Risa Kasumi (かすみりさ)


The next two/three days are an American holiday. As such, there is a good chance many of you will not be checking this site, and I will probably take the day(s) off. So for today, we are featuring Risa Kasumi – a 24 your old AV idol from Hokkaido, Japan. Risa is one of the few AV models that I am very attracted to, and because of that I have posted some 20 photos below for your amusement. As always, I encourage people to post their own photos that they like in the comments. Enjoy.Stats:

Age: 24 (May 31, 1984)
Height: 5’7 (!)
Weight: Unknown, don’t care.
Blood Type: O
Located: Hokkaido, Japan





















JHeat – Has galleries.

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0 thoughts on “Risa Kasumi (かすみりさ)”

  1. I think she is even better looking than many photos suggest. Many of the photos with clothes on (which I didn’t post here for obvious reasons) make her look phenomenally attractive. I don’t think she pulls off the “cute” look as well as she pulls off the “hot” look, but I am also bias.

  2. Strong.She manages to blend innocence & predatory agressivity in her facial expressions.Heather Locklear had that same “talent”. Tight little spinner body.Love inverted nipples.It’s like the prize in the cereal box for me.Not gonna argue with her keeping the pubes.

  3. ^lol, interesting observation, stripes.

    Anyways, she is the closest girl to a 10 this site has had in weeks, if not months (maybe 9 and change).

    I’m really a sucker for japanese girls, this girl’s no exception, though she is exceptional.

    Great post Travis, and happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  4. Simply put, she’s phenomenal. She’s got great curves, a breathtaking face, beautiful hair, and a tight body… with no tats I might add. If she can’t tide me over for the holidays, no girl can.

  5. Actually Travis, I’m quite sure she has implants. However, the slight “oddness” and unevenness of her breasts is still perfectly within the normal, natural range, so it doesn’t really bother me.

  6. Oh yes: the “oddness” of her nipples is I believe due to her implants having been inserted via her areolae (hence a surgical scar runs around them).

  7. Here is 1 very nice photo that I like


    Here is a whole series of much more explicit (although censored) pictures.


    FYI, my tips for finding AV stars from Japanese sites are….

    TIP #1. Search using Japanese name with http://forisearch.com

    Try it out. Use it to search for ‘Risa Kasumi” (no quotes) and automatically get search results for “kasumirisa”, but using Japanese characters (because in Japan they say surname first)

    TIP #2. Extract links using http://savanttools.com/extract_links.asp

    Why? Because if you have ever spent much time trying to pick out the real image links from the noise on most of the Japanese site, you’ll appreciate the tool. The “open all” features can be useful as well.

  8. I’m giving this girl a 10. Absolutely gorgeous! Love her lips and, even if they’re fake, her breasts are very nice!

  9. She has implants but I ain’t complaining. I knew about Risa for a while but I never really looked at her until now. That’s one of the problems that I have since I look at so many pics on a daily basis. But she is a hottie. And those lips. Yum 😉

  10. The pics with her in the businiess suit are awesome. I love Japanese women in business suits. Reminds me of the time I hooked up with an airline stewardess from JAL in NYC. A whole gaggle of them were staying at the Marriot near the UN.

  11. With her clothes on. she is close to a 10…say 9.5. Naked, she is still beautiful, but loses a point for the bad boob-job. Say 8.5. Still pretty good, I’d say.

  12. Boob job, schmoob job, who cares…I completely agree with just about everybody here. She is just so sexy and hot it’d probably hurt if I saw her in person. I really love the shots where she’s all oiled up and shiny. And them candied lips. WoW!!!

  13. This is one very beautiful girl. Boob job or not, they really seem to match her body. I’m not even going to try to find any flaws.

  14. She’s not exactly the type that one could take to the boss’s house for dinner…

    But that said, I’ve always adored her.
    Quite beautiful, overtly sexual..
    Charismatic and playful…

    Japanese perfection.
    THX Travis!!

  15. Very good. Eyes, tits, lips, body. She’s fantastic.

    Doc, how come she has a surgical scar? I remember watching Nip Tuck and they pretty much can erase any scar or bad spot on one’s skin and get it perfect again. Don’t tell me it’s just a tv show.

  16. I wasn’t aware that implants could be done that way. I’ve also looked through her galleries and have not found any signs of scaring. Her nipples and the surrounding tissue look natural to me to be honest.

  17. @dazn: some scars are easier to erase than others (there are some that can be almost completely), but scars from a surgical incision in the areolae are not one of them. Our present techniques are naturally geared toward making them invisible on normal human skin, but the areolae have a quite different colour, texture and structure from the skin on the rest of our bodies. However, as shown by jd’s inability to see them, scars on areolae are naturally less visible anyway, as the areolae look more like scar tissue then the skin on the rest of our bodies.

  18. I should stress that what they can do on TV in this area is usually quite exaggerated. We do have laser treatments than can remove scars, but it still has a lot of limitations.

  19. As far as japanese girls go, I really like her. She has an interesting look and a good body. She’s done alot of videos, and she always looks pretty good.

  20. Well even if they are somewhat exaggerated, we still can have fun watching Doc (Troy) chasing the girls. Is it a general ‘Doc type of thing’? 🙂

  21. There is another Risa Kasumi gallery here

    To complete her profile –

    Her breasts are a nice 90cm (Japanese G -Cup), Waist 58cm, and Hips 85cm –

    Risa has starred in over 100 adult videos (single, compilation or collaboration) in little over 2 years, which I would list but I don’t have the time at the moment sorry.

  22. Alot of people use pics of Japanese gravure or AV stars for fake profiles or to advertise adult services since most people aren’t going to know who they are and their pics can be easily found. How many people are really going to know that’s Risa Kasumi? That’s why it pays to know your Asians. 😉

    Speaking of Risa, I have been watching some of her stuff lately, and her sexiness is baffling.

  23. AH!!! Bummer, this was going to be one of the girls I was going post about. But I guess the fact that I was going to post about her 4 years after this post tells a lot about her fame in world of JAV porn. Good call!

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