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Mable Soe is a new favorite of mine that I will probably forget in a few days because she’s not well known in the US and models that are not well known in the US tend to not show up often. Maybe this post will make Mable Soe more popular, which would make me happy. She has several galleries and many photos and a Facebook page that you can “Like” if you are the type of person that “Likes” things on Facebook. She is also a model from Myanmar, which is uncommon for this site. Enjoy!Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Burmese (is this the right term?)
Location: Myanmar/Singapore













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0 thoughts on “Mable Soe”

  1. Mingalaba! Burmese women rate #1 on my list. I miss my Burmese girlfriend, oh do I miss her… Kyeizutinbade Travis!

  2. Looks like a nice girl? C’mon Doc, you’re killing me.

    Also, so many possibilities with Mable and Soe & I forgot to use them.

  3. Some are never satisfied
    Regardless hard Travis tried
    The presentation of Sirens he plied
    There’s always someone to chide.

    No matter how the Siren’s made
    There’s always a call for an upgrade.
    Too tall, too short, bad hair, wrong shade
    Warranted, perhaps; mostly not, I’m afraid.

    Here’s a pretty girl from faraway Burma
    Lean and lithe, with a milky derma
    She’s got a face that will make me squirma
    And blessed with a backside that’s definitely firma.

    So, Doc I’d say just leave her alone
    Even though she’s abit skin and bone
    If into the same bed would we be thrown
    We’d spend the night “Biblically known.”

  4. She looks GOOD in the full length standing poses above.
    I agree – don’t change a thing Mable.
    And yes, I adore her eyes.

  5. ok here goes. She must be my Muse.

    The temperature in Beijing is dropping
    From zero to a low minus three.
    I’m hurrying home with my shopping
    And trying real hard not to freeze.

    I get home. I’m back in my bedroom
    And thaw out my fingers and toes.
    My computer’s refreshed and I’m over the moon;
    I’m ogling Myanmar’s Ms Soe.

    I’m thinking of making some dinner.
    I’m wondering what to ‘lay’ on the table.
    Something real spicy and hot and a winner.
    And wishing it could be lovely Mable.

  6. I’m sure glad I logged on today, these women are all hot. I can’t decide which one I like the most, so I’ll just keep them all.

  7. Travis, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. She’s beautiful, slender, and looks unbelievably sexy in a bikini.

  8. Born blessed with a body and face made for modelling. Often this isn’t necessarily a good thing; in her case it’s a great one.

  9. Her eyes should be registered as Deadly Weapons. She could turn any man into a bank robber. I might drop my implants requirement for her.

  10. For Mable Soe I’ll rant and rave
    so far this year she’s my fave
    A fair maiden, I must confess
    Who, should she ever be in distress
    I would without duress
    Burma save

  11. The MYANMAR-MODEL.NET photo with the pink background is breathtaking. Those legs are just so long and sexy and luscious.

  12. Well pick up that jaw arf. You will need it to drop it again in a day or so – and many more times after that I’m sure 😉

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