Louise Cho Borre Jørgensen


When I saw that the model in the Slitz magazine that doc featured a while ago looked like a young Sung Hi Lee, I decided I had to feature her. Turns out she looks not at all like Sung Hi Lee. But hey. Louise Cho Borre Jørgensen is her name. She lives somewhere not where you probably think.Stats:

Age: 25 by the time this is posted.
Ethnicity: South Korean
Located: ?
Height: ?








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0 thoughts on “Louise Cho Borre Jørgensen”

  1. Leave the lip ring. Take the cannoli.

    What’s with “South” Korean being her ethnicity? Someday, they will unite and we’ll have a heck of a lot more Korean women to look at.

  2. I hate tats, but piercings are fine, they can be removed when they no longer cool, and this girl is hot, Korean women are so fine, I loved Sung Hi Lee when I was a young man.

  3. This girl doesn’t bother me one bit. Very hot. Plus, we share a favorite TV show, so that makes her even hotter.

  4. ha ha ha….OK, you got me. 🙂

    Her nose looks a little too “western” for me. Now if she had an Aussie accent I would overlook the nose. They just had a “Mad Max” movie marathon on the tellie and I am going through withdrawal.

  5. Western noses are hot. Withdrawal from what, Western noses or korean vagay-gay? Or Mel Gibson?

  6. Western noses NOT hot, arf. I got me a western nose. I like Asian noses! Better for Eskimo kissing.

    Withdrawal from things that I think are Aussie:
    1) Riding around on a motorcycle through the Apocalyptic wasteland looking for fuel.
    2) Mel Gibson before those crazy remarks. (That Russian chick he went nuts about was kinda hot).
    3) That Kylie chick (the singer) who is like 5 feet tall.
    4) Fast motorcycles led by some dude named Toecutter, after his boss “The Nightrider” was killed…
    5) Michelle Ang – she has an Aussie accent and is HOT!!!!!! And she has an Asian nose.

  7. Sth Korean? Really? One of her parents HAS to be Chinese. She seems more Chinese than Korean to me. But whatever, she’s sexy, even with the lip ring.

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