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Lynzie Love is a 23 year old model from San Jose, California. She plays the piano, violin, clarinet, flute. She’s planning to be a multilingual psychotherapist. She’s also very goofy. I have a feeling some of her patients are going to be women whose relationships her photos accidentally wrecked.Stats:

Age: 23
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 5’3
Located: San Jose, CA
















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  1. I said “oh my god” too, as in “oh my god, how can a girl with all those abilities make herself look so trashy?” 😉

    And what on earth is a “multilingual psychotherapist” anyway? Do you simply mean a psychotherapist who can speak multiple languages?

  2. BTW, I was surprised she says she’s Korean – I thought she was yet another Viet import model when I saw her, and she sure doesn’t look very Korean to me. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I can’t help feeling a little skeptical about this girl’s claims.

    As with most Viet import models, her legs are too stocky for my taste, but her body’s quite nice from the waist up.

  3. Got to agree with Doc on this one. My first thoughts were, “OMG, how much makeup can one girl cake onto herself?!?”. She clearly has talent – but a bit of naturality would be oh-so-refreshing.

    Slamming body, nice face… but come on!

  4. There are over 5,000 languages, and many of them are severely messed up. !Kung, for instance, has serious issues with its upbringing, while Assamese is struggling to come to terms with its breakup with Farsi.

  5. Oops, I just realised I didn’t read Travis’ previous response properly – I thought he meant multilingual speakers! I’m a bit slow tonight. 🙂

  6. Her face is different than Tila’s – less of the “evil elf”. But she’s definitely an import model, hence the heavy makeup, the lightened hair, the provocative look, etc. I think she’s quite pretty, but then I like that style (KT So is a goddess.)
    I am not confusing fantasy with reality on any of this; no need for anyone to pull the scales from my eyes. 🙂

  7. Her body is banging son. I love that she has a small waist and a lovely butt. As for being a Tila clone, nah because Lynzie is hotter than she is. I just wish she wore less makeup and did not dye her hair because she would look so much hotter if she did that, but what do I know.

  8. *cartwheels* This just gets better and better. I’d like to say I’d do her here and now, as always 😉 But that would just annoy some of the prudes in here. Nevertheless, I think she’s hot. Not too thin, not too thick. Small waist, nice height. Cute boobs, tight ass. Hallelujah. Hot as hell! *sizzling sounds* *cartwheels*

  9. insidious: you don’t seem to realise that repeatedly not complying with our posting guidelines has consequences (i.e. banning). Given your humorous intent here I’m going to let it go this time, but this is your final warning.

  10. OMG another typical import model… And after looking at her myspace pictures, she isnt half bad without all that make up. She deserves bonus points for such as amazing @$$

  11. I know a bunch of you are going to slag her off, but she’s one of my favorite models ever. Love everything about her, her face, her butt, every little thing. Met her at a car show, she’s beautiful in person (looks wise, can’t say about her othewise).

    Btw, what’s up with not being able to say you’d bang someone but you can denigrate the way someone looks here and that’s okay. If I was a model, I’d rather have someone say they want to screw me than to say my legs are stocky or my face is unattractive, or i’m flabby. I’ve seen lots more offensive posts here than insidious lighthearted sleaze. I mean seriously, this is a site of naked and half naked women but people can’t say anything sexual, that’s just dumb. There are literaly some of the most racist comments from people I’ve ever seen here. Sorry, but that’s weird to me and really prudish.

  12. Korean? Viet? S–t I don’t know I can’t really tell the difference. I have a vietnamese friend that looks Chinese or Japanese….

  13. @slackerking: we don’t allow the comments here to gegenerate into the usual trash you see on this kind of site, and that is greatly appreciated by the majority of our readers. And if a girl puts herself up as a model, she is putting herself out there to be judged on her looks. Which our readers are free to do, as long as they aren’t rude, crude or personal attacks. I also think you are gravely mistaken about what women themselves prefer to read – they do not want to read about men’s sexual desires, but often appreciate constructive criticism.

  14. Good looking version of Tila, I agree.
    Way too much makeup.
    Why is she doing this?
    No way I would take her seriously as a psychotherapist if I saw this side of her. No credibility. I couldn’t go to her.
    Reminds of when on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry goes to the beach and sees his 55-year-old male shrink dressed in a thong. He stopped seeing him, lost all respect.

  15. I have many problems. I want to be her patient, no matter she can speak in my language or not.
    Please be my doctor.

  16. Dr. Lee, it’s not my site and I’m fine with following the rules whatever they are but it’s actually pretty funny that a site that propogates beauty but even moreso sex, has a fear of letting people make comments about it. I also kind of doubt that most of this sites visitors could give two s&%$’s one way or the other, once again i’d bet it’s just a small vocal minority against it.

