Caren Hasumi


Another JAV model, here is Caren Hasumi. She likes pink. That’s really all I know about her. No, wait, I know her name is Caren Hasumi. That’s two things. Woo!Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo












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0 thoughts on “Caren Hasumi”

  1. she’s a nice little package
    but her nipples are weird.
    Doc- look at her breasts,
    are they fake as I’ve feared???

    She has a great bush
    and trimmed to perfection
    The longer I stare,
    the harder my erec****

  2. Yeah, her breasts do look fake (too much of her breast mass is above her nipples), in which case it isn’t a very good job (though certainly not a terrible one either). I don’t have any problem with the rest of her though, and her face is quite cute and pretty.

  3. She is cute. Some of her shots, if you look very closely make her look very very child like. It’s a huge turn off for me (pic 3 for example).

  4. Nope, no trolling, I just have high standards! 😉

    Been a visitor for a while, finally decided to join 🙂

  5. A scientist by training, I must look to see
    About this lady’s breasts, using good R&D
    Since this post discusses Ms. Karen’s full nudity
    It may contain a few words of some moderate crudity.
    (sorry Doc)

    To the web I then turned for her videography
    To find some films – it wasn’t a real toughie.
    Coupla clicks and sit back for a long evening’s viewing
    Settle in to watch a few hours of screwing.

    Film number one was labeled “Debut”
    This girl is cute, it is certainly true
    Two hours later, with feelings I could not quell
    Her breasts, real or fake, I just could not tell

    Next on the list for this J-A-V chick
    “Sexual Cheerleader,” the name of the flick
    In my memory, high school remains tall
    But none of this went on in my study hall

    I knew that I would soon uncover the facts
    In aptly named “Shiofuki Continuous Climax”
    She was hot, to be sure, she took one, she took three
    But about her breasts, the fifth I must plea.

    One last chance to tell the yin from the yang
    In a highly rated film, named simply “Gangbang”
    But the tits, they were huge and seemed out of place
    Perhaps maybe not her; I never looked at her face.

    At this point, the whole thing really began to bore
    By this time, she’d taken dix by the score.
    So, essentially I abandoned this difficult question
    And like Kroos, quickly took care of my erec****.

  6. @wingsfan

    You asked, awhile back, how long I take composing a ditty
    That some may deem witty
    While others, well, just probably sh**ty
    Regardless, on my writing have no pity.

    So how long do I take to write this stuff?
    In general, composition is not too tough
    But the best estimate should be from the readers and it is rough
    Some think too long, the rest not long enough.

  7. Can’t decide whether I like this one or not. I’m torn. Guess I’ll have to stare at the pics until I make up my mind 🙂

  8. I like her but the boobs are a distraction. I wonder if she was after a higher set ‘set’ to get the roundness above the bra (that looks great) or if the implants just didn’t settle well given that there was not much tissue to work with. It is unusual for a Japanese boob job to have an end result like this. I think she should get them reworked if she is continuing down the path.

  9. To dbldipper I dip
    my hat towards thee
    in the battle of rhymes
    you’ve sure beaten me

    And i’m keen to know more
    of your science career
    i work the same field
    but im bored now i fear

    I spend all my days
    doing GIS mapping
    and ignoring the boss’s
    pure ignorant yapping

    And I’d throw it away
    if I just had the chance
    to meet Ms Hasumi
    and get in her pants

    I reckon she’d look great upside down……

    for that is mine too

  10. this woman actually rode a bicycle somewhere. A few times! She’s got thighs and ass to prove it! nice to see a woman who hasn’t spent her life inside a car!

  11. Sorry to put a damper on things, but I would just like to say that there are at least 2 essentials which distinguish poetry from prose. The first is (usually, but not essentially) rhyme, The second is metre (or meter), defined as “The measured arrangement of words in poetry, as by accentual rhythm, syllabic quantity, or the number of syllables in a line.”

    In other words, you can’t just put rhyming words at the end of a line and think it’s a poem. You have to have the rhythm and other aspects too.

    For example:

    To me that girl’s a lovely thing
    She makes my heart go ding-a-ling

    Is poetry (very bad, but still poetry). The rhythm is da-DA-da-DA-da-DA-da-DA (the same in both lines – that’s not essential, but there should be an overall pattern, as in a Limerick).

    What a great pair of tits haven’t seen for a while
    Just looking at them makes me happy and smile

    Is most definitely not poetry. The only thing it is has is that the final words in each line rhyme.

    Actual poetry takes a bit more effort, but is much more rewarding both for the writer and the reader.

    Some contributors here do it well, others don’t.

  12. @Kroos

    I studied to get an advanced degree
    In the field called chemistry
    I worked in a lab
    Thought it was fab
    But life, one can never quite foresee.

