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I found this Japanese cosplay model that goes by the name Tugumi. Clearly she has an attractive face and body, and yet the only photos of her are from the same Cosplay set, and a search for Tugumi brings up nothing new. I’d like to feature her here in the future, but I need to find other, better photos than the ones from these galleries. Let me know if you know or can find her full name, or an alias, etc.Galleries:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5

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  1. OH WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I don’t know, maybe not having a name is making this one seem more mysterious. But still I hope a name can be found.

    Thank you Travis, YOU DA Man!

  2. Once in a while a reader here will pop out of the woodwork with an ID or some good info but as wacom stated, a forum like ScanLover is usually where you’ll find the experts at putting names to JAV and gravure idols.

  3. I’m probably not in the mood
    To comment on this JAV nude
    She’s into cosplay
    That drives me away
    Yes, I’m guilty; bad attitude.

    After awhile, they all look the same
    There’s no one really to blame
    Cutie pie face
    Body that’s ace
    Even if we don’t know their name.

    Give her a two, a five or an eight
    Doesn’t matter, I cannot relate
    I need a Kobe, a Risa, a Sora
    One with pizzaz, or a whole lot more-a
    At least someone my thang can inflate.

    I look forward to a poem from Sir Kroos
    He serves as an excellent muse.
    I laugh ‘til I cry
    When he gives it a try
    His poems I enjoy to peruse.

  4. WOW is right! Very CUTE…very NATURAL!

    And I agree with laowai2003 – LOVE the BUSH!!!

    I also love her natural stomach…I just love naturally curvey Asian girls.

    I can only imagine the ‘fun’ that ensues in that hotel room after the photos are finished!

  5. Come on guys: she’s certainly cute, but I don’t think she’s that hot, and the only photo where you can see her body is the cover shot, which isn’t a lot to go on to make such extravagant proclamations.

  6. Nowhere near the shores of Gitche Gumee
    Lives the lady called Tugumi
    So she’s into cosplay?
    That doesn’t drive me away
    You’d better believe I’d let her do me

    A search on Asktiava.com turns up part of the photo set that Joe in R I posted, but also 3 videos of a Tugumi Kitamura. I don’t thinks it’s the same girl, but not enough visual evidence exists to overturn the ruling.

  7. OMG!! She is so cute. I so want to watch her play dress-up all night! My mind is reeling from contemplating all the fun one could have with her!

    Shoot, I dont even mind the laps is feminine grooming.

  8. @nicholiservia….

    i have heard psychologists have a term “projection”…. meaning people with certain undesirable character traits or problems imagine they see those traits in other people….

    How this lady would even remotely resemble somebody underage is beyond me. She is fully woman… one i’d proudly have hanging off my arm (and any other appendage) while out on the town.

  9. kroos, if she doesn’t blow dry it, the Japanese touch up artists, the ones who blur the genitals, might.

    I don’t know how anyone could possibly think this cute looking girl is underage!
    I think her boobs are just lovely too.
    And a nice bush.

  10. I agree with Doc, certainly cute but the only standout feature is her pussy IMO. I find this grooming preferable to completely shaven ( at least to look at), and as Longtack pointed out it has probably had some PS help. That said if there is a vacancy for the blow-drying position I would definitely volunteer.

  11. In one of the galleries, she’s giving head. Is she more than just a model?

    I don’t post much here, but since I just did. Can anyone recommend some great Asian video porn sites, Japanese and Korean?

  12. You’re looking at the ads StylerX, not Tugumi’s galleries. And being a first time poster doesn’t excuse you for an off-topic request. 🙂

  13. Doc, you’d better have another look at Gallery 4.
    It’s not an ad, but a pic of Tugumi.
    And technically, she isn’t ‘giving head’, to quote StylerX. She’s holding a penis, I think – it’s a little blurred!, but her mouth isn’t around it.
    And the next pic seems to be of her dribbling some fluid from her mouth. Wonder what that could be?
    I’m kidding of course, but also making a point about jumping to conclusions.

  14. My mistake – you’re right! I guess I just remember the trouble I had finding a nude pic (there’s only one), and couldn’t imagine anyone doing anything hardcore with so much clothing. Then and again, one should never underestimate the strangeness of Japanese sexuality. 🙂

  15. I did some search and found a link to download decent photos from her, some are snapshots while she is “in action” 😉

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