Comedienne Tina Kim

Even though a rare breed, there are several pretty Asian female stand-up comedians on the circuit these days. One of whom is Korean-American funny girl, Tina Kim, who was born in Seoul and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 4. She’s a former TV news anchor who now books and produces most of her own comedy shows.Tina’s humor can be a little on the “blue” side at times (like another popular Korean-American comedienne, that I don’t think I’ll mention by name), but she seems to appeal to a pretty wide crowd. You can catch more of samples of her humor here at her Youtube account.

Oh, and for those of you who might have been thinking she’s not “Asian Sirens material”:

Tina Kim

Tina Kim

Offical Website
Her Myspace

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  1. I love Korean women…they’re the best. This site is awesome by the way….been visiting for over 1-year now. Anybody know any other noteworthy korean babe websites? (besides Natasha Yi & Sung Hi Lee) Thanks for the help….

  2. Lol, I just saw her MySpace. In her interests, she displays some weird attitude about men that write her. I guess she gets a lot of weirdos after all, anyway. She’s cute, good looking enough, I think.

  3. Of the three, Esther certainly is the funniest and hottest (based on the few clips I viewed).

    I didn’t think I would like Tina, but she wasn’t bad. She could stand to drop a few pounds, though (then again, so could I).

    And, while I thought she was pretty funny in that clip, I agree with CEC, Sung Hee’s shtick could get old real quick, if that’s her entire act.

  4. Ive seen Tina Kim in person she not bad looking…she has family in the seattle area…i message her on myspace and she was friendly at first and got mad when i asked her if she was a full time comedienne and she said yes and thats all she does she said and then she blocked me….=(

  5. i thought the clip of tina posted was pretty cute, but when i went to her youtube account, i found most of her humour just brash and unfunny 🙁 like this clip

    i think suzanne is actually the best looking of the three posted! she’s a really good comedienne…great timing! i really enjoyed her clip 😀 though like the other commenter said, i can see how it would get old

    and i would probably like esther’s humor more, but her self-absorbed ditzy valley girl shtic is a little too realistic for it to be funny right now. maybe if i had a few years out of socal i’ll start laughing and stop getting nightmares about growing up a few miles too close to the o.c.

  6. Tina’s got some very nice legs in the top photo. I agree with Christine that Suzanne is actually pretty funny, and pretty (although I think her hanbok is a bit dowdy). She’s this cute, demure Korean with a sharp sense of humor–it is a shtick but a good one. It’d be fun to hear her whole act.

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