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Leena Wong is from the A4Y section of The Black Alley. As usual, despite the Chinese name, she is most certainly Thai, and may have been featured here in the past under a different name. With all of these cases it is difficult to get real stats, so I will leave that up to your snooping skills.Stats:

Ethnicity: Thai











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  1. Note to CEC: Go ahead and re-date your post to after this one so it shows up ahead.

    With regards to Leena, I am wondering if Adam has ever worked with her. She has some good photos, some bad photos, so I’d be interested to see what his photography skills have done.

  2. I don’t remember Adam having shot her, and I’m pretty sure I’d remember those tits if I’d seen them before! As with most Thai girls, I’m not crazy about her face, but I doubt I’d be looking up that far anwyay – I really like her boob job, and the rest of her body is nicely proportioned as well (I think she’d look even better if she was a little more toned though).

  3. she might be “Thai”, but a good percentage of city Thais (i.e. Bangkok) have Chinese blood. the majority of Chinese reside in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand.
    I think her name is fitting. she is more Chinese than Thai to me. sexy regardless 🙂

  4. Regardless, vpower, these websites change the name of their models to fit the ethnicity they claim they “look like” in order to make their websites seem more diverse. Most, if not all of the women on these sites are pure Thai.

  5. Travis, I agree that these websites are all about marketing. I guess you and me have different perceptions on what looks “Chinese”. its all good. btw, when you say “pure Thai”, you are opening up a big can of worms. Thais varied in looks throughout their land. I have been to LOS 5x in 2 years. let me tell you that they range in looks more than any other Asian. this is due to centuries of intermarriages and free mingling with the native people who settled in Thailand long before the Thais move in. Malays, Mon, Khmers, Burmese, Lao and more recently Chinese. all those ethnicity resulted in the modern Thai. I admit, they are among the most beautiful women on earth as a result 🙂 I do think if their is a “Thai” look, they resembled the Viets more than anybody else.

  6. WOW! Well Built! A nice mix of Chinese and Thai. I would not mind bumping into her, then bumping her in through the night. For some reason, The Black Alley was blocked and could not see more.

  7. Hmm, I might be one of the few who dislike the boob job =X but I like everything else.
    I’m curious what her Chinese name/alias is since A4Y and TBA are quite creative with the names

  8. Her face goes femme to tranny from picture to picture.Overall quite attractive.Perfect breasts.

  9. STRIPES : I think so too. Reminds me of the trannies at Bangkok. One needs to pay more attention at the adam’s apple to tell a difference. I still can’t get my eyes of those plastic boobs though.

  10. “Hmm, I might be one of the few who dislike the boob job…”

    I’m with you, kevguud.

    Her breasts ruin it for me. Look at the almost straight lines on the bottom of her right breast–seen in the third, fourth, fifth, and last pics. Almost a right angle there… Ugh.

  11. Agree. Fake breasts ruin it for me too. Prefer natural all the way, even if they are tiny.

  12. I don’t mind fake breasts at all, but I’m surprised you guys all like these (especially Dr. Lee?) Pics 1, 3, 4, and 5 all have a weird angle on one of her implants, which really ruins it for me.

    Why is her neck covered in all but one picture? Inquiring minds want to know…

  13. I called her last night and she said she digs the whole abnormal look. For her boobies, that is. So there’s really nothing much to say 😛

  14. I agree the odd angles are unfortunate, but I suspect this is one of those things that is over enhanced in photos. Overall, I think they are very nice – the size and overall shape is nice and even, and the nipple positioning is perfect.

  15. I would suggest looking at an entire photoset of her to get a better idea of how she looks. I love her boob job. They are much better than the mangled boob jobs I see on most chicks. If she didn’t have them, unfortunately she wouldn’t be much to look at. I think she looks alright, but certainly there are hotter models in A4Y.

    Her stomach is fine. It would be nice if it was more tone, but she is still skinny enough for me. And I knew this post couldn’t go without a tranny comment. Look at an entire set and you will see her neck is not covered in every pic like she has something to hide.

    As for not smiling much, I wouldn’t even worry about that since the pics were taken in 2003.

  16. Yeah – in the rapidshare download, her tits don’t seem to have any problems at all. I don’t know if this is just angles, lighting, Photoshopping, or even just the implants settling down. Whatever the case, they certainly don’t seem to be too hard at all.

  17. Candyman, does that mean she smiles more now than in 2003? Perhaps because she’s older and (theoretically) less desirable?

    Zamscan, we mere mortals tremble in your presence.

    Insidious, much better posting — cool.

    Fake boobs don’t bother me unless they’re hard as a rock, and since I’m never gonna feel hers, they work for me.

  18. Her breasts seem to look fine in some pics, and not so great in others. That said, I find her face exceptionally unattractive and can certainly understand the “tranny” comments – harsh maybe, but I just don’t feel this girl has any talent beyond a possibly good or bad boob job.

    As per the smiling, her half parted lips look is disturbing in that every pic she has this same, boring expression. She definitely needs to mix it up.

  19. Great body! Not nuts about her face (oooh joke in there, but I’ll walk away from it as I am a gentleman) though.

    She does NOT look like a tranny and there’s nothing wrong with her neck other than the fact it doesn’t have my lips attached to it.

    Great one T!

  20. She’s only modeled for A4Y back in 2003 and hasn’t done anything else since which I why I said don’t worry about her smiling. She does smile in some pics. And maybe the photographer instructed her not to smile. Who knows.

    Her face looks fine to me. I’m not finding it exceptionally unattractive. There’s two sets where I think she looks harsh, but that’s due to the makeup she is wearing and or the photographer taking the photo. And again, her boobs are great. I don’t know what you guys are looking at. Do you guys like boobs or would you prefer her have a flat chest? But whatever, that’s more Leena Wong for me.

  21. darklighter1: I think you just haven’t seen enough trannies to know the difference. 😛 She most definitely has a mannish face and her breasts are definitely, obviously fake – and not in a good way. To be perfectly honest, I’ve seen more attractive looking trannies. And before anyone spouts forth righteous indignation against that last comment – ask yourself “why” you’re so upset by it.

    Anyway, I think we’re seeing some forced positivity in this thread as a result of the epic negative comments thread a few profiles back.

  22. The third photo could almost suggest that Ms. Wong packs heat down south, judging by her ambiguous bulge.

    “More than a woman”…

  23. Fake breasts don’t excite me that much – but, moreover… I think she’s not that attractive in the face.

  24. Well you’re right on that count Sevendeuce, it’s not like I’m hanging out in any Gay Burlesque shows to have your eye for them (not saying you do either…not that there’s anything wrong with that ) but in my OPINION there is no way she is duderonomy. That body is too perfect and feminine. Still think she’s a little on the homely side but not guyish looking.

  25. She is from Thailand and she is a pure girl. About her breast, I think doesn’t make any matter wheather fake or not.

  26. Hahaha nice one Luke72.

    As for Leena, she doesn’t really do it for me, but I tend to go for Japanese and Chinese women.

  27. When I went on my honeymoon to Thailand, my wife was laughing so hard she spit out her beer because I was checking out these impossibly hot women in a bar in Phuket who turned out to be ladyboys. As we went along on our trip, it turns out there are alot of very beautiful she-men or whatever they’re called.

  28. Ohhhh SNAP Luke!!! You just broke my heart with that post…..Poy?…a…a….a..a…dude? I guess you guys are right. I always swore I could tell the difference no matter how well done but shiiiiiiiit….I gotta go throw up. That should be illegal.

  29. slackerking so being with your wife probably saved you from… you know… 😉

    darklighter1 we should go to Thailand and make bets on ladyboy-or-not. You would owe me big time!! 🙂

  30. sorry for that Darklighter, it makes you vomit in your mouth a little bit!
    I am told there is a Thai saying to describe pretty girls something along the lines of “she is as beautiful as a ladyboy” because many of them are ‘perfect’ (breasts/face) due to the surgery I guess.
    My wife, like Slackerings was invaluable in pointing out the katoeys, but couldn’t teach me exactly what the signs were. I found the voice can be a bit of a give away but it would be good to know sooner. She knew immediately, she said it was the jawline.
    That said there are sooo many beatiful Thai women it is a shame to constantly question there gender whenever a Thai girl is featured so apologies for continuing this, I couldn’t resist.

  31. It annoys me as well that anytime someone Thai is featured that their gender is questioned. But whatever, it’s the internet.

  32. Actually its quite annoying without any justification.

    I’m not gonna give my thoughts on the gender issue but I will say that he/she got a slammin’ bod.

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