Belinda Kim


Belinda Kim is a fitness model and fitness competitor, who has won several first place awards in various competitions. She’s also from Canada so… Good news to any Canadian that wants to date someone that can crush him.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: Toronto


There were a lot more photos here but the system deleted them. Maybe Doc can get them back.




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  1. All file names are the same, in order. So:

    After I press save, it’s been deleting the photos. I don’t really understand it. I fixed this one already too, but then when I checked it was deleted again.

  2. Oh, she is absolutely gorgeous when she isn’t in competition form. I’m averse to the oiled up body builder pic, but I can tell she really does work hard on her body. Beautiful face, too.

  3. I find Korean women a bit hit and miss. She is not really to my taste. I think I’m with maijemo when it comes to fitness models.

  4. Now we’re talking! I love her body and her face. I can see how some of you might think she’s a little hard in her competition photos, but that is in contest form, and she wouldn’t look like that 99% of the time. She’s not nearly as hard and bulky as some of you might guess by looking at those photos.

  5. Not really into the fitness girls, I prefer a little softness to my women but she’s quite pretty and not overly muscular at least in the two pics here so I’m finding he quite lovely.

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