Shake That Ass!

I have no idea who this girl is, but her hips hypnotized me for over three minutes.

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  1. Are you sure she’s Asian? It’s not easy to tell at this resolution, but from what I can see she looks more Latina to me. Still, there is a Chinese watermark.

    Oh, and make sure you turn the sound down before you start watching. 😉

  2. You can tell she likes to shake it a lot if you look at that killer body! Just wish she would have let that dress ride up like it wanted to when she really got her hips up to speed.

  3. jdrevenge got a point lol ur missing out if ur not goin out and lettin girls like this shake their tushes right in front of you 😀

  4. Asian babes who can really shake that thang?!
    She may have just fired the first shot destroying all stereotypes about asians and booty. Don’t stop now…put out another one.Go ‘hed gurl!

  5. Can’t really tell if she’s chinese or latina. I’ve seen mexicans, colombians, brazilians, cubans dancing like this.

    But asians, no. Not this GREAT! 🙂

    She’s too damn hot, really amazing the way she shakes it! Followed the whole 3 min.

  6. Yeah, I still tend to think she’s actually Latina. It’s interesting how some races seem to have better “moves” than others – I don’t have an explanation for this phenomonon (it it is indeed real).

  7. asian boys cant dance…but asian girls can…must be genetic. african american people can really dance while the white folks cant. unless you count River Dance as a dance :)) i can see doc doing the River Dance 🙂

  8. Korean American babes can really work it.Filipinas too.A lot of the male hip hop dancers these days are Pinay/Hawaiian.

  9. sorry jd…maybe i am oldschool but i just cant get use to seeing asian boys dancing like black guys…i have seen some of these boys “rap” bands in asia and they look rediculous. yet the asian babes can bring down the house. sorry bro, i am just not use to seeing asian boys dancing 🙂

  10. jd and an example and we all can be the judge 🙂 there is no denying black folks and really dance 🙂

  11. There is a YOUKU logo on the left, did anybody try to get the original video? I can’t find it, I’d like to download it on my HD…

  12. I’m almost certain I’ve seen this girl dancing in Los Angeles at various salsa clubs. I’m also almost certain she’s not Asian. If the woman I’ve seen is not the woman in this video, she’s the spittin’ image and moves exactly like her. I think I remember someone saying she is Brazilian.

  13. Now, take a look at this real asian babe dancing.
    She’s dancing to Beautiful Liar from shakira and beyonce.

    She makes her own videos and publishes on youtube:
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    Very flexible, take a look at some of the moves she does in her videos! 🙂

    She’s korean, pretty and her hips and stomach are amazing! She also has a blog, in french.
    Let me know guys. 😉

  14. Danzlover:

    How ironic that the Chinese character on Myssazia (the Korean belly dancer)’s bedspread (德) means “virtue.” 😉 (It is also the first part of the Chinese name for Germany, and can also mean “goodness,” “morality,” “ethics,” “kindness,” “favor,” “character,” and “kind.”) Now, obviously, we don’t know anything about her true virtue, but one has to wonder when she’s dancing that seductively, huh?

  15. Quantum, at least the korean dancer has the virtue of getting me interested. And she’s kind and generous to share…. 😉
    Ironic, maybe, but a lot of fun to watch her!

    Ty LB!

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