Maja Truong


Maja Truong is a Vietnamese model raised and living in Warsaw, Poland. She has many, many photos available online, so I encourage you to go through them and post ones you like in the comments.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Warsaw, Poland














Photo Homepage w/Gallery
Official Model Page
Some Photos
Photographer of Last Photo

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  1. Very.
    After my infatuation with Lynda 2 weeks ago, I think this girl can take my mind off of Lynda quite nicely.
    Polish-Vietnamese…interesting recipe.

  2. I am guessing she has to be 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Vietnamese?

    She is my little perogi!

    Interesting photos, very nice. Nice body/face.

    I love the Euro-Vietnamese mixes. My cousin in Sweden is dating a Vietnamese girl (Sweden accepted more than 7,000 Vietnamese refugees in the 1980s) and to have that combo is HOT!

    Does anyone here get bothered by the generic “Asian” photos of ANY Asian model holding up Japanese swords or car parts? Small matter and then I’ll shut up, but I get bothered when I see Vietnamese models get put in Chinese or Japanese things. It’s like Hollywood in the 1980s where any Asian can play any Asian…

    Coolest photos: Did you see her with the VW Bug?!?!?! Priceless!

    @jleetechie: I’m still hooked on Lynda Wong…

  3. Can somebody point me to some photos of this girl (as opposed to Photoshop paintings), so I can get some idea what she actually looks like?

    Once again I am surprised by the gushing comments here, when it is obvious that this girl is little more than a canvas for the retouch artist.

  4. The good Doc nailed it! It’s more art, less model here….

    I just want to see a pic of her in jeans and a t-shirt, taken with a snap shot camera by some friend of hers…

    The VW pic was fun, but that is the type of pic that should be turned into a large poster for VW bug fanatics rather than a model pic…

  5. I’m looking through the photos thinking to myself, “I wonder what this girl actually looks like?” I certainly couldn’t tell from these pix. Then I read Doc, daznlover & French’s comments and thought “Uh huh, my sentiments exactly.”

    I’ve never been very interested in the posed, artsy photos anyway. I definitely prefer natural, including imperfections.

  6. …i don’t think she’s half polish, half vietnamese? it says she’s a vietnamese model living in poland. she doesn’t look half polish to me.

  7. She is nice; the photos are over the top along the lines the others mentioned, but I think there is enough there to see that she presents a nice canvas to work with. I think I would rather see a plain girl treated, or worked with artistically, than a really lovely, natural beauty photographed or photo-shopped in a way that is a disservice to her beauty. Just me though.

  8. Christine, she doesn’t look 100% Vietnamese to me….it can’t just be the Polish diet…I’ve traveled to Warsaw a few times…she looks to have some southern Poland in her.

    Then again, I am more often wrong about these things. I still can’t tell about fake boobs or noses….

    Then again, maybe it’s all just the Polish food.

  9. She looks all Vietnamese to me. Between my gorgeous Vietnamese wife and her friends and family, I have an eye for the Vietnamese ladies.

  10. french, maybe it’s the makeup? makeup artists sometimes create an eye crease using eyeliner (to give the impression of depth). they do this because generally, i guess, having an eye crease is more attractive (to makeup artists) than not having one, since an eye crease gives you more “room to play” with colours, effects, and whatnot. in all of the photos above, the makeup is done to give her more depth in the crease area and all of the shots are taken at some pretty unrevealing angles. the lighting also washes her out so you can’t really see her other features clearly.

    you may want to look at these photos and see if she still looks half polish to you, because she doesn’t to me: here, here, here, here,here,here

  11. p.s. that one with her in the white is pretty unfortunate because her makeup was done pretty badly. but it goes to show the effects of good/bad makeup. it was also one of the photos that had the least editing. kind of like a sears studio shot with makeup artists on hand.

  12. Christine, yes, I agree now…those photos you suggested have less re-touching and are more revealing. I’ll say 100% Vietnamese (Kabbala can’t be wrong)….

    Good point about the eye make-up and “wash-out” photo techniques…

    I do like some of these photos as art- but they are not very revealing- almost as though any other model could have pulled off the effect the photographer/art director was going for…

  13. Nonetheless Photoshop/paint/makeup/… touch.
    This girl is stunning.
    And I think too, she’s full vietnamese.
    Yup, Pretty Girl.

  14. She’s pure Vietnamese. There’s sizeable Vietnamese community living in Poland. After the war Vietnam would send scores of its students to learn engineering & medicine in Poland, since Vietnamese universities were in ruins. Then in 1989 Communism was toppled in Poland, but Vietnamese remained. Actually many more arrived since then. Safe to assume that nearly every “Chinese” restaurant in Poland is owned by Vietnamese.

