Jessica Thomas: Laotian and Caucasian

Jessica Thomas AKA Jes T.

We don’t have a lot of Laotian models on the site, so here’s (half) Laotian Jessica Thomas (AKA Jes T.) from Jacksonville, FL, USA.




More Jes T. on the web:

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0 thoughts on “Jessica Thomas: Laotian and Caucasian”

  1. What a beauty !

    she has a sort of “sexual feelings”

    very nice legs.
    she is definitly a top in his category 🙂

  2. This girl’s body is impressively trim and taut, but her face is way too harsh looking for me – indeed, for my taste her face is very unattractive indeed.

    Also, this one really does look like a tranny – she’s a lot more masculine looking than Harisu!

  3. ah yes exactly the same feeling.

    her face is too …. (i dont know the exact word)

    i hope its not a man !!!

    it s the type of girl when you meet somewhere, you think that if it works, it will be not for all the life (but certainly for one romantic night :))

  4. She has a hot body and a nice ass but her face could be more feminine. It’s looking a little too husky for me. My biggest problem is with those damn eyebrows. If she went with a little less makeup and didn’t mess with her eyebrows, she would look better.

  5. I wouldn’t mind either, but since I will never meet her then her face could be better. She could start with those eyebrows because she doesn’t look bad in the pics where she isn’t wearing alot of makeup.

  6. I just blew my top after laying my eyes on this beauty. Her face is fine and her body is out of this world to me. Oh boy…them legs are to die for.

  7. Smoking hot body, but all the pics on her site have way overdone tranny makeup that make her look mannish.

  8. Usually I like Laotian women, but this one does look a bit manly as mentioned above.

  9. hehe… i guess they just want to be a lilttle cautious, and i dont blame them.

    harisu is pretty darn hot for someone who started out on the male side

  10. i think Adam should submit pix of hot ladyboys he knows in thailand:)) i vote yes… 🙂

  11. Uh, Lawboy, i think that’s for another blog…. we don’t want to have to start calling you LawLadyboy, now:-)

    Meaning, that’s a no vote for me.

  12. I’m sure you’re not Lawboy, but we really don’t want to make this Ladyboy Central. Definitely don’t want to see any dangling participles.

  13. IMHO she would look much better is she went nude… both in make up (not such a harsh/ dramatic look) and in clothing choice… haha! Great legs and butt-tocks, nice long torso. A little too So Cal though, me thinks.

  14. I think I’m sick. In the pic above with the car, my eyes instantly went to the Jaguar. How can I choose??? Cars, women, its such a difficult choice.

    Oh yeah, dear Lord is she hot!

  15. “She’s got the kind of legs you’d want to suck on for a day.”
    – Frank Drebbin (The Naked Gun – 1988)

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