    Now, the whole day I sit at a desk
    But it’s not a job that’s grotesque
    It’s money I track
    To stay in the black
    And I do what the boss doth bequest.

    I’ve no complaint, the money is good
    The ravages of the economy we’ve withstood
    The company’s OK
    I guess I will stay
    I’d do it all over if I could.

  13. @Foddy

    “A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.”
    Samuel McChord Crothers

    “Always be a poet, even in prose.”
    Charles Baudelaire

    As is obvious by our posts, we’re not English majors. I suspect that Kroos, Wingsfan19, the Collector (haiku) and others know all about meter (or your metre) and rhyme schemes and iambic pentameter and whatever else you can cook up. If we get something good, fine; if not, well, there will always be another time.

    Those that post here do so to provide their opinions have have a little fun, regardless of how they are worded. I humbly suggest that you do the same.

    I close with……

    “All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.”
    Oscar Wilde

  14. “Consider the auk;
    Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, and could only walk.
    Consider man, who may well become extinct
    Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked.”

    Pretty good rhyming and OK meter, but “thinked?”

    Still, I like Ogden Nash.

    I’ll get off my soapbox.

  15. I was actually going to be a scientist myself, but after I sent out my first scientific paper when I was in high school, I came face to face with the bureaucracy of academia, and it really put me off. I didn’t want to have to “publish or perish”, and constantly grovel for funding, plus I was afraid that doing it professionally might kill my enjoyment of it. I had no idea my interest in naked women would end up being my career though. 🙂

  16. And I agree with dbldipper: I think over-intellectualising poetry here is quite silly and misguided. We’re all just trying to have fun, and I’m not the only person here who greatly enjoys the prose that some of our readers contribute. If it gives us a good laugh, who cares about the technicalities (which are questionable anyway)?

  17. Doc Lee – are you saying that you get PAID for an interest in naked women? Do you have any job openings?

  18. Cannot resist one more @Foddy –

    If you look back aways, we did start with very properly metered limericks (small l, not capital L, like the city in Ireland where my family lived for awhile.) Since then, we’ve just had some fun, while preparing for that coffee table book that Doc Lee will be publishing.

    You are certainly welcome to contribute your own two cents or quid or whatever be your local currency. I’d look forward to them.

    This is perhaps not quite the right place for Theodore Roosevelt’s overused quotation, but……and I’ll definitely get back to my life.

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

  19. I would certainly believe that Walt Whitman spent a great deal more time on his poetry than I have on mine.

    Also, @ Foddy, this is a site featuring Asian Sirens (with nudity whenever possible), not a poetry journal.

    A new poster named Foddy
    Thinks some of our rhyming is shoddy
    To which I reply
    With a gleam in my eye
    We ain’t here to impress anybody

    Less than a minute:-)

  20. One apology Foddy – you posted a nicely written & probably real poem a few ladies back. Your 5 minutes were well spent as it had both nice metre and subject. Keep it up (the verse, that is.)

  21. Gentlemen,

    I realise that we are all here to enjoy ourselves (and the ladies on view here) and I’m sorry to have caused offence to some posters here, but my point was really only that if you’re going to write a poem, it sounds a lot better if it actually is a poem – it may take a bit more time, but it’s not so hard to do and it’s a lot of fun!

    By way of penance, a couple of rhymes . . . .

    There once was a poster (Foddy was his name);
    He hurt some folks, and now he lives in shame.
    A fresh new start and all can live in peace,
    No more wars, let all the fighting cease.

    Let’s get back to ladies, nothing could be finer,
    Thai, Japan and Myanmar, Vietnam and China.
    Talk about the bushes, argue ‘bout the tats,
    “Those tits are fake”, “Oh no they’re not”. That’s . . . .

    . . . . what it should be about.


    There once was a website in Asia,
    With girls from Taiwan and Malaysia,
    Let’s bring on a stripper
    To please dbldipper
    And girls by the dozens in ways ya . . .

    . . . . would never have thought anatomically possible.


  22. Excuse me Caren..

    I just wanted to say that the dialogue about poetry was a very interesting and enjoyable diversion from ‘the ladies’ (did I say that?? slaps head!! HARD!).

    I particularly enjoyed the long quote which is spot on regarding the doers and the non-doers (often the critics) of our lives.
    As well as the other well chosen quotes.
    Nice stuff!

    I’m glad to see it wasn’t judged off topic.
    Because as AS has become somewhat of a haven for idle versers, it mightn’t hurt to be tutored in ode construction.
    But hey, as several have said, who cares about the technical side as long as we get a giggle or two.
    Oh and Foddy, disappointed you never mentioned ‘upside down’ poses in your last post. And I challenge you to find some words that rhyme with Gympie, for kroos.
    Now, back to ogling Caren!

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