    I’ve been visiting this site for years and have read some of the MOST vile, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist comments I’ve ever seen anywhere on here.

    I don’t know what women you know, but I can promise you that 90% of the women I know or have known in my life would rather be found sexually attractive than be told their legs are stocky, or their tummy’s not flat enough, or their face isn’t pretty enough, et al. Especially most girls who are models, who put themselves out there to be noticed.

    As for constructive criticism, that would be fine but again, commenting on a woman’s shortcomings isn’t constructive in any way, it’s just negative. Please don’t delude yourself into thinking that saying a woman’s butt is to big, or they don’t look asian enough is constructive to them. It’s actually comments like this that have led to anorexia and bulemia epidemics and low self esteem among young girls in the US. Pointing out flaws is just negative in every aspect, and we all do it (me included) but let’s not sugar coat this like we’re doing them a favor by pointing out shortcomings. And yes I agree, women who model put themselves out there for comment.

  17. slackerking: I agreed with everything you said up to your last paragraph. Critical thinking should never be suppressed. Pointing out flaws is par for the course for any woman (or man) who puts themselves out there for mass consumption – especially models.

    I don’t buy the argument that our “negative” comments here cause any of the women featured distress that would lead to disease. I would actually blame the media for shaping and crafting women in society, from a VERY young age, to fit into an unrealistic ideal. But anyway, this is a philosophical debate for another time and place.

    The bottom line is that I believe negative comments should NOT be censored. I also believe that heavily sexual comments should NOT be censored. This site features women who are sometimes completely naked and/or in highly suggestive, sexualized photos. So I find it somewhat hypocritical that crass posts are removed and scolded. Frankly, I think we should have equal opportunity – allow the sexual comments AND the so-called “negative” comments to stand.

    We’re all (supposed to be) adults here. Why do we need censorship to be applied? In the end, it’s not my website – and I’ll come here regardless of the rules. Just had to speak up a bit to defend both sides… 🙂

  18. @slackerking: allowing overtly sexual comments leads to a slippery slope of crassness which most of our readers have made clear they do not want to see here – it is one of the things that sets us apart.

    I find your statement that “some of the MOST vile, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist comments” you’ve seen anywhere are here outrageous in the extreme – such comments are deleted as per our posting guidelines. What you see here is simply robust discussion and healthy, open criticism.

  19. Oh yes, regarding women: you might want to ask yourself why the female commenters here gravitate toward me, and indeed send me their photos on occasion. It is because they hate the sorts of guys who think any girl who cakes on enough makeup and drapes herself over a car in a bikini is “hot”. They like men with standards – after all, if so many girls are hot for you, how can they feel appreciated by you? At least women know that if they meet my standards, that actually means something, and there won’t be too many other women who do.

  20. Seven: Lol. If you word sexual comments correctly…. maybe no one will notice.

    Like this: I would Love to be Lynzie’s patient and relieve me of my mental stress *wink wink* haha….

    Doc: S’up. Um sure you could be right but I believe and confident enough to say its 50/50. Alot of girls love being complimented no matter what they look like instead of constructively criticized.

    I personally have a fixed standard. I don’t exclude myself like most guys when I look at a girl/model. I always think if I got the gameplan to get some girl and stuff.

  21. Agreed. If I say all women are hot, how much credibility could I possibly have?

    Slacker: I vehemently dispute your blaming of eating disorders and “low self-esteem” on our comments and the media in general regarding a woman’s looks. That is feminist claptrap. The causes of eating disorders are more in the realm of skill deficits in problem solving and being unable to handle discomfort and strong negative emotions, inability to self-soothe in a healthy way, inheriting addictive genes, and having controlling perfectionist overly intrusive parents.

  22. Don’t get me wrong Alden: women love to be complimented – you’re not going to get very far if you pick her apart all the time! Indeed, the key here is having a true appreciation of her – and that means her specifically, not just any girl.

    If the girl isn’t that great, she’ll take whatever compliments she can get, and she’ll accept guys who’ll take whatever girl they can get too. But if she’s something special, she wants to feel her man really knows she is something special.

  23. Luvjgirls, that was funny:) Also possibly I miswrote what I meant as I don’t read them back before posting. I don’t think poeple’s posts here specifically cause that, but I do believe that thinking like we do here leads girls to think they need to be thinner and prettier etc. I seriously doubt this site has the kind of power to destroy, but maybe:)

    “If you say all women are hot how much credibility do you have?”

