Liza Lapira, who can guess her ethnicity…


… and why is there so little information to be found about her on the web?!

Liza Lapira is an American actress who has a recurring role on NCIS as Michelle Lee. She played a secondary character on the Showtime TV series Huff. She also has several film and New York off-Broadway stage credits, in addition to many guest roles on TV.LaPira is originally from Queens, New York, and moved to Los Angeles in 2004.

LaPira appeared in director Tony Scott’s Domino as the irate Jerry Springer audience member referred to as “chinegro”. She was featured in the independent feature Big Bad Swim, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006. LaPira’s New York stage credits include As You Like It, School For Wives, The Odyssey, and Alexandra Cunningham’s No. 11 Blue and White. Besides NCIS and Huff, her television credits include The Parkers, Without A Trace, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos.

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  1. She has a bit of a latina look to her in some photos, which would usually indicate that she is Filipina. Her name is suggestive of this as well, although in some other shots she looks quite Chinese!

  2. here she is in the role of kianna from 21

    this story on a filipino news site says that liza is a filipino-american: “Forest said he had already finished shooting ‘Repossession,’ which also features Jude Law and Filipino-American actress, Liza Lapira, in the cast. And, yes, he did get to exhibit his skills in kali, the Filipino martial art of stick fighting.”

    here’s a great set of images

  3. Just checked out the images Christine links to – she seems to have a really nice and petite body! This is the kind of body I like: not as thick as some. 😉

  4. Plus she has that ever so subtle lazy eye, which is so hot. Is it just me, or is the lazy eye thing a real turn on?

  5. My guess just by her name suggests she is a Filipina… but its only a guess, after all whats in a name… I know a white girl with the last name of Wang.

  6. Yeah, I liked her on NCIS. She wasn’t on at all this past season, I read somewhere though, she will be back on it. The writers strike stopped it this season. I also saw her in a trailer for the movie “21” coming out soon.

  7. Wow, I met Liza back in 2002… I struck up a conversation with her one day when I saw her sitting outside on some steps in Tribeca (New York), rehearsing lines for a play she was in. I was totally smitten. Nothing ever came of it . I was always hoping to run into her again, but didn’t expect to here. But nice surprise! I assumed she was Filipino, though.

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