Jang Eun Jung


Jang Eun Jung is a Korean race queen. That’s about all I know about her. She has photos though, and they are below!Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: Korea









Many Photos

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  1. a bit too tall for my liking and also i don’t find her that pretty facially. I mean she obviously isnt ugly but just isnt special to me

  2. Looks to me like she wears little or no makeup. She doesn’t look made up. I like that look.

  3. @Duane: I’m sorry to break this to you, but she has a full face of makeup in all these photos. Still, she is pretty cute, and she has a really great body. Plus that outfit in the fourth pic is hot!

  4. You just know my only complaint is that I’d like to see a little more skin (okay, a LOT more).

  5. to be honest the pics posted here are her best. i clicked on the link and what i saw was average. she looks quite old for 26. can almost guarantee she has had some eye work done too. perhaps surgery has made her look older?

  6. I betcha arf likes her…oh wait that’s me. 🙂 Yeah I guess I do find her pretty nice looking.

  7. If no one knew she was a race queen, her other pictures make her out as more of a Country Homes and Garden magazine model with temporary flairs for showing a little skin.

  8. Not to start the debate here or anything, but having lived in Japan for 5 years, and currently living in Yokohama, the city where most natives and even foreigners say is home to the hottest women, Japan has way more hot girls on average than Korea.

    I was in Korea for a week 4 weeks ago, and I saw maybe 3 hot girls, and it was at a club. I spent time in all sorts of areas, and just saw none…

    Here in Yokohama, go to the station, and you will get neck strain after 5 minutes of getting off the train from looking at all the hotties.

    BUT, when Korean girls are hot, they are HOT! And they have better teeth, straighter legs, tend to be thinner, fear foreigners less and speak better English!

  9. As I’ve said elsewhere, Korean girls are remarkably split: when they’re hot, they’re as hot as Asians get, but when they’re not, well… 🙂 It is true that a large percentage of Japanese girls are cute, but few are as hot as the hottest Koreans. So which of them is hotter depends very much on your point of view, and your taste of course.

  10. Nice…in a “real world chik” kinda’ way.She’s gonna be a rockin’ hot cougar when she hits that age.

  11. It’s funny because I love the Ktown girls here in LA, but I rarely see a Korean model that I find really hot. Not sure if it’s because they look better in person or they just look different over here. Like most of the race queens, not really doing it for me.

    Also agree with Dr Lee that much more disparity between hot and not with Korean girls. I suppose that’s why I’m less fond of Japanese girls than other asian girls because they tend to be more cute and less sexual.

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