Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino is a petite Japanese cutie who has recently just turned 18 and is a new comer to the JAV scene.

Lucky for us!She also seems to go by the name Mahiro Aine.

DOB: 1991-01-17
Place: Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 148cm
Sizes: 83/59/83 (C cup)
Hobbies: Karaoke, Baking, Piano, Flute, Singing

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino

Mahiro Aino


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Photo Gallery

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  1. Pics 2,4,6 and 7 especially…awesomely cute, adorable and sexy.

    Another winner!

  2. God, I just love Japanese girls, especially when they are 4’10” and as cute as this one. I also like those legs, though I know most seem to prefer them thinner.

    Chairman Kaga, I’m with you on photo selection, especially #4.

  3. Thought I wasn’t going to like this girl from the opening pic, but the rest are cool. I especially like photo 2.

  4. “No way this girl is a C cup. Bearly out of AA to an A at the most.”

    Whatever they are, I like them.

    Of course the Japanese cup sizes differ from those found elsewhere. But what the Japanese say about breast cup size now seems to be almost meaningless. Back in the day, really large breasts were called “G” cup. Then it seems many girls with just moderately big breasts were labeled as G-cuppers. Now I have seem boasts of I, J, K, and L cups. For example, one of Yuko Sakurai recents videos is called “Celebrity Bombastic Tits L Cup Teacher.” Her L’s are certainly no bigger than the G’s of several years ago.

  5. You don’t. You decide at more like 14!

    I like her! I hope she doesn’t get fake ones.

  6. Even with the Japanese cup system, her breast size is certainly exaggerated (which is par for the course these days, as knarf says), and she has no feminine curves whatsoever. But she does have a cute face.

  7. I don’t dislike this girl, but when it comes to Japanese AV girls, she really isn’t particularly special, IMO.

    Actually, I think her biggest attribute is her youth. She is young and fresh, so her heavy legs are still cottage-cheese (cellulite) free. She’s 18, so her smile makes her relatively plain face adorable.

    In a few years, I fear Mahiro won’t have much I care to look at. Cute for now, though.

  8. Alphabetical consists from 26 letters. How many sizez are they? 26 sizes or maybe more.

  9. She’s cute, but so are plenty of others in JAV. So for me to pay any attention to her, I need to see something that differentiates herself from that pool of women. Her face is cute, but she has no tits or curves which are two things that I happen to like. So after I post this comment, I’m not going to remember her.

  10. It would be interesting to see how these comments would change if there was say… a pair of glasses on Mahiro-chan. 😉 (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    That being said, I think she actually is quite cute – and naughty, the 3rd pic in particular does it for me!

    Her measurements are dubious, but in the final analysis, who cares about statistics? 😛

  11. She has a pretty face and cuteness and she’s young, but not much curves as Dr.Lee rightly said. But don’t tell me you wouldn’t look if you met her walking down the street in school uniform?

  12. “But don’t tell me you wouldn’t look if you met her walking down the street in school uniform?”

    Well, I’d look at her and keep on walking. It’s a case of “lights are on but no one’s home” look about her that I don’t find appealing.

  13. taipan: I’m surprised you can tell so much about her personality and determine that she is vapid just by her pics above.

    I didn’t realize that nude pics were supposed to portray a keen mind and intellectual spirit. 😛

    But hey, I’d be happy to pick her up right after you walk on by. Arigatou gozaimashita! ^^

  14. How much personality can you expect an 18 year old girl to have anyway? Fun, yes, bubbly, yes, lots of energy, yes. Stimulating conversation, haha!

  15. True… don’t look for conversation with young women. I could be surprised, but rarely have been. There were other things to compensate from the bad conversation, though. 😉

  16. I have been pleasantly surprised by the conversation to be had with some young women. As the saying goes, “it’s not the years that matter so much, it’s the mileage” ie. experience. Finding young, interesting women with experience is a challenge, but certainly not impossible.

  17. I’m a fan of her too. Hey but if you like some HOT asian girls who are not professionals but just random girls from street etc. check out my blog

  18. Who gives a shit what cup size they call it.
    This is just a sexy little tidbit.
    She can cum get Daddy’s money ANYTIME

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