    This isn’t Project Runway, noone here has any credibility we all just have our opinions. There’s noone here who I see their opinion and suddenly I change mind about the beauty of a model. For instance, I like most of Travis’s posts and we seem to agree on what we find beautiful, but occassionally even he posts a model I think is unattractive.

    And I agree that women who model put themselves out their for commentary. However I was raised to be polite, and I generally wouldn’t write anything that I wouldn’t say to someone in person (I’m sure I don’t always meet that standard but I try). The beauty and the negative of the internet is that it’s allowed a whole generation of people to lose all sense of decency (check out the CBS sportsline forums sometime if you want to be shocked) and decorum and put out there words that they would never have the balls to say in real life. Again, I’m not saying that to anyone on this site, just about the internet in general. For the most part everyone here is pretty gentle.

  24. @Dr. Lee…I will say I haven’t seen any of those kind of racial comments in a while, so you may have banned them and I don’t go back to check whether they’re still there but for a while they’re were alot of them (possibly from the same 2 0r 3 people, don’t know). I’m glad if they’ve moved on.

    Again, rules are rules but you can flip it any way you like. A site that shows and objectifies beautiful women and nudity but won’t let people comment without censorship is actually hilarious.

    Secondly, your arrogance about yourself and your opinions is astounding. Women most likely send you the pictures because you are a moderator here and generally also the most active poster. Of course it’s possible you’re just a stunningly handsome man 🙂 But what makes your standards mean anything to anyone but you? They’re just your opinions. I mean seriously, I get pics and requests all the time on Facebook, Myspace, Yelp etc. but I’m not so self deluded to think I’m Brad Pitt.

  25. I love the so-called experts here. Some of whom even have fancy titles.

    I’ve been a lurker for many years. Finally registered and have made a few comments on girls who I really like.

    Probably 1 out of 10 models at Asian Sirens are my type. For those that aren’t, I keep my mouth shut–even when my mind has a visceral reaction.

    I think all women try to accentuate the positive and play down the negative, either with make-up, clothing or plastic surgery. Some are successful, most are not.

    As to the comments, some are too harsh when in reality they are opinions of one person. And hopefully the models who end up reading this understand this.

  26. I just want to say that it’s these types of debates – articulate and well thought out – that keep me coming back to Asian Sirens.

    Oh, and there’s some hot chicks featured here too. ^__^

  27. I would like to interject here and see if I can clear up the arguments, as I see them.

    I think slackerking is trying to say that judging someone’s personality by their photos, or leaving “constructive critiques” like “She looks too manly” are going to insult the model and create “negative threads” for the models themselves than statements like “I’d do her” which may be crude, but it is at least complimentary.

    But what Dr. Lee is trying to say is that he does not care about how the models view their threads – what he is saying is he does not want this website to devolve into a pissing match of who can write the most obscene pornographic comment. “I’d do her” can quickly evolve into far more obscene language. He is not concerned with it insulting the model so much as it changing the website dynamic.

    Is that accurate?

    My thoughts are fairly well known at this point. I think personality critiques should be left off the site, if for no other reason than it may be the photographer who asks a model to look or dress a certain way, not necessarily the model. I also prefer that any critiquing comments come with a positive, like “She is not my type but I think her legs are nice” because it would be nice if more models wanted to be featured here. But it is not my site, and I don’t really care, and I completely agree with Dr. Lee that if we let certain comments pass, it is more likely that far worse comments will come in the future.

  28. @Travis: basically, yes. Except I would like to add that blocking all negative comments is a slippery slope of its own – that could make the forum totally boring and anodyne. There needs to be some kind of open and frank exchange of views, but it should not devolve into personal insults or crudeness. It can be a difficult balance to maintain sometimes.

  29. @salackerking: MySpace, FaceBook – are you kidding? Who doesn’t get solicited there? 😉

    The bottom line is, if my comments affected women the way you say they do, they aren’t going to like me, are they? And believe me, there’s a lot more you can’t see from the comments here. 🙂 I never said I was Brad Pitt – far from it in fact! But he’s not what most Asian women want anyway.

    We do have a 3 strikes and you’re out policy, and I sometimes let comments stand temporarily to make this policy clear. But ultimately, such comments – and people who repeatedly post them – get nuked.

    You also seem to fail to realise that you’ve posted more than your fair share of negative comments – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  30. Point taken, although saying I don’t find a particular type of woman attractive is much different that specifically pointing out a woman’s flaws. Actually I very rarely post a negative comment about a model except to say she’s not my personal type, but I certainly haven’t pointed out their personal defects except in the case of a bad bood job. Pointing out a bad boob job is not pointing out a personal defect, but a poor choice of a surgeon. Not the same thing.

