Luana Lani webcamshow

Not the most intellectual post of the week, but hey, it’s friday! And I am sure you will all appreciate Luana Lani showing off in front of her webcam.

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  1. There’s something about seeing a thong poppin’ out of a girls ass cheeks, that drives me crazy. She’s so hot.

  2. Nudity is always nice in a Friday post. Come to think of it, nudity is nice in ANY post!

    As far as LL’s body goes, she is just my type. Good job, God!

  3. Reon is one of those women that I can never get enough of. So is Luana. I love the outfits that she wears especially when it includes an itty bitty skirt and a thong. That’s hot. 🙂

  4. Christine, that may have been a little more than a pat…but, we’ll pretend we didn’t see it that way.


  5. Wow, her grill was jacked up back then. Looks like she was missing much of one tooth. I like a little snaggle which I find to be sexy, but I am glad she saw a dentist.

  6. the teeth thing in old pcitures they killed me 🙁 If she didn’t get all the teeth fixed up, I’d never look at here at all. Man this suck. T_T I am super anal about teeth.

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