Vote for Boi (aka Njoek Huong)

Njoek Huong aka Boi

The only Asian girl that did make it into the Dutch FHM Buurmeisje (girl next door) election is 22 year old Boi. A little research led me to her profile at Adversus. Her real name is Njoek Huong. She is half Chinese/half Vietnamese and her dream is becoming a top model in China. Let’s hope this post will help her with achieving this dream 😉 (Ohw, YOU can also help by voting for her! Start: December 19)The FHM shoot:

Some facts:

Name: Njoek Huong (aka Boi)
Age: 22
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
Place of birth: Leeuwarden, the Nethelands
Height: 1.73m
Measurements: 78/60/90
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Brown

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Njoek Huong aka Boi

Some links:

Njoek Huong @
Njoek Huong @
Njoek Huong @ (1)
Njoek Huong @ (2)
Njoek Huong @

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0 thoughts on “Vote for Boi (aka Njoek Huong)”

  1. I actually prefer Evita (even though she has bleached hair)! At least Evita has a nice, trim body (her stomach is particularly nice) – this girl just looks like an average, every day Asian girl. Still, I guess she might stand out in the Netherlands. 😉

  2. I agree with LawBoy – I have my doubts about the Chinese/Vietnamese claim. She looks far more Laos or Cambodian to me (or even Thai). A little too “indigenous” for me, and just not very remarkable.

  3. i forgot that discription…but “indi” is it 🙂 a tad too indi for me dazn…and not in a good way. i got a thing for fat upper arms 🙁

  4. you guys are crazy this girl is smokin hot and WAAAAAY better looking than Evita is… i know its all personal opinion but how could not like this?

  5. I would probably agree if I didn’t live somewhere with a lot of attractive Asian girls, but compared with them, Boi is just ordinary. Evita isn’t great either, but at least she has a nice, trim body (especially her stomach). But if I didn’t have so many Asian girls around, I’d probably think Boi’s a honey (and I’d probably have a different perspective on a lot of the other girls featured on AS too).

  6. Tianna is more my taste. this girl is viet but i just dont see anything remarkable…maybe for you pale face she is hot, but to this viet she is not :))

  7. she looks really fit in the 2nd picture.. but out of shape in the red lingerie.
    She’s not my type personally.. her face is a bit too native looking.
    – wide face
    – wide nose
    – small lips

    From the side, her face looks ok but from the front, it doesn’t look too good.

  8. She’s alright. I do prefer her over Evita. She also lookc out of shape in some of those pics. If she had more breast meat, I could look past that. I feel that she is the best looking out of the remaining contestants and I hope she wins, but she isn’t someone that I will get all worked up about, plus she has a very long way to go if she wants to be a top model in China.

  9. DariusII described the “indi” look that LawBoy and I aren’t very fond of quite well. The photo where she looks in good shape is obvioulsy a fluke, due to the pose, touch-ups, and maybe starving herself the week before the shoot.

    Sorry, but I’m not going to vote for her just because she’s the only Asian in the race.

  10. Now just where was all the blood before? Different part of your body, maybe? Sorry…this is getting kind of weird and personal. I’m finished. 🙂

  11. I haven’t posted anything since I first signed up but I wanted to say something about the Vietnamese/Chinese mix or just Vietnamese people in general. A lot of people who are Vietnamese, do not look Vietnamese and many Vietnamese/Chinese rarely look Vietnamese and only sometimes look Chinese. For example, I am Vietnamese/Chinese- nobody thinks that I am Vietnamese, only a few people think that I am Chinese, and most people think that I am Korean and some think that I am Japanese. A friend once said that if you are in doubt what type of Asian someone is, just guess that they are Viet. Anyway, as for Boi, she does look Cambodian and she looks cute only in a few of the pictures, but besides those, she is average. I like that she is a bit meaty but she lacks proportion, i.e., if a woman is meaty, she needs curves to back it up.

  12. Agreed on all counts h0p3 – for me Boi’s curves are in the wrong places! And Vietnamese are indeed the most diverse looking Asians IMHO, probably because of the huge range of ethnicities that have mixed there. If Boi had just said she was Vietnamese, I might have accepted it (for example, she might be Hmong, of which there are several in Vietnam). But she says she’s Vietnamese/Chinese, and she really doesn’t look that at all. Of course I can’t be certain, but perhaps she wants to make herself appear more “upmarket”.

  13. Once again, if you put yourself up as a model – especially one with aspirations of being a “top model in China” – you will be measured by pretty high standards of physical attractiveness.

  14. For me the most beautiful woman are Chinese. She looks very beautiful in the first picture, then in the others she doesen’t look that special

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