Leng Yein


Leng Yein is made up of a lot of plastic, but she’s an incredibly popular model that I believe is from Malaysia, and she’s since started her own business and offers tons of products for women. Her Facebook can be found here, and a ton of Flickr photos can be found here.







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  1. Holy cameltoe Batman! That 4th pic was a nice surprise. There may be a lot of aftermarket parts on this one, but this girl suits my tastes pretty well.

  2. Sort of the Asian version of ‘Tara Reid’, no?

    Nice body – bad blonde and bad eyelashes / eye makeup, but a VERY pretty and sey girl.

  3. Did Tara Reid ever had such a taut body?

    Lots of baby fat on TR, if I recall.

    Everything about Leng Yein is sharper.

  4. She’s really kept herself in good nick hasn’t she. The nose always gives it away a little doesn’t it. Wonder what she looked like before the work….

  5. She just made me sing for joy. Tara could never do such a thing. Fourth shot down with pink panties and stockings is WoW!!! I’d kiss her belly

  6. really felt i had to post this link


    seems she’s has dimple surgery, nose job, eye work, and god knows what else she’s done to her face

    i stumbled across a few of her without makeup. rather average looking to be honest.

    i doubt her face would look attractive without so much work and make-up. shame that she’s not a natural stunner. in some photos she actually looks borderline scary and i’m not sure i would want to be waking up with that face directly next to mine the morning after.

    having said all that, her body is smoking hot.

  7. well arf is wow-ing! and singing for joy.
    The first pic made me splutter out a wow too. And yes, yes, that 4th pic is hot in so many ways. Shame about the crap in the background but it doesn’t distract too much from the sexy expression and that teasing finger in her mouth.
    I like the last 2 pics as well. Oh what the hell – I like ’em all!
    AS is on a roll – 2 hot sirens in a row. Can we make it a hat trick?

  8. Oh my! longtack…I didn’t even notice the little monkey cage in the background. I also missed the little camel toe playing peekaboo with me. My goodness she’s so fine. Just waiting on Doc’s approval rating?

  9. “Plastic Pretty”….as mentioned, she looks like the Asian Tara Reid to me.

    And Tara Reid is a mess.

    I would not want to be anywhere near her.

  10. Well, if I’ve learned anything from Leng Yein and Subic Man’s post, it is this:

    There are some extremely talented plastic surgeons in the Far East. Damn!

  11. @Subic Man: That is unreal….

    As soon as I landed in Thailand I started seeing giant billboards advertising BEFORE/AFTER photos. Some even had the word “ugly” instead of the word “before”.

    I am all for individual choice and wanting people to live as they can in this short life….but my experiences with people who did that much plastic surgery are not good. I have learned to run, not walk, away from them.

  12. Oh, DrewII, I just checked out the FB link—wow. How much work girls get done is amazing…. hmmm, not so hot after all. I prefer a natural beauty.

  13. I’m not sure what you like to do with M & M’s in the privacy of your own home Wings, but I was referring to rubbing naughty bits together…… 🙂

  14. Referring to the story that was sourced from the Chinese media, I have learned that you can’t trust any print articles from China. Since they can’t print “real” news, the Chinese print media has completely descended into tabloid journalism. Spend a few minutes browsing some of the English language sites, and your “bullshit” meter will be deep into the red.

  15. @Kroos, you don’t use M&M’s as part of your courting of those Rockhampton lovelies?!? do they prefer something more substantial, a chico roll perhaps?

  16. I really need to get out of here Luke. 6 months until end of contract. And FYI, a deep fried mars bar is the best attractant for the local females of the species here…. especially covered in melted cheese and Mcdonalds special sauce.

    Which is why I hang carrots from my pockets in the vain hope of attracting something a bit less carnivorous….

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