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There was a comment about the last Japanese girl that I posted: a viewer could not bring himself to watch porn, the Japanese way, i.e. with censorship. So for that type of viewer I give you this: Maki Kyoko, one of the hottest mainstream Japanese AV actress active now who ALSO has uncensored videos out there for all to watch. So without further ado, here’s more:



This is one of those voluptuous Asian girls, there’s nothing about the skinny Asian girl stereotype to be found here.
Maki Kyoko (Kyoko being her first name) debuted in 2011 for Max-E, which is one of the major porn companies in Japan, but she has had videos with other makers as well (Prestige, OPPAI, Atom Dash, EBODY, Moodyz etc).

AND she has also had uncensored videos with the big two: Ippondo and Caribbean.



Oh, and here are her stats, in case you need to put a number of her hourglass figure:

Height: 158 cm kg
Sizes: 90 – 60 – 88 cm
Bra size: G
Shoe size: 23.0 cm
Birthdate: 1990-September 3rd, 22 years ago.
Oh, and her name in Japanese is 真木今日子­, if you want to look her up in Japanese.
And this is her blog, now, to more graphic and full frontal beauty:







You can check her profile at her agency and here’s a bonus gallery.

Definitely an AV girl to check out and, in uncensored version, use to bring your friends over to the dark side of JAV porn.

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0 thoughts on “Maki Kyoko”

  1. Now THIS woman has some WOW!! factor. Or is it because we haven’t had a set of naked pics for the last few posts.
    I was sold on the first pic and they just got better.
    Gorgeous tits and nipples! Love the last pic – very tasty. Wow! again.

  2. Attractive girl! Very large voluptuous boobs!

    I wish she wouldn’t do the fish/duck lips pose with her mouth so much. It’s not cutesy.

    Wow, after enjoying more pictures, I am quite impressed with her assets!

  3. Really nice, she just needs to show her teeth when smiling. Excuse me while I try to find those uncensored pics….

  4. Seriously, what’s up with her mouth? The corners don’t look natural at all. Maybe a little on the soft side, but I really lover the rest of her face and body!!

  5. I think that we have discovered XavierMelo’s type– it all starts with the boobs. Pretty girl, though. I’ll look up her vids when I get the chance!

  6. I’m torrenting some of her vids when I get back to my house. Piratebay has a few. Is mentioning that against the rules?

  7. She’s alright, but she’s too thick for my tastes. I even watched one of her videos and couldn’t stop thinking about it the entire time.

  8. Like longtrack, I welcome this post as the last two horror-movie posts just did’t do it for me (and I like horror movies). It’s good to see multiple pics and vids of a naked Asian girl.

    Like several others, I’m not a fan of her mouth. Bad smile. Some pics she looks pretty good and others, not so much. The mouth/smile is problematic for me.

    And I agree with wylde8, she is a bit on the thick side.

    That said, I’m very happy nude Asian girls are back! Based on the best shots, I think Maki might be really spectacular in person. She just doesn’t seem all that photogenic–with the exception of the second to last picture–on the bed. Fabulous!

  9. Like somebody already commented, the mouth is something that Japanese girls do all the time, somewhat of a recent fad (the ahiru-guchi phenomenon). Blame Itano Tomomi, who made the gesture famous. In some of the pictures in the pic gallery she has a more relaxed expression and the line of her mouth is not as strong.

    But, like somebody already said, all I said are boobs of goodness.
    This girl is also a premium performer of porn, so if you have the chance watch her perform.

  10. I can’t speak for the others, but my issue with her mouth isn’t the purposeful pout (for lack of a better term). Her mouth looks odd in just about all the photos, irrespective if she is smiling, pouting, or whatever. Her smile is especially off-putting and I am a HUGE fan of women smiling.

  11. Thanks XM for this post (wish I had neat initials like yours!) As usual, I am the ‘Tail-end-Charley’ being a U.S. mountain person.

    This lovely Asian woman, despite her compact stature, can only be described as a “fantasy” for all males who desire more from their current mates. She has the ‘knobs’ we all dream of surrounding our eyes and face during passionate embraces!

    For this ‘one’: I prefer the ‘fantasy’ with her: No porno video…=:-p

  12. This is odd.
    Maki is one of the hottest asians I’ve seen in a while. Awesome breasts, pretty face and a body full of hot curves.

    And yet, a lot of you are complaining about her mouth. What?? Is that ruining it for you guys? I don’t get it. 🙂

  13. Her mouth is just weird, and not in a good way. Even if it wasn’t, just like the last AV girl she does nothing for me. She’s all yours guys.

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