Coco Chiang Yi


Coco Chiang Yi was born in China, and is currently an actress and model. At 32 years old, her modeling days may soon be behind her, but holy jeebus she has some phenomenal abs that will rock your socks.Stats:

Age: 32
Height: 5’11
Ethnicity: Chinese (and British?)
Located: Hong Kong











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  1. That attrociously overdone nose job totally ruins everything for me – a shame, as she has quite a nice body. Her plastic surgeon should be shot!

  2. That nose was created by a surgeon, rather than the product of an unfortunate role of the genetic dice??!!?? What a tradegy if that is so. Yes, shoot the bastard responsible.

  3. Isn’t it possible she simply has a large proboscis? I rarely see nose jobs that result in a schnoz of that size.

    Either way, it really doesn’t bother me on such a pretty woman. If it was much bigger, it definitely would.

  4. The whole idea of using surgery to get a bigger nose is bizarre. One universal of attraction within the human species is men’s preference for smaller noses on women. The cartilage of the nose breaks down as we age, so our noses expand somewhat, they get bigger. So a small nose is a sign of youth, which men are very interested in.

  5. Amazingly, a lot of Chinese celebrities (particularly in Hong Kong) get noses like this. It looks like a nose job in as much as the nasal ridge extends almost twice as far forward as the nostrils, which is classic sign of a nasal implant (the ridge is also accentuated in the way you’d expect too). Plus a full-blooded Asian girl just wouldn’t be born with a nose like this.

  6. I agree a full blooded Asian girl wouldn’t have a nose like this. I think the chances that Coco is full blooded Asian are slim, though.

    As to knarf’s post. Yes, smaller noses tend to be more attractive, or at least that’s the impression one would get from looking at Western models. But there are some world famous beauties with larger noses. Sophia Loren comes to mind.

    There is a specific type of woman (usually British or German it seems) that has large features (long fingers and toes, bigger nose) that can be very very attractive, at least to me. In the USA it is sometimes easy to spot a nose job, because they are very small and upturned to a degree.

    Little side note on Sophia Loren. Sometime in the mid 1990’s I was flying first class NY to LA. I noticed Sophia Loren sitting a row behind me. I got a good up-close look. She was hideous…a monster, really. Her nose was enormous and her nostrils were huge. Her husband, Carlo Ponti, looked like a barely walking corpse.

    Anyway that night (or the next) she was on the Tonight Show, and looked absolutely fabulous (for her age) on TV. What a shock after seeing her in person.

  7. “But there are some world famous beauties with larger noses.”

    There are exceptions to everything. And the nose is only part of the larger package. As here, she is still a beautiful woman.

    Of course there are racial differences in nose size. You could look at it (i.e., smaller noses) as one natural advantage of Asian women (to generalize). To think that some would give it up is amazing.

    When I lived in Seoul in the early 90s some Koreans referred to America as “the land of big noses,” and it was not a compliment.

  8. In the Chinese culture, they have a thing about “high, medium & low” noses. That cute little nose we might like? The girls over there hate them. They want a “high” nose which refers to the bridge starting further up the face.

    My youngest son is half Chinese, 6’3″ and has a lot of Chinese in his looks but with my “high” nose. Asian girls go absolutely nuts over him.

    As Dr. Lee said, you see a lot of models over there with this kind of nose.

  9. Pretty, classy, never get tired to see Coco. I’m still not trained to spot a nose job. Doc, care to explain with some drawings? 🙂

  10. There’s a 75% chance she’s mixed. I would say the likelihood she had a nose job to look like that is less than 30%. Still high, but not nearly that definitive.

  11. …and in the runup to the Olympics in Beijing there was even a sign in the window of a cafe with the (I think well-meaning) “Welcome Big Noses”!

  12. Her nationality, according to Chinese wikipedia, is “Chinese and Overseas British National.” She’s in all likelihood mixed. I do not know why you would think she isn’t. She looks mixed and her background says she’s mixed. The only reason we cannot say it definitively is because there is no record of the exact ethnicities.

  13. If she was mixed, I think they’d prmote it like hell, but they don’t. Besides, doesn’t “overseas British national” refer to citizenship, not ethnicity?

  14. Hey, this is were it’s at right keep’em come’in, everything about here is perfect for me the nose is still in question but I could possibly over look it with time, yo Travis keep doing you thing man!

  15. That would be why it is 75% and not 100%. She was born in China, so she should not have dual nationality (which in almost every case refers to birth citizenship, not immigration) unless her father/mother was a British National. A British National does not have to be white, but in most cases will be.

    In addition, I don’t really have a problem with you claiming it is surgery. What I have a problem with is the number of people that immediately interpret your comment as fact. You of all people should appreciate that blindly following someone’s opinion simply because they state it in a definitive manner is an incredibly unscientific way of making opinions. Even if you had some authority, people need to come to their own conclusions and beliefs, based on the evidence they have available. and they generally do not. They simply see you writing “that was an awful nose job” and start immediately believing it as fact, and that’s counterproductive and more often than not leads to erroneous conclusions. It didn’t happen a lot in this thread, but it certainly happens in others.

    I said myself that the likelihood of a nose job is like, 30% in my eyes. That’s clearly not denying that she easily may have had one, but it is important that others don’t follow lock step just because someone said something in a definitive nature.


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