Eva Huang Sheng-Yi: A Victim of Ice Cream Thievery!

Three words: Kung Fu Hustle! If you’ve seen the movie you’ll recognize this Chinese beauty as Fong, the mute ice cream vendor who gets robbed by Sing (Stephen Chow’s character). When Sing was a boy he tried to save Fong from a gang of bullies only to be beated and peed on. Fong tries to thank him by offering Sing the lollipop the boys were after. Sing takes out his anger and frustration on Fong by breaking the lollipop. Later Sing recognizes Fong for who she is.



A graduate of Beijing Film Academy’s Drama Institute, Eva was picked up by Stephen Chow to play his (sort of) love interest in the 2004 movie Kung Fu Hustle. She was born (February 11, 1983) and raised in Shanghai, China by parents (her father is a professor, educated in America and her mother is a newspaper editor) who would have rather seen her as a successful business woman than an entertainment personality. She has quickly risen to be one of the most popular stars of this current generation.

Her Chinese name is Huang Sheng-Yi but is also known as Eva Huang. She’s 165cm tall and an elegant 44kg. Her interests are martial arts, singing, dancing and performing. She also enjoys traveling and loves the water. Eva is all over the media. She has graced the sets of soap operas, feature films, music videos as well as a number of advertisments.

Huang prefers roles that portray strong women such as martial artists or police officers and is apparently a very strong and capable woman herself. She supports numerous charities and foundations such as (paraphrased from the English translation of her website) The Support for Deaf and Dumb Children in Xi’an, The Support for Empyrosis (I couldn’t find a definition for that word, sorry guys) Children in Liaoning and the Foundation for Elders Cataract. She’s also been named as China’s Philanthropic Ambassador, China’s Poverty Assisting Ambassador as well as the torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A good reason to watch the opening ceremony, if you didn’t already have one.

Oh… she sings too!

For more on Eva check out her website

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  1. Great movie.. one of my all time favorites and she is one the reasons. Great job FlipnIrish!

  2. FlipnIrish with your often excentric over the top writing style and humor, you’re going to add some distinctness to these posts. Good job.

    On the Asian Siren I got to say I saw that Kung Fu Hustle a few years ago and she just stuck me as fairly average. But in the pictures that are here she looks better than I remembered. Yep, she transfered into sexy territory.

  3. Yeah, I agree.. I love the headline “A Victim of Ice Cream Thievery!”. Got a good laugh off that and made the video that much more funnier (even though the video may not have meant to be funny). Stephen Chow is just a great comedic actor. He really made Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer memorable.

  4. Oh yeah, that and those great actors and actresses surrounding him in those movies too. I can’t really imagine those movies being any better with any different actors and actresses. Must give credit where credit is due.

  5. wow, i remember watching Kung Fu Hustle a few years back, but i never thought of looking up this girl after i watched it. Now that i see her again, she does look gorgeous. and the fact that she is so talented is even better =]

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