My Sassy Girl Jeon Ji-hyun

My Sassy Girl Jeon Ji-hyun

Jeon Ji-hyun or Jun Ji-hyun (born 30 October 1981, Seoul) is a Korean actress, model and singer. She is gaining more fame worldwide due to her roles in extremely popular Korean films in recent times.Starting her career of as a model, Jeon Ji-hyun later took up acting as well. Her film debut was White Valentine (1999), and she later gained fame from the movie Il Mare, owing to its handsomely shot scenes at Ganghwa island. Her biggest breakthrough comes from My Sassy Girl (2001), a hit romance/comedy movie that spawned an American remake which will be released in 2006.

She studied at Dongguk University and made her debut as a model for Echo, and since then has modelled many clothing lines and more recently, mobile phones and iPod. Some of her more popular product endorsements include Giordano, KFC, Samsung. She was voted as having the “Best Butt in Asia”, polling 41% of the total votes, beating Lee Hyo-ri who polled 30%.

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  1. Thanks Marco. For me this was always the joy of Asian Sirens – the sort of great but obscure Asian model stuff that only the original Google master could find!

  2. Thanks Lee but that’s too much honour for me. I’m just a little bit faster than most other people I guess. Within a few years everyone knows how to use the search engines to get what they want.

    FYI, I’m already working with the next generation of search tools (blog, rss and multi media search engines for example). Internet is becoming even more fascinating than it already was!

  3. It is true that I am able to track this sort of thing down too (as I have done for my posts), but you seem to be able to do it in your sleep! 😉

  4. You can submit a picture and the search engine is looking for similar pictures. Same with audio and video. The results are not good enough yet but that is a matter of time. It’s really amazing what they have achied yet already.

  5. Robin, there are many projects going on so how many links do you want? For pictures it is called Content-based image retrieval (CBIR). Just have a look at:

    I’ve done some reaserch on this subject almost 15 years ago when I was working on systems to sort plastics in real-time. I guess you can use it for babes as well 😉

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