Sadako Yamamura Emerges

This scene from end of the 1998 Japanese horror film Ring (aka Ringu, which is just the Japanese romanization of “Ring”), has been edited to show only Sadako Yamamura emerging from the well and right through the television screen. The odd shots of the male viewer watching it and dying of cardiac arrest have been cut out. If you want to see the face that he saw hidden behind that long, black hair, and feel you can handle it, see it after the jump ….but brace yourself.
Rie Inô
Probably not what you were expecting, but this is sort of the “treat;” then 31-year-old actress Rie Inô, who played Sadako. (Sadako’s unobstructed face was never shown in the movie.) Miss Inô has seemingly disappeared from the public eye since her appearance in this film, and she now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

I suppose the “trick” is on those who didn’t click on the “more” link, concerned that they would see something like this if they did.

Happy Halloween.

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  1. I am so grateful I don’t have to dress up and run Halloween sessions with pre-teens anymore. Reading between Doc’s lines (and tying in with s friend’s email re NY and NJ) I am guessing Sandy is some kind of storm? I need to check the news I guess.
    Rie Ino is nice.

  2. Sorry to disappoint but the last picture is not Rie. It is a still from the movie Ring 0 Birthday. Right character but the actress is Yukie Nakama.

  3. @tezzer220: You’re right. That was Yukie Nakama, who played Sadako in the 2000 film Ring 0: Birthday.

    Thanks for the correction. I edited and now the photo is that of Rie Inô.

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