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Gwen Garci (born Mai Lee Ang) is an actress and model in the Philippines. She was one of the main models in a movie/group called “Viva Hot Girls” where I assume she and other hot girls Viva’d. She has also starred in some videos, often stripping off all her clothes, but has not yet posed for very much nude photography besides a few low quality photos found here. And example of one of her “steamy” scenes can be found here. She describes her ethnicity as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino.

Also, somewhere in the world there is an instructional video of her teaching “seductive stripping.” Yeah.Stats:

Age: 28?
Height: 5’7
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino
Located: Philippines














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  1. Travis: your posts are mental, mate. They just get better and better. She certainly doesn’t look like a pinay,
    that’s for sure. Taller than most asian chicks and a sound body at that.

  2. “Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino.”

    Sometimes the mix works wonders–like here.

  3. Man she is smoking hot. I would beat that up in a heartbeat. I got to question her mix because she looks more Pinay than anything and lives and works in the Philippines, but yet Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish are listed before it. Come on.

  4. The first part of your comment is borderline Candyman, but I have to agree with your sentiment – she is quite a nice package! This is one of those occasions when the mixture really works for me (if indeed she really is a mixture – it seems we can’t necessarily trust Filipinas’ claims in this area).

  5. “I got to question her mix because she looks more Pinay than anything and lives and works in the Philippines, but yet Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish are listed before it. Come on.”

    Of course the Philippines has long been a crossroads, with significant visits (in relatively recent centuries) by the Chinese, Spanish, Americans, Arabs, Indians, Japanese, Jews, Koreans, and Mexicans. And these visitors have left more than their calling cards (and many of them never left). And note the Chinese listed birth name: Mai Lee Ang.

    I do not know whether she is telling the truth, but she looks like a mix to me (and quite a nice mix).

  6. With that very chinese name, she is definately Chinese. Funny thing is that it is a Chinese name in the style of Malaysian Chinese. Most Chinese from the PI have a Christian first name and a Chinese last name.

  7. Sometimes I wonder why the philli is even a crossroad.
    I mean its an island in the middle of nowhere.
    I’m not hating…. I’m from there and I love that country….

    Btw, gwen is pretty hot.

  8. “Sometimes I wonder why the philli is even a crossroad.”

    This is what WikiAnswer has to say about it:

    “What is the significance of the Philippines location?

    The strategic location of the Philippines has affected its history. First, its nearness to mainland Asia has led to the migration of Negritos, Indonesians and Malays. The Negritos traveled to the Philippines by means of land bridges that connected the country to Asia while the Indonesians and Malays crossed the seas to get to our shores. Second, because of he proximity of the Philippines to other Asian countries, the ancient Filipinos were able to establish trade contacts with the Chinese, Indians, Japanese and Arabs. These trade contacts were economically as well as culturally beneficial to Filipinos. Third, the proximity of the country to the Spice Islands or Moluccas resulted in the coming of the Spaniards to the Philippines. This event led to the Hispanization and Christianization of the country. Fourth, the strategic location of the country in Southeast Asia led the United States to acquire the Philippines from Spain and colonize it. This enabled the United States to exert a powerful influence in the region with the installation of military bases in our country. Besides, the Philippines became a supplier of raw materials to the United States and a market for its manufactured products. Fifth, because of its strategic position in the region, it has become an important part of trade and travel in Asia. International airlines and ships stop over in the Philippines on their way to Australia and other Asian countries.”

    Now, back to checking out her hotness.

  9. In the 8th photo where Gwen’s sitting to another girl, does anyone know who she is? I SWEAR she looks like someone I know who used to live in my area (San Francisco Bay Area). If you know her, tell me if her name starts with M or not.

    More videos of Gwen,
    (I don’t think she’s in this one)

  10. Yeah – I downloaded the entire “Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild” and for a softcore video from the Philippines, it is super. These women are something else. Others will be featured here in the future. To increase excitement, let’s focus on Gwen in this thread and not talk about the other Viva Hot Babes, that way we can all appreciate them in future posts.

  11. Pretty girl, love the nurse outfit. Like that she looks different in each pic. Good stuff.

  12. She’s got the curves, the legs, the eyes and the body! And did I forget to mention her abs and her breasts? Man, she is really outstanding!

    ‘She certainly doesn’t look like a pinay,
    that’s for sure.’ — insidius

    Do you mean her eyes? All the rest surely looks pinay to me.

    ‘If that what philli has…..I need to be in philli :)’ — Mizu

    You don’t know what you’re missing Mizu. Philli has that and a whole lot more!
    Very warm and welcoming place.

  13. What a beautiful delicious package she is. Better than any happy meal I’ve ever had.

  14. Usually I don’t write anything borderline, so I blaming Travis for that one. 🙂

    And yes, she is a lovely mix. I still have to question how much of that mix she is really since Filipino is listed last. So when I see that, I’m thinking she has more Spanish than Filipino which I don’t believe to be the case, but whatever. More pics please.

  15. Been a fan of hers since I first saw her in the Viva series. Very hot. Some of her pics are pretty hot also.

  16. This woman is flawless! Very impressive! I’m also digging the nurse outfit – though I must say that my inner otaku always enjoys a girl into cosplay. ^_^

  17. Awesome stomach!!! So good you could eat off of it!!! Second picture would have to be my favorite.

  18. Hey Gmoney, on the 8th pic, that lady is also featured in the Viva Hot Babes video you linked. And yes, her name starts with an M. 🙂

  19. Very lovely girl, with a dazzling smile. I find her gently curved nose is especially attractive, but also unusual (see picture 6). Is this an ethnic feature that associated with a particular background? Just curious.

  20. Hey Snoop23,

    Is she supposed to be famous? You don’t mean “M” is one of the Viva Hot Babes, right?

    Because I know her as an acquaintance, but I didn’t know she was somehow related to Gwen Garci or any of the Viva Hot Babes. I was shocked to discover that she’s also in the first photo with Gwen Garci (the group shot with 6 ladies) in my last comment.

    Is the “M” you know half Chinese, half Welsh?

  21. I’ve been waiting for a Maui Taylor feature for about four years now. I’ve seen her boobies in a couple of my wifes philippine movies and I liked them alot.

  22. She’s got a unique look which I like, but I don’t think she’s as hot as all the comments here would suggest. Of course, in real life I’d be a droolin’ fool in her presence.

  23. Yeah – I have to agree with Wings that some of the comments here are a little over the top, but she certainly is a babe anyway.

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