  15. Nik2…thanks for info on Poland…I guess wars do this sort of thing…

    To me, the best restaurants in France are Vietnamese and Lebanese….run by Vietnamese and Lebanese who left their home countries when France pulled out…

    You have not lived until you’ve talked to a stunning Vietnamese woman speaking to you in English with a heavy French accent…my heart is still in liquid form.

  16. Leave it to Christine to deliver the goods! As I suspected, she’s actually pretty plain (as is usually the case for “Photoshop canvas” type models). Interestingly, I thought she was pure Viet too, but after looking at the photos Christine links to, I’m not so sure. Trying not to be insulting, she looks a little “strong” in a few shots for a pure Viet girl.

    And Travis, I couldn’t disagree with you more here – I think her skin looks like plastic in the first shot!

  17. I just looked at some of her pics, and I do believe I love her thighs, her knees, her bum, and shoot…I even like her nostrils. Sounds crazy, but she’s pretty hot in a normal sort-a-way. Girl next door or maybe even wifey next door. At least I wish.

  18. Geez Christine you ruined this one for me, did the figernails in pic #3 make you do it? 😉
    I am all for the arty photos and my fantasy world where she is damn hot!

  19. The bottom half of her face (well, the eyes and below) protrudes quite a bit further than her forehead, giving her jaw an unusual angle that is parallel to her cheekbones.

    Her mouth, while pouty in the fashion that I surmise a lot of men like, reminds me of a a fish or a doll’s puckered lips– a little more appropriate when you’re a baby than if you’re trying to be sexy.

    But that’s just what I think.

    The bottom line is that she is slightly above average, just like the Doc says. She has pretty legs, though!

  20. Hey, Doc! I’m not sure if I’m really “back.” I was never a religious commenter, anyway. I just wanted to see what you guys had been up to.

    By the way, I think someone needs to archive Elly Tran Ha as Vietnamese.

  21. Well you’re always welcome anyway. 🙂 It would be nice if you could stop by more often, as Christine is our only regular female commenter.

    I take it you’re referring to this post? Although it is revealed in the comments, I just added an update.

  22. I took a look at some of the others, including the two VW pictures, then I got it.

    She (or her photographer) is trying to do something different.

    She doesn’t want to be the 1,000th naked chick pouring milk over herself we’ve seen this month (apologies to Sung-hi Lee).

    The worst thing you can do in life is be a commodity. Its the male equivalent of being the fifteenth guy in a blue dress shirt and tan chinos that came up to a woman with exciting tales of your life as an actuary.

    The pic(s) found below were sourced by French, but I defy you to tell me this isn’t at the very least, a humorous break from the average naked asian girl, albeit with an Addams Family, Edward Gorey bent:

  23. thecollector – you’re right, i think she chooses very unique assignments for herself, but that doesn’t change the fact that underneath the makeup, she’s kind of plain. she seems kind of like a sasha grey type. sasha isn’t conventionally pretty by any means, but she wills herself to be used as a canvas in alternative pornography and she’s happy with that.

    acumen – yay women commenters! 🙂

  24. Second that motion: MORE female comments/commentators,Pls!! Perspective quite different from the H-dick Regulars. (…and more INCISIVE…in the case of Ms. christine)

  25. @Nighthawk: actually, acumen can be pretty incisive when she gets going as well, and she photographs well too (sorry guys, I have sworn not to share!). 😉

  26. Roger that..Doctor: will look forward to Ms. acumen’s future comments…and photos..por favor…!

  27. Wow Travis, you always find girls I haven’t seen which is pretty hard to do. This ones a stunner, especially love the first pic.

  28. Back to the gushing comments again – how can anyone enthuse over this girl from her so-called “photos” in this article when they don’t even show what she looks like? I can understand if people say “wow, great Photoshop art!”, but there isn’t anything you can use to form an opinion on this girl’s looks (Christine’s links are more revealing, but even there she is still heavily made up).

  29. hey, christine. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. 🙂

    Doc, you’re such a decent man. :p

  30. Christine: Great find with the more candid photos of Maja. It should really illustrate to non-believers just how much photoshop, great lighting, makeup and stylists can create exceptional illusions.

    Having said that and since you mentioned her, I actually find Sasha Grey to be very attractive. Oddly enough, I find her extreme porn schtick pretty boring and ridiculous. My point? It shows how sometimes less can be more. ^^

  31. Hot, hot hot. Beautiful sculpted face, although of course, a smile would be nice once in awhile. I think that when a woman has a face this this she can’t help but want to play with it… girls just want to have fun, eh? Especially pic #2… but she is so beautiful and full of creativity that she definitely rates a 10 in my book. Not to mention that I am a fool for Vietnamese women… hauntingly beautiful at times.

    TBH I don’t come to Asian Sirens to see full-nekked pix, I can do that on other sites. I come here for the beauty, and sometimes a half-dressed beauty in a nice composition is more memorable and more enchanting.

    I usually agree somewhat with christine but mark me in the “what’s with christine?” column on this one. This girl is beautiful.

  32. Doc, after an artist has created a beautiful oil painting of a scenic view, we know from the inspiration it must have given the artist that the view itself must also be beautiful.

    I’d like to think the same can be said here?

  33. glad to know that all the posts are divided into a “with christine” and “what’s with christine” column. 🙂 jk jk

    but luvasianwimin: have you see the photos i linked to? her profile is sculpted, but i think that’s pretty typical for anyone who’s thin and doesn’t have a receding chin. none of the photos above show her full face, but you can see it in the photos i linked to in my earlier comment. it’s not that chiseled.

    also, the creativity is on the photographer’s part, not her own.

  34. There are several points here I think.

    First would be, is she unusually pretty or just and ordinary Vietnamese girl with a lot of makeup and a creative art director? My answer to that is that when you look at the gallery of her photos, there are a few that are sepia tone and/or relatively “natural”. I think that it is there that the real girl comes through. This one in particular:

    and this one:

    … I just love that face. And there is so much pathos in the mood of that last picture. I get all these associations with time and place from those photos and I think they are some of the best.

    The answer to point one that I would give is: She is in some ways just an ordinary girl. But then, there is nothing ordinary about women, is there? We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think they were amazing. But some women have an indefinable something that just sucks us in. I remember a band I was in that had two female lead singers. The first was a pretty girl, 18 years old, with a voice like Ann Wilson, amazing. The other was a Latino girl (who hid her ethnicity as best she could) with a little bit husky voice and nowhere near the range, who was an attractive but “regular” girl. But the Latina attracted every man around for miles by her expressions, her moves, her breathing, and even her charming modesty when she would proclaim that she would never be able to sing like the other girl. That was just so sexy.

    I have a feeling that Maja has the same effect in any room, the action and attention will be drawn to her irresistibly. With her natural beauty, exceptional or not, she works with the creativity of the medium and the photographer to give us some delicious entertainment in images. It works for me.

    I used up all my space on Point One I guess, lol.

  35. @luvasianwimin: once again, the first shot doesn’t reveal anything at all. The second one certainly does though – this girl has a strongly protruding jaw, which is Photoshopped away in most of her shots. I don’t know about you, but such a strongly protruding jaw is anything but attractive for me.

  36. Do you remember Zoolander and “Steel Magnum”? He had these “Looks” that he had patented and was famous for. In the end, he finally achieved Steel Magnum. The joke was, of course, all of the Looks were identical, the same thrust jaw and cold stare. I think this girl and many others are taking their posing coaching from somebody who thinks there is only one Look for Asian models. I agree pic 1 is tiresome in its pose. But I love this girl anyway 😛

  37. i kind of feel like we’re saying, “look! these pictures are not revealing!” and you’re saying something else entirely. like we’re having two separate conversations with ourselves. i don’t know what i’m even replying to anymore, actually.

  38. Well, I guess what I am saying is that I am a guy who cannot help but respond to this beautiful example of Vietnamese femininity. I can’t rationalize it in a way that other people can understand if they don’t feel it too, but she simply pushes my buttons and I make no apology for that. That might be one of the sweet mysteries of beauty, that it pushes buttons that can’t really be explained despite all the technical reasons why we might reject it. I just like her. Vietnamese women of beauty are some of the most beautiful women in the world. She qualifies, for me. People who don’t feel what I feel will want to admire another beauty who adorns these pages. Viva la difference! Thank you Asian Sirens.

  39. Well there aren’t many greater admirers of Vietnamese women than myself, but I just don’t feel this girl cuts it (and as a Vietnamese babe herself, acumen doesn’t feel she makes it either).

  40. Very nice though I have to say there’s not enough money in the world to get me to do that with that snake. Its almost like something out of Conan the Barbarian.

  41. hi, I’ve had name MAIKA since the beginning of my adventure with photography… always nick MAIKA ;))) thanks and enjoy the pics ! 😉

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