    Obviously we live in very different physical areas (I assume, don’t actually know where you are), and I’m sure what asian women want is different everywhere, and individually too. But here in LA, and especially in colleges and such many more than half of the asian women I run into are with someone other than an asian guy. And alot of asian guys are with white girls etc. And it’s been that way since I was in college 20 years ago. I also live near Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Arcadia which are hotbeds for immigrant asians of all nationalities so we’re not talking 3rd and 4th generations either. Many of them may not end up marrying out of their race, but they’re certainly dating out of it for fun. Marriage-wise it’s almost the same thing, here’s a breakdown of soem close friends I know:

    White guy (me) – married Chinese girl
    Chinese guy (wife’s brother) – married Vietnamese girl
    White guy – married Chinese girl
    White guy – married Vietnemese Girl
    Chinese guy – married Chinese Girl
    Korean girl – married Filipino guy
    Filipino girl – married White guy
    Filipino girl – married Persian guy
    Filipino girl – married spanish guy
    Korean guy – married Lebanese girl
    Korean guy – married korean girl
    Japanese girl – married japanese guy
    Chinese girl – married jewish guy

    and on and on. And I do realize things are probably very different in a city like LA, but alot of asian men and women want something that they may not be able to have due to family pressure.

    In travelling to China, Thailand and Vietnam, found much the same thing and though I’ve never been, my non asian friends that have been to Japan say it’s like shooting fish in a barrel there.

    And Brad Pitt was just a pick, I could have used Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau or Takeshi Kaneshiro or any of the other handsome asian actors for the point.

    Always fun reading your posts though:)

  31. I see from slackerking’s list, there aren’t any cases of White girls marrying any kind of Asian guys.
    Haha….anyone want to give their theories on that one?

  32. Actually I know two white girls who married filipino guys and a latino girl who was engaged to my chinese friend before she passed away from cancer. My point was just that as the world gets smaller, people’s preferences change. If I grew up with all white people, i’d probably be more likely to only associate with my race but I grew up in truly multiculteral area so it’s different for me.

  33. Hi all, I’ve lurked here for a couple months and really appreciate the effort (and pics) that goes into this site.

    I had to register and comment. It’s great that everyone here can have a civil discussion about the rules and reasoning without devolving to a ‘flame war’.

    ..oh yeah: Although not my type, I think she looks best by far in the pink dress photo. Much more natural.

  34. @thegorilla: yes, that’s exactly what I try to maintain here. I want everyone to be able to have their say, but without flames or personal attacks.

    @slackerking: as is often the case is it seems, you’ve completely misinterpreted my comments re Asian women’s taste. I am white, and the Asian girls where I live are very attracted to me. But they aren’t the kind who will just date a guy because he’s white: they’re a lot more discerning than that. And they don’t go for Hollywood style good looks either.

  35. I don’t understand what is good about Tila that some of the girls are trying to immitate her. I for one never thought Tila anything other trash … and Lynzie is just another trash to me.

  36. While I certainly agree with your sentiment regarding Tila, just flat out calling somebody trash is a little too strong. I know it’s a fine line between “she looks trashy” and “she is trash”, but there is an important difference – the latter is a personal insult, so it is a breach of our posting guidelines.

  37. Based on the two pictures of her without heavy makeup, she looks prettier without it. Totally slammin’ ass, nice body.

    As for the censorship issue, it’s not so much a question of prudeness as it is that blogs can quickly devolve into lunatic gibberish if there are no standards applied. Here, we are free to agree or disagree and the comments are usually interesting. Compare that to other blogs (especially sports blogs) where the level of discourse is along the lines of my team is great, your team sucks, you live in a cesspool, you must be sitting alone in your basement $#%^&%$#. the garbage to decent post ratio is often 10:1 or worse.

    Why would I want to even come back to this site if it became like that? After all, there are many ways to see pictures of hot Asian babes on the Web (thank goodness).

  38. I love the second to last photo, and as for the child bearing hips and cute butt…. very nice!

    Shame about the makeup though.

  39. Dr. Lee,

    You are right, after I read it again, it does look like I commited a crime on this board. I do appologize to everyone on here. Sorry.

  40. Her BUTT! Most of the time while shooting pics of Lynzie, I focused on her but.. Funny to see other people names on my pics… whatever! You have to meet her in person. So real, so fun. I posted a few fun videos of her on youtube.

  41. I had forgotten about her butt because the posts here veered off topic, but she has one of the finest butts I’ve ever seen (and yes, especially so for an Asian chick).

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