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Since it’s sunday let me give you something to do. Here’s a gallery of 15 photos of Ivy @ ThaiCuties. Enjoy all the naughty stuff there 😉

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  1. weeeeird: her face isn’t pretty by normal standards but i think she looks really beautiful. maybe it’s also the haircut. i think she’s better than softcore porn.

  2. I liked her since she started posing for A4Y as Bambie. I just wish that she didn’t ruin her skin with that awful tat above her boob. Why can’t models just leave their skin alone or at least go out and get a decent looking tat? Anyway here’s two more galleries. I love the one where she strips off that football jersey.

    Gallery 1
    Gallery 2

  3. She has what i call “proletariat beauty”. Looked lovely enough. She did look really Thai. Anyway, i prefer an aristocratic, exquisite beauty… wrong site…

  4. cat-tien, when you say proletariat, i can only think marx, which is ironic because then you’d be all for the proletariat and against the bourgeoisie. yet, you prefer “aristocratic exquisite” beauty LOL

  5. cat-tien is enamoured of protracted and esoteric yet semantically inappropriate terminology.

    Did I get enough big words in there? 😉

  6. i need to sleep or xxx but instead…
    Christine: it’s right to think of “the proletariat in Marxist theory…” i did not use it that sense… loosely, it’s a working class… her beauty is… which is not my taste… “lovely enough” isn’t it good to be polite or sarcastic or factitious… oops… it’s also a typo “she did not look really Thai”…
    Dr. Lee: not bad but WRONG. “semantically inappropriate terminology” can happen due to one’s own interpretation and/or acumen. All is relative. Please post a sublime beauty then all is lucid. Or oops… beauty manifests itself in its nebulousness.
    ah… my dear lawnboy… hm… keep on wishing… dreams do come true 🙂 cai “ong gia” nay de qua… toi ngay cu “em… em”…

  7. hey cat-tien,
    1. not sure that ‘proletariat’ would be looked upon as more polite than ‘lovely enough’ in any nation that militantly seeks ‘democracy’ like ours

    2. all is relative but this is a tangential philosophical point. an inability to express oneself clearly should not be excused by subjectivity of meaning/intent. even philosophers who pondered the phenomenology of linguistics still had to get their point across via papers, though ironically they may have been arguing for the relativity of meaning or discussing the epistomology of language (ex: chomsky, davidson, etc.)

    additionally, your interpretation of doc’s words as ‘wrong’ was already a bold assertion of some sort of objective semantics in his comment.

    3. lol @ “please post a sublime beauty then all is lucid. or oops… beauty manifests itself in its nebulousness.”

    4. i laud your rich vocabulary but it really wouldn’t hurt to also demonstrate a rich understanding of punctuation, either. 😉

  8. Krike! Marx, Chomsky and Davidson cited in posts on Asian Sirens. What a forum! What’s next?

  9. I want to know exactly what a proletariat beauty is. She may not be exquisite but she is cute and she is naked. Show me an upitty aristocratic beauty who does softcore. And for those who rather look at her, then here’s some more pics.

    Gallery 1
    Gallery 2

  10. Instead of “proletariat” just go with “girl next door” look. Or perhaps compare with a “classic beauty”.

    Although this girl isn’t stunning by today’s standards her body type is more like what you would have seen in nude paintings done in the 18th & 19th centuries.

  11. Most aristocratic babes are usually boring or inept (or feel guilt) when it comes to xxx. Well, sometimes they go to extremes also. The proletariat are usually much more open minded and genuine. I’d take a good proletariat girl anyway.

    Ivy is sexy, naughty look. Nice body, I regret the tat, but Ivy would make me forget everything anyway. Pretty but simple.

    Lawnboy, cat-tien keeps mispelling you. But she writes well all the other difficult words. 🙂

  12. oh… arfy, your comment was astutely delusional but quite entertaining, nonetheless.
    surely lawnboy, come over & “mow”-if & only if you can endure 8-hour of dedication. I am ready with whip & chain…

  13. come on doc, arf and anybody else who wants to join 🙂 oh hurt me baby 🙂

    wouldnt it be funny if this was a dude 🙂

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