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  1. wow, very nice. she got a look that, well to me is just right. very very nice. someone i can bring home to mom. nothing slutty, just the right amount of sex appeal. man i’m sucker for a girl with beautiful long hair!

  2. I love this girl. She’s got beautiful hair and a great body. She’s got such a great balance of different things. Hopefully someone else has more pics of her.

  3. Yeah, her name says she’s definitely Vietnamese, but she doesn’t really excite me. Certainly attractive by normal standards, but not really outstanding.

  4. Out of seoul86’s links, I actually like My Huong the best. She is undoubtedly Vietnamese too, and has that sultry look a lot of Vietnamese girls have, which is really striking when you see it in person (although it doesn’t seem to translate all that well into photos).

  5. Ahh well I guess Ill have to disagree with Dr Lee on this one. I think Linh is a 10, she looks amazing. Huong looks too ‘fobby’ to me, her features are sharper and it gives her more of an aggressive look, which doesn’t look cute to me.

    Linh has softer, more subdued features, which to me looks cuter and more feminine.

  6. very cute…has that innocent look mixed with just the right amount of sex appeal…

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