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Anna Akana is a writer/actress that I found out about through YouTube, where she produces sketch comedy videos and other content. I really enjoy Anna’s comedy and her occasional use of foul language, on top of the fact that she’s cute and talented.








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  1. She certainly does seem to have completely modelled her style on Natalie Tran, although I feel she lacks Natalie’s razor-sharp wit, seemingly hoping to make up for it with a smattering of foul language. I certainly find her more physically attractive than Natalie though (although I suspect Natalie would be much more interesting company).

  2. Anna is Ray William Johnson’s girlfriend who has one of the greatest shows on Youtube, but she isn’t as quite as funny, she is unique and cute however.

  3. I completely agree with Dr. Lee’s comments. She’s pretty and talented, but seems to have taken everything from the playbook of Natalie Tran. She really needs to develop her own style.

  4. Its not like she is similar to Natalie Tran, but is pretty much a complete rip off of her. Still, she’s cute, but I’d find her much more attractive if she’d just stop talking.

  5. I checked out Ray William Johnson. He seems to be an example of the sort of humour that many Americans seem to find very funny, but which many of us in the rest of the world just find annoyingly loud (Jim Carey is a good example of this). I wonder if my preference for Natalie’s more subtle delivery is because she’s an Aussie? I also think the more ‘home made’ (Aussie) feel to her videos is better for this style of comedy.

  6. Dumb and Dumber is one of the funniest films ever but I know what you mean about the sense of humour.
    I personally find Natalie much hotter, but it is interesting how technology allows these people to reach a pretty significant level of fame. I’ve never heard of Ray William Johnson but the video I watched had 1.6 million views. Credit to them for making them.

  7. Actually, I really enjoyed Liar, Liar: when Carey tones it down a bit, I think he can be a good comedy actor. But most of his stuff annoys me to death.

  8. I’ve watched a couple more of her videos since my previous comment and yep; blatant Natalie Tran rip-off. Just with a few more dirty words thrown in here and there.

  9. OK, yes she is doing the Natalie Tran thing, but like most here, I find her cute and a bit funny. She certainly seems like a person who would be fun and take chances.

    I’ve only seen a few Ray William Johnson videos in my life, but I never found him the least bit interesting or funny. I don’t get the Jim Carey comparison (although I don’t think Carey is funny either), but that may be because I haven’t seen enough of Johnson.

    He strikes me as a poor-man’s Daniel Tosh on his “=3” show, but Tosh is far better and funnier at that shtick. He seems to be a good looking, affable guy with no particular talent–kind of like Ryan Seacrest. So with some luck he could go far in American television where talent is certainly optional.

  10. Can’t comment on the content of her shows but she’s OK eye-candy. Seems, from the comments, I’m not missing anything brilliant. Very little American ‘humor’ appeals to me. Jim Carrey, however, is an exception. I loved ‘The Mask’.

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