Lulu Sex Bomb

Lulu Sex Bomb

Voluptuous LuluSex Bomb is yet another Thai model from the same people who brought you Thainee, Tussinee and Tailynn. I wonder if they call her a sex bomb because those huge things on her chest are rigged to explode if mishandled? 🙂 I still prefer all natural ladies, but I don’t want to discriminate in my postings. 🙂 For more Lulu pics, click

Lulu Sex Bomb

Lulu Sex Bomb

Lulu Sex Bomb

Lulu Sex Bomb

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  1. I’m sure this girl was quite beautiful before all the ink and silicone. Its just getting old for me.

  2. Pretty much agree with Mike. Her boobs remind me of Sakura Sena’s actually – totally round and fake, but perfectly so. Could do without the tats though, and she’s rather too “indigenous” looking for me.

    And yes, I’m sure they would be very hard. 😉

  3. She has a butter face, almost looks like a man. Ick…between the fake tits, tatoos, shaving, she looks like a charicature of a woman, hence the tranny look that I perceive.

  4. I don’t know, the scary artificiality of her is kind of doing it for me… sometimes that ‘sex borg’ look can be a change of pace from the nice, pretty gravure idols and pin-ups that normally pop up on my fantasy in-tray. Same goes for Sakura.

  5. Yeah, I think in some ways she leaves something to be desired, but I think it would be cynical to criticize what is otherwise a nicely shaped nasty little sex toy.

    Speaking of Sakura Sena Doc, she should be the subject of a post; such beautiful long legs, pretty, and tits are amazing.

  6. no Christine i dont think it is a violation but i think it did caused Doc’s little friend to shrunk 🙂

  7. The rule is no pink and no pink is shown in that pic. It would show pink if she was spreading her lips open, but she is not.

    Her labia is full and meaty and I guess that makes the pic seem more explicit than it is.

  8. Although I would like reconfirmation from Robin, I think Northman’s interpretation of the rules is probably correct, which is why I didn’t complain about it in the first place. Still, given Robin’s taste in women, maybe he is reluctant to look at this post at all. 😉

  9. Absolutely delicious chick.
    If you don’t like “ethnic’ features, or think she is a “butter face’ …then maybe you are just a bigot.
    Do you think that her own relatives think that she is unacceptable just because she doesn’t resemble a Western stereotype of “acceptable beauty”?
    Either you like her features or you don’t.
    …And how many of you would ever have a chance with her anyway?

  10. 57: Just because her surgery, makeup, personality, or general looks scare me doesn’t make me a bigot. FYI, I always found blonde hair blue eyed Anna Nicole to be ugly. This has nothing to do with “Western Stereoptypes”.

    Btw: I’ve had more than a “chance” with far more “natural” east Asian women who are far better looking.

    The purpose of this site is to post photos/bios/comments about Asian women and their LOOKS. Racist remarks are routinely dealt with. I see nothing on this thread that approaches that. Curious you suddenly take this one almost personally.

  11. …and ugly tatoos & piercings can be found on all peoples, races, and ethnicities! They are an equal opportunity affliction.

    “Either you like her features or you don’t.” That’s the only rational thing you wrote. It’s all a matter of individual taste.

  12. In reply:
    Since no one twisted my arm, I suppose I do take this a little “personally”…
    I don’t see the “butter” or the “man” in her face at all.
    And that’s precisely my point: Some folk think that Asian males have female “features,” hence they tend to perceive the Asian female face as a bit too “masculine.”
    Of course, I could be wrong.
    “Racism,” though, has nothing to do with it.
    Is being “scared” of her looks a rational attitude? Go figure….

  13. That’s funny. 🙂 But Lulu does look a bit masculine in the top pic of her because it’s just a bad pic of her. I love Thai chicks, but I don’t find her all that appealing or attractive. But if you like her, then who cares.

  14. Lu Lu is absolutely gorgeous. Her radiant smile and the smokey eyes. If some of you think that she is a lady boy then… Shame about the tattoo tho’

  15. waht the hell is wrong with you guys this girl is sexy as hell, with or without the fake boobs and with or without the tats, you guys are obviously gay

  16. Please mind your language thebeast – I had to edit your post. Also, I’m assuming your comment is meant to be humourous – if serious then your tone is unacceptable as well. Please comply with the posting guidelines at the bottom of the page.

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