Connie CC


This beautiful and tall Chinese model is from Ontario, Canada. Connie CC does not have a huge Portfolio, but what she does have shows a great deal of promise, and at a young age she has a long way to go.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’9
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Markham, ON
















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  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous legs and such a hot healthy body. The photo in the red dress is almost too much. Delicious.

  2. I’d like to see her on the streets in that red dress, I’d find a reason to go wherever she’s going.

  3. Lovely legs and body (save the tattoo). As usual, I hate the hair colour–please stop with the horrible dye jobs…I’m begging.

    In certain shots she is stunning (for instance, the B&W, and pink top shop), but with other shots I just can’t decide. Since she’s in the neighbourhood I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, and side with very, very pretty.

  4. Whoa. Killer legs!!! (and everything else)

    It’s not every day you see legs like that on an Asian woman.

    Interestingly, if I only saw her face, I would guess she was Vietnamese. Do you get that feeling, too, Doc?

  5. i think i would’ve guessed chinese, but her face is obscured in all but one of the shots above. this shot is clearer and probably makes it more apparent that she’s chinese

  6. Yeah, that shot does suggest Chinese. In truth, there are many girls who could be judged to be either Chinese or Vietnamese from their facial features alone, especially when cosmetic surgery is involved. In person, they are much easier to pick apart (they have different “moods”, different ways of walking, different ways of speaking).

  7. The only evidence needed that Connie is Chinese is that she’s from Markham, Ontario. Or as I like to call it: China. ^^;;

    As per Connie, she’s absolutely stunning! Fantastic legs, a beautiful smile and she’s Canadian! A perfect combination if I do say so myself! 😛

    Definitely a 10 on my books!

  8. Very purty face. She’d be a great ad model, I would linger on anything she is pictured in. But I think she is thin in the hips and her knees turn me off what are otherwise very nice legs.

  9. Her knees are a turn-off? And I thought I was fussy. 🙂

    For me, her legs are about as good as it gets – very impressive indeed.

  10. I agree with your observation, Christine. Photos 6, 7, 8, and 3rd from the bottom are the ones I thought she looked more Vietnamese in. It’s everything below the eyes, especially the jaw, nose, and mouth.

    And Doc, it’s funny that you mention that the moods are different, because we all definitely observe it, but don’t always have a way of putting it into words. I’ve always just called it disposition.

    I think what affects the size of the difference is whether or not the woman is from the country of her ancestors, where she sits in the socioeconomic ladder, if she’s an immigrant or if she was born in a Western country, and so on. (Maybe you guys can name better factors)

    For example, I notice that a lot of Vietnamese women FROM Viet Nam tend to drag their feet when they walk. In fact, their gait is almost languorous. And so on.

  11. Canada gets the Gold Medal in hockey AND they get Connie!?!? Me thinks it’s time the USA invaded…:)

    I was getting a Vietnamese vibe off of her, but then (all by myself!) said “no”…I am learning!

    It is quite a well-developed sense of awareness how Doc, Christine, and acumen can determine nationality by a person’s WALK! You should work for the CIA or something…reminds me of that movie Taken where they figured out which small town the bad guy was from based on his accent…

    This thing about the knees is a joke, right?

  12. ” I am full Chinese.”

    Runway doesn’t normally consider 5’9″ tall, but she certainly has good lean proportions.

    Great hips in pic 2 (fur cap with black bikini)

    Nice bust in pic 3 (black teddy, black background)

    Angelic face in pic 6 (pink ruffled top with water spots on lens)

    I kept going to three photos I hated , pic 5, 8, 10 (silver car, safari suit and red dress – sorry guys), and realized those humongous glasses throw her face completely out of proportion and make it look like her nose has been surgically amputated.

    Hard to ask for anything more than a girl whose only flaws you can erase simply by taking off her sunglasses.

    She’s a winner.

  13. i thought she was thin in the hips too. but i don’t see the knees comment at all. her knees look perfectly normal to me? the skin tone isn’t even here but most knees don’t have even skin tone — only in a perfect photoshopped world they do.

    french: actually, doc and acumen are a lot better at identifying different asian ethnicities than i am. i have no idea what they were talking about with the gait, lol.

  14. Definitly hot, but not like a perfect 10 at all. I think she looks like hot enough that you saw her in the mall, that you would turn your head, but not hot enough where I would put her in Asian Maxim. Just my 2 cents.

  15. she’s hot, best post around here in a long while. that red dress shot is a winner too, that’s a lotta legs! 😀


  16. TheCollector: Don’t get me started on the gigantic sunglasses trend. Whoever popularized that look in recent years should be dragged out in the street and shot. You might as well be wearing a balaclava for all we can see your face.

    I’m sure a few years down the road we’ll be looking back and laughing at the ridiculousness of the style. I hope… ^^;;

    *returns to staring at pic 7 for the hundredth time* (what a smile!)

  17. sevenduece and The Collector: Blame actress (and U.N. Ambassador) Audrey Hepburn for the large sunglasses- she popularized it in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys….

    For whatever reason, when most Asian women put on those big shades, they are transformed into the petite, non-Asian, dark-haired beauty that was Audrey…

    The character Audrey played in Breakfast at Tiffanys was self-absorbed and full of it, though.

  18. French: But… but… I love Audrey Hepburn. 🙁

    True that about her character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” though. I’ll always remember her for “Roman Holiday” though… ^_^

    To be honest though, I’d rather blame Paris Hilton for popularizing the giganto sunglasses. And if the blame is misplaced I don’t give a damn. 😛

    Having said all that, I’m against said glasses on any breed of woman – Asian or not. I want to see those beautiful eyes… or at least, some real estate around the eye area… that’s all I ask! *whine*

  19. Wow, that was a lot of “thoughs”… >.< I need to proof read my replies more thoroughly…


  20. Yeah, I’m all for blaming Paris Hilton for anything possible. 🙂

    Actually, I do think she is the single person most responsible for the current “I’m famous for being famous” mentality of many young people today.

  21. Paris Hilton sucks. Sorry to be crude but I doubt anybody will disagree. She epitomizes all that cheapens the appreciation of beauty, IMO. But hey, sunglasses on a pic or two are okay I think. Some Asian women are very cute in sunglasses. I think it has a place in the pictorial or gallery. After all, if we can see 30 pix of a girl and there are a couple in sunglasses, it just adds to the spectrum of “looks” she can present. If the rest of the pictorial is good, I’m all for it.

    And let’s give credit here… there is a lot of top material here from a photogenic beauty… the diversity of the photos is a plus.

    You know, one way to evaluate how pretty a woman is… do you keep coming back to her posting here to look again? This is one that I have returned to at least 5 times. By golly, I must like her.

  22. @luvasianwimin: Are you the guy who keeps bumping up Lynda Wong’s view count everyday? lol…I’m guilty of that too…!

  23. Elric: I love the tat! I think it works on her more than it would on most girls…

    French: Count me in as completely, irrevocably guilty too! ^___^

    Eddy: So tell us how you really feel! 😛

  24. I didn’t have time to comment before, so I’m rather late to the party. Count me in as an admirer.

    I have relatives in the Greater Toronto area; looks like I’ll have to come up with an excuse to visit!

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