sites. So basically, they’re giving their content more ‘perceived value’ (double the usual price for access to half a dozen sites with basically the same thing), so they can rip you off. Once again, they’re preying on the internet consumer’s appetite for quantity over quality – vote with your wallets people!

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