Donnah Pham


Tumblr has single handedly changed the way people discover new models. In some ways for the better, because hey! More models! Yet in some ways for the worse, because people often share photos with no name or information. Luckily I was able to find one model that made a name for herself on Tumblr. Her name is Donnah Pham. I know a lot of people here don’t like it when women dye there hair, but I like it, and I think Donnah looks … not necessarily better with it but equally as attractive.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: Presumably Vietnamese
Located: Canada













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0 thoughts on “Donnah Pham”

  1. She should have gone with a mid-tone, like the lighting makes her hair look in the Supergirl picture. That said, she certainly does wear the bleached look better than most. Not bad!

  2. I do like her better with the dark hair, admittedly she did get my attention in the first picture. I wouldn’t hold her hair against though, I would hold it against me to get closer to her though. No real complaints.

  3. She’s quite … adorable.
    Wham Bam!
    Donnah Pham
    from Vietnam!
    Pics 2 and 3 and 4 and 8 and 9 for mine.

  4. Damn!
    Should have added
    ‘Thank you Ma’am’.

    Reckon she’d purr for you kroos? Now should that have been a question or a statement?

  5. Girls in super hero tees always get a thumbs up from me..

    Like what kroos kitten..

    I don’t like the fact she had do much makeup on…like to see some more natural make up on her

  6. Looks good blonde, I agree she doesn’t seem to have a lot of range pose wise but she’s still really really cute.

  7. The kind of girl that would totally make me go out of my way. So fit and slim… having that nice pair up there too.
    And I really like the blonde color too.

  8. Totally agree about Tumblr. At least the blogs I follow give a fresh view of Amy Fay and Donnah, and several other amazingly beautiful and sexi Asian girls nearly every day. I think Amy and Donnah are hard working and creative.

  9. I love Tumblr but can never search and find anything. Asked C-man for his take and he shared a similar frustration. Even so, they have great sites.

    Agree with Nancy about her look. Also, is she a mix?

  10. lol antioch. I’d say dipper prefers to be a noun not an adverb. But boy, it’s very tempting to give him a new nic 😉

  11. And the award for best blonde hair on an Asian Siren goes to……..

    Vietnamese and French-Canadian? I may have to brush up on my French (and I’d certainly like to brush up on Donnah).

  12. Sorry for the repeat/recur comment, but Oh my goodness, I love this woman too. Flawless beautiful body that could make my head spin.

  13. lol arf. It just wouldn’t be you to not like, even love, every woman who appears.
    I’m sure, then, you and others will join me to stand quietly for a few moments and thank sincerely these beautiful, stunning, sexy women for showing off their charms for us (and money, too. But let’s put that to one side).
    Let us pray…hehe

  14. I enjoy the piercing… is that wicked of me, haha! Some of the photography isn’t doing much to flatter her but, sweet science, Donnah is one for the books! I’d love to see her butt though… is it just me? Haha! Luvs!

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