Rosanne & Race Wong of 2R


The pop group 2R consists of Race Wong and Rosanne Wong, two sisters raised in Singapore. Both were born in Malaysia, Rosanne in 1979, and Race in 1982.

More information about 2R can be found at wikipedia and a videoclip at YouTube.

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0 thoughts on “Rosanne & Race Wong of 2R”

  1. they are sisters? look how they are holding each other and their breasts are touching….looks more like hot lesbians:)) i’ll take the one in the red:)

  2. hey Dart, it is a deal….maybe we can get both sis…and somewhere we have to fit in Stripes since he likes to be in a sanwich so much :))

  3. the girl on the left looks quite japanese, despite her chinese name, malaysian birthplace, and singapore upbringing. hmm.

  4. i hate canto pop and korean pop…reminds me too much of backstreet boys or n’sync…bubblegum pop…

    arf where is the video?..i like more skin

  5. You can try the YouTube link up above, but there really isn’t a whole lot to see. Just more of their beautiful music for your ears to feast on.

  6. Rosanne… where’s the divorce papers? Wanna sign them so I can get over to my lady in red!
    Well, not too much lady I hope… things I wanna do to her…

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