Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger (born June 19, 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is the “Queen Doll” of the widely successful American girl group The Pussycat Dolls. She is half Filipina, half Hawaiian/Russian.Before being the frontwoman for The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole was in girl group Eden’s Crush. Eden’s Crush disbanded one year after their formation in 2001, but not before releasing a chart-topping single called “Get Over Yourself (Goodbye).”

Aside from The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole has been featured in the songs of several other notable artists – to name a few: T.I., Timbaland, and Diddy (formerly P. Diddy or Puff Daddy). She has also appeared in the movie Chasing Papi and some episodes of the television show “Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.”

Presently, Nicole is working on her solo career, with her debut album Her Name is Nicole coming out on October 16, 2007. You can listen to the single “Whatever U Like feat. T.I.” on her official website. I am not sure if she is leaving The Pussycat Dolls in order to spend more time on her solo work.

When I first saw Nicole in one of the music videos for The Pussycat Dolls, I initially thought that she was a Latina. You can see for yourself by watching the video for “Buttons” below, arguably the group’s most risque video yet:

More photos of Nicole:

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger on the web:
Nicole Scherzinger @ (official website)
Nicole Scherzinger @ (The Pussycat Dolls official website)
Nicole Scherzinger @

P.S. Thank you, Asian-Sirens, for presenting me with the honor of being a poster. I hope that alongside the regular contributors, we can make A-S an even more comprehensive website to learn about the beautiful Asian women that are making lasting imprints in the entertainment business and elsewhere today. (Translation for the males: I hope I am doing a good job in periodically giving you topics for the special ‘conversations’ that go on between you and your right hand.)

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  1. She is hot…hot…hot. First time I’ve seen her like in the bottom photo. And, christine, I converse with both my left and right hand…like a switch hitter…:)

  2. Totally awesome first post Christine – welcome aboard at last!

    To our other new bloggers, this is how it’s done: a good selection of high quality pics and links, with extensive, well-written and well-researched text. Once again, good work Christine!

    And Nicole’s fabulously trim and taut stomach does converse pretty well with my right hand (and my left one too). 😉

  3. Christine, I can only speak for myself. I certainly appreciate your perspective and sense of humor. I’m sure you will be an excellent addition as an anointed contributer here at Asian Sirens.

    As for the Queen of the Pussy Cats. She sure is a looker. But, seriously, let’s not confuse what they do with music. You have presented her best (and possibly only) real talent.

    [This may be the first time I have introduced my music snobbery to Asian Sirens, as it’s not usually relevant. I’ll do my best to keep it to myself, but sometimes (like now) it bursts out.]

    With that said: All hail Christine!

  4. hahahaha, bigfoot dean, i certainly didn’t say i liked her (or mika’s) music. i agree with your comment on her “music.” you’ve got a slight music elitist here as well! 🙂

    anywho—thanks! i’m excited to be posting here.

  5. Yep, yet another case where my reflex to turn the sound down as soon as I see a hot chick in a music video comes in handy. And music snobery is very welcome here, as long as I am moderator. 😉

  6. Being a classically trained musician with delicate ears and perfect pitch, I too had to turn off the sound, just as I do with all that dreadful J-pop.

    Yes she certainly is smoking hot, though not really Asian-looking. Philipina & Hawaiian imply a degree of Euro in the first case. And Scherzinger sounds kinda Jewish. But then again, Lenny Kravitz sounds like a Jewish accountant from NY, lol.

    Thank you Christine for a stellar first post.

  7. Great post Christine. You’ve pulled up a hyper-exotic beauty in this one! The legs are amazing in the last photo.

  8. Dig her a lot.Respect the marketing juggernaut behind her.Hate the music.
    Met her once in Vegas a coupla’ months back.She was quite approachable and gracious.

  9. When someone mentions the PCD to me, I think of Nicole, and a bunch of other chicks I couldn’t pick out of a line-up.

    She’s *hot*.

  10. Great first post Christine, keep them coming. Nicole is smoking hot. Her new single is okay, not something that I would bump to though. She needs to hurry up and do a video for it so I can see her shake it.

  11. Don’t get too stressed with the music guys, this is the music of the 2000’s. Adapt… 🙂
    I like it so so, wouldn’t rush to buy a record.

    I already knew she was filipina, was wondering when we would have her here. Nice surprise for today, christine!

    luvjgirls, she does have a typical asian look if you think about the Philippines. Except she’s too tall and slender for a filipina, but her face is pretty much typical. Really beautiful and sexy.

    And, christine, I resent that translation, lol! Actually at the middle of your PS I was already thinking ‘yadda yadda yadda, what I want is some hot looking chicks, nothing too comprehensive…’
    Even so, congrats for the great 1st post. 😉

  12. Nicole is for sure super hot! I generally don’t like their type of music and I especially don’t like rap music.

    But the one song where Nicole has some sexy moves is “Don’t Cha”. I’m sure many of you have heard her sing “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!”

    Anyway, to my surprise, I found an uncensored version of “Don’t Cha”. It’s more the rapper that needs to be censored, but Nicole has one word that is censored on the version played on the radio.

    Listen to the line she sings around the 58-60 second time stamp.

  13. wow, blueskies, that was rather strong. obviously you hate the pussycat dolls because you’re harboring a secret love for the spice girls – and you probably feel that, in your heart, pcd will never replace them. i understand, these feelings are totally normal. i listened to them when i was young, too.

    but, hey, spice girls reunion 2008, am i right? see you there! ;-D

    (hehe i kid i kid)

  14. All the spices will join the reunion, AFAIK. I’ll stick to the Pussycat Dolls, the Spice Girls were not even close as sexy. Besides, not even a taste of asians.

  15. Now here is the post I have been waiting for! Their music sucks, but I cannot force myself to turn away from their videos because Nichole is just so hot.

    They had a pretty nice shot of Nicole in the back of the new edition of US Playboy. I’m sure she won’t think its her most flattering side, but the guys on the board will like it.

  16. I think Nicole look more russian with the dark skin (guess that’s from the filipino and hawaiian side). She is pretty.

  17. If anyone’s interested, she’s featured in the newest edition of Mens Health here in the US. She even got the cover. They had some very hot photos of her in it.

  18. wylde8, this is off-topic from the post but i think you did a great job of searching out this topic and posting relevant information. i think more commenters should follow this example in the future when they want to mention something like “OH BTW TILA TEQUILA DID [insert stuff here]”

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