Melissa Paulo


Melissa Paulo is a very pretty model without a lot of photos, who I think is taking up acting. She’s Filipino and Japanese. That’s all I could find on her, but I assume she lives in California.






Photos 2

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0 thoughts on “Melissa Paulo”

  1. wow. I would have guessed south American over Japanese/Filipino…. but she’s certainly got it.

    I just wish she’d get it from me :-(.

    very pretty lady.

  2. This girl makes me want to make some kind of comment like arf would make. Zoinks! She drew me in with the first pic and didn’t let me down after that. She’s a gorgeous girl.

  3. Oh my them legs are absolutely curvy and delicious. I was gonna say Zoiks!…but wylde8 beat me to it. 🙂 Maybe next time?

  4. Zoiks huh? Is that equal to a Wow? Whatever – she gets a huge thumbs up from me! Very photogenic, which begs the question: why aren’t there photographers falling over each other to take more photos of her?

  5. A natural beauty. Simply gorgeous.

    Nice job, Travis.

    P.S. I would have guessed a little South American too….lots of Japanese in Peru.

  6. In photos 2, you can see that she has beautiful lips, nose, and ears.

    arf, THAT is a perfect Asian nose!

    We need more pics and info on this Siren, lest chaos ensue.

  7. Something about them legs of hers in that second picture down from the top. I’d just love to massage them thighs of hers all night long…then move on to her glutes afterwards.

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