DJ Shy (Karen Jin Beck)


Korean American DJ Shy (real name: Karen Jin Beck) is the first and only female mixer at the #1 Top 40 radio station in America, 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, according to her website.28-year-old Beck is a USC alum, receiving her Master’s degree at age 23. Beck started her DJ-ing career at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Now, to date, she has DJ-ed at top clubs all over the world, has appeared in Disney Channel’s Totally Suite New Years Eve and has spun for events involving the reality TV stars of the show Beauty and the Geek and Hue Hefner’s Playmates.

Beck writes on her KIIS FM page that her interests include dining, acting, and stage martial arts and weaponry. She is also very active on the internet.

A quick look at her myspace will reveal that she is still very heavily booked. On top of her DJ-ing career, Beck has said on her KIIS FM page that she is writing an autobiography, slated to hit bookshelves in 2008.

More pictures of DJ Shy:

DJ Shy

DJ Shy

DJ Shy

DJ Shy photoshoot with 13 Minutes Magazine:

More of DJ Shy on the web:
DJ Shy @ (official website)
DJ Shy @ (official myspace)
DJ Shy @
DJ Shy @

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  1. Thanks for the nice posting Chistine….DJ Shy is not only sexy, but smart too. I like that combo! 🙂

    PS: Sorry I knocked you off the top of the page, I didn’t plan it that way. Timing is everything right? 🙂

  2. Just wondering why you say she’s so smart NorthMan – I mean, it doesn’t exactly take a PhD to be a DJ, right? Or is there something else I’m missing?

  3. being a DJ is actually pretty hard! but to be that good – a DJ at one of the number one radio stations in the nation – takes a lot more skill. not everyone can become a famous DJ overnight

  4. p.s. hey northman, no hard feelings! looks like we’re all trying to get our posts in before the end of the month LOL

  5. Maybe she’s an ok hiphop DJ, but her house mixes SUCK! No feeling, no soul. Too bad